What My Kids Think of Me: Sarah’s Perspective

I saw a blog recently where someone interviewed her son and asked a bunch of questions about her. I thought this was an interesting idea and, being someone who appreciates and encourages documenting our legacies, I decided to conduct a little interview of my own. I interviewed all three of my kids separately and got some interesting responses. My my what we learn about our kids. What I learned about myself was powerful. This interview is documented below. I started with my son and youngest child, Steven. You can check out our interview here.  In my next article, I’ll share Amanda’s perspective. Sarah is the one in the yellow shirt.


1. How would you describe me? Unconditionally loving, giving.

2. In what ways are we alike? Happy, grateful, our belief in the power our our minds, positive, encouraging, uplifting, funny, cute:-)

3. In what ways are we different?  The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. I’m a social butterfly and you are more of an introvert.

4.  What’s my favorite thing to do?  Laugh, pray, meditate, dance, sing, be with your kids.

5. What’s your favorite thing we do together? Connecting, bonding through memories.

6.  What is your favorite memory as a child? Too many to choose.

7. What was your favorite vacation? Hawaii!

8. What’s the most annoying thing about me? Sometimes you are impulsive.

9. If I could do anything differently, what would it have been? Teach me how to cook more. I loved our mommy days and everything.

10.  What do you most appreciate about me? Your unconditional love. You encourage me to do my best. You introduced me to spirituality and the power of the mind. You taught me to take responsibility for my actions. You are thoughtful and you are my mom:-)

11.  What are my favorite types of movies? Comedy, drama, action. Anything with Denzel Washington.

12. What do you want my future husband to know about me? Her kids are #1. She deserves the best and if he hurts you, he dies – lol.

13. If I suddenly had $1 million dollars, what would I do with it? Pay bills, give me money, take a vacation… maybe an around the world cruise.

14.  What’s your favorite childhood tradition? That the middle child opens Christmas presents first. We got to open one gift on Christmas eve, your homemade cinnamon rolls and our gratitude practice.

15.  What do you  miss most about Grandma and Grandpa? Grandma’s humor and Grandpa’s random facts and knowledge.

16. What’s my favorite saying?  Be grateful and trust spirit.

17. What do I do when I’m mad? Purs your lips.

18. When was I the saddest? Happiest? Saddest was when Grandma and Grandpa died. Happiest was when I was born. Also, when you are in love.

19. What’s my least favorite thing to do? Run or go upstairs with a bunch of bags and no water.  Tandy’s note: We live on the 3rd floor.

20. What is the favorite recipe or thing I make? Homemade pizza, apple crumble, banana pancakes.

21. What did I make you do that you hated? I hated that you wouldn’t let us say ‘shut up’. I didn’t mean anything bad by it.  Tandy’s note: Yes, she actually said that! I STILL hate it when I hear the words shut up. I think it is so disrespectful.

22. What is your favorite/funniest memory of me? When we traveled to NYC and we took pics together and laughed together.  Tandy’s note: We traveled to NYC during Sarah’s modeling days so there were times it was just the two of us in NYC.

23. What is the most ‘mama bear’ thing I’ve done?  Ask my boyfriends lots of questions.


It’s your turn: What is the most interesting thing you learned about me through this ‘interview’? What do YOU want to be remembered for? If you have kids, what would they say about you? Please comment below!

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7 replies
  1. Michele Christensen
    Michele Christensen says:

    What great kids you have for doing this project with you! It’s very fun and original. I’m the unofficial historian/genealogist in my family, so I should use this templates to do more interviews.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      That’s awesome that you are the unofficial historian in your family. I encourage this exercise for family legacy. It’s a great exercise and definitely worth the time.

  2. Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist
    Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist says:

    This is just amazing! I want to do it with my mom now! I’m going to type these questions with my answers and send them to her for mothers day! (she lives in South Africa so a virtual hug will have to suffice)

    I love these ones: Your unconditional love. You encourage me to do my best. You introduced me to spirituality and the power of the mind. You taught me to take responsibility for my actions.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Thanks, Trudy. I’m SO glad you are going to do this exercise and send the answers to your mom on mother’s day. Yay!!!!


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