Your Best Advice In FOUR Words or Less

Your Best Advice In FOUR Words or Less

If someone asked you for your BEST advice in FOUR words or less, what wisdom would you impart? I asked this question in my facebook community and got some amazing answers. I decided to compile these 104 responses for you to be inspired and empowered to life YOUR best life NOW with passion and purpose.



1. Love yourself first! – Tandy R Elisala

2.  Be A Lifelong Learner – Joy Golliver
3. Be Who You Are :-)- Joanna Oliver

4. God before anything. – Greg and Shannon Anderson

5. Dare to push the limit. – Felicity Stevens … Yes, she pushed the limit with FIVE words – lol.

6. Be true to YOU! – Lisa Rehurek

7. DO NOT, EVER, QUIT! – Trish Vega
Except alcohol, drugs and smoking.

8. Set your top priority. – Shannon Densmore-Townsend

9. Forgive. Be kind. Live. – Dianne Carpenter

10. All answers are within. :) – Victoria Benoit

11. Love+Light+Laughter = LIVING – Tonja Davis

12. Listen to YOUR voice. – Tracy Veit

13. Don’t forget the chocolate! – Nikki Schwartzberg

14. Drink more water!– Kim Eldredge

15. Strategy before tactics ALWAYS! – Abigail May Tiefenthaler

16. Always be kind – Dee Ferguson Lorkovic

17. Always do your best.- Jane Brown

18. It’s all about LOVE <3 – Sue Urda

19. You are worthy. – Maude Stephany

20.  Don’t worry. Be happy.– Nicole Hunt

21. Pray – Mihrage Willhauck

22. Stop. Smell the roses.- Lynn Atkins

23. Be yourself regardless – Linda Ursin 

24. Live by God’s word. -Mary Ellen Evans 

25. Try not to judge. – Laura Probert

26. Let it go. – Susan McGuire

27. It’s all small stuff – Sue Chretien

28. Be you, love you – Mary Pat Correro

29. Keep moving forward <3 – Stephanie Grams

30.  Do not fear change – Barb Colucci-Cooke

31. This too will pass.- Anna Diaz Schmidt

32. Stay strong, press on!– Joshua Mancil

33.  Keep it moving!– Trenicia Curry

34. Make good choices! – Tanna Johnson

35.  Save water, drink margaritas! -Tanna Johnson

36. Lead with heart – Tanna Johnson

37. Above all else…. LOVE – Tanna Johnson

38. Go within and listen – Barb Heite

39. Be True to Yourself – Lindsey Rainwater

40. Do what’s next – Michele Scism

41. F*ck the world. Do you. (Rules like 4 words or less??? LOL) – Tania Dakka

42. When in doubt, don’t! – Sandy Wheeler

43. Give me your money – Mike Lawson

44. Move from your heart – Sandy Parker

45. Create Your dream daily – Rala Brubaker

46. Life is gloriously delicious! – Takara Shelor

47. Choose to be happy. – Cindy Coplen

48. Be vulnerable be authentic – Joe Robinsmith

49. Pray; wait for God – Teresa Hawley Howard

50. Keep Your Mind Open – Bonnie Boucek

51.  Debt free – Pamela Riedle-Maldonado

52. Be true to yourself! – Barbara Goldin Dobbs

53. Be true to you. – Steve Garvin

54. Be Brave. Be Authentic – Bryce Goebel

55. Love Yourself First Always. <3 – Dr. Jerri Eddington

56. Be True To You – Helen Sua

57. Take A Nap – Helen Sua

58. Live in the moment – Linda Llewellyn

59. Always put God first! – Tenaya Wade

60. In God We Trust !!! – Mary Wilkins

61. Treat others with kindness – Dianne Schmidt Kelley

62.  Pray to heavenly father – Tammy Wonder

63. Stay true to yourself – Teri Spencer Castaneda

64. BELIEVE – Lynette Schoeb

65. Follow your bliss. – Adam Nettles

66. Be kind to yourself! – Claire-Louise Adams

67.  Kindness. Courage. Honesty. Always. – Candice Larr

68. Choose forgiveness and freedom – Tandy Elisala

69.  Get out & Live <3 – Tracey Renae

70. There’s no such thing as too many hugs – Eric Sminia

71. Plan, pray and persist – Miste Kehaunihiikapali

72. Love Yourself Unconditionally Always <3 – Melissa Sarazin

73. Do It, Be You. – Delora Guignion Clutchey

74. Be where you are – Willard Berry

75.  Honor your struggle – Tandy Elisala

76.  Stick with it, consistently – Haley Lynn Gray

77. Let it be easy. – Cindie Chavez

78. Love, presence, courage & authenticity. – Dr. Elena Estanol

79. Always follow your heart! – Pam Sears

80. Love God FIRST always!!! – Tammy Jean Mains Dunnuck

81. Unabashedly Love Yourself! – Sharon Hess

82. Love un-conditionally – Kathryn Morrow

83. Let go let God – Kathryn Morrow

84. Peace be I understand – Kathryn Morrow

85. Wake up, Grow up – Shannon Tressel

86. Be true to yourself. –  Peg Escapule

87. Don’t worry be happy – Anuli Anuli

88. Be who you are – Debbie Oglesby Card

89. One in the Chamber – Eric Dudley

90. Breathe. Feel. See. Be! – Josee Robichaud

91. Do what you love! – Krizel Rodriguez

92. Be one with nature – Tandy Elisala

93. Be your authentic self! – Courtney Long

94. Share your voice. – Michelle Radomski

95.  Don’t worry be happy – Linda van Rensburg

96. Love peace joy and gratitude???divine love n blessings to all? – Annusha Kalkapersad

97. Do what you want – Lynette Allen

98. Be in the present – Raquel Presley

99. Love yourself, buy Google. – Josh Medici

100. Just Be Happy ❤️ – Rosemarie Ballmer

101. Listen to your intuition – Natalie Holton-Reynolds

102. Trust The Process❤️ – Destrie Larrabee 

103. Be great, not perfect! – Andrea Anderson
104. Always trust your instincts – Tandy Elisala

It’s YOUR Turn: What is YOUR best advice in four words or less? Please comment below!

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Tandy Elisala

Family Caregiver Coach, Cancer Empowerment Advocate and Chief Inspiration Officer at Center for Inspiring Greatness | Empowered Family Caregiver
Tandy Elisala is passionate about helping family caregivers go from being overwhelmed and stressed to empowered and calm. Tandy went through cancer four times and learned how to heal using conventional, complementary, and alternative therapy. Tandy left her corporate career to take care of both parents simultaneously while raising three kids as a single mom. She took care of both parents for 2 1/2 years until their respective deaths. Tandy now teaches what she learned on her journey. Tandy is a family caregiver coach, a multiple best-selling author, inspirational speaker and mom to three adult kids, one angel dog and one diva cat.

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16 replies
  1. Tandy Elisala
    Tandy Elisala says:

    Here’s awesome contributions from the Women’s Entrepreneur Network:
    Haley Lynn Gray Stick to it Consistently!
    Tomecca Williams Always follow your heart
    Marissa Russell Pursue specific goals.
    Cappie McBeth Be your best self
    Nickel Jaramillo Action leads to success!
    Ashley Alexander Rioux Make your dreams happen!
    Jeannette Ryals Make it count now!
    Cynthia Lopez Do Not Give Up!!
    Trenicia Curry Stay in your lane
    Jana Sweeney Stay cool. Embrace weird.
    Christina Shimaitis Pominville everyone isn’t your prospect 🙂
    Delila AndShawn Brooks Stop thinking, Do it!
    Teri Taylor Keep your head up
    Monique Williams Frederic Just keep swimming
    Maggie Clough Choose to be happy!
    Edie Thomas Clarke Do it scared
    Linda Nye Luna Do what you love
    Leena Geltrude It’s now or never
    Sharon Stickney Donaldson It’s never too late.
    Eliza Bingham This is awesome!!! My four words are; Everything starts with you
    Eugenia Kapsomera Amditis Imagine the Possibilities!
    Jennifer Albrecht Relax relax relax relax
    Rupali Govil Before publishing, review yourself !!

  2. Tandy Elisala
    Tandy Elisala says:

    Here is some more advice from The Conscious Community:
    Michelle Hoyt Start where you are.
    Susan Hagen Be happy and focus on the positive
    Glena Sims Wright Move slowly
    Leeanne Gardner Stay true to your values!
    Marion Drake-Calev Live Love Forgive Laugh
    Todd Smeltzer Peace, Compassion, Love & Joy
    Katherine Metcalf Follow your Dreams!
    Maria Tomas-Keegan Trust your Inner Wisdom!


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