What Does ‘Living In Oneness’ Really Mean?


What Does ‘Living In Oneness’ Really Mean?

Guest post by Author, Dr. Linda Linker Rosenthal

My friend, Linda, was a speaker for my recent event: Your Vibrant Life Summit: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. She is the author of three books, including, “The Seven Chakra Sisters – Make Friends with the Inner Allies Who Keep You Healthy,Laughing, Loving, and Wise.”  Dr. Linda Rosenthal is a spiritual psychotherapist, intuitive counselor, and Reiki Master Teacher with doctorate degrees in Metaphysical Healing and Transpersonal Psychology. She teaches in-depth courses on energy healing, meditation, intuition, and healthy living. Linda has been writing with her inner allies for most of her life.


The Seven Chakra Sisters posed for a family portrait. Lovely, aren’t they?…I mean, you…I mean, us! The Chakras appear to be seven individual energy beings, but they are really ONE.


There are infinite characteristics to human beings, and if we are living life to the fullest, then our experiences will reflect the range of potential possibilities, from the deepest pain and grief to the ultimate union of bliss with all of Existence.Our chakras correspond to the seven major aspects of our development, from physical bodies functioning with a necessary ego to enlightened energy bodies of spiritual consciousness.The first three chakras deal with our needs, wants, and have-to’s. (Meet Aneeda, Ivanna, and Ahafta) They represent the lower or slower aspects of our human egos. None of us can live without them. In the most basic components of human life we need to eat and have shelter. We want to experience pleasure and happiness. And we have to have a sense of purpose, or something that motivates us to MOVE toward our dreams. Those are the three experiences that start our development and we all have them so we might as well appreciate and embrace those parts of ourselves.

The heart chakra is all about love and compassion. (Meet Ahluvya…wearing the green dress). Without a sense of caring for ourselves and others, we won’t function very well. Eventually our physical heart and / or lungs will shut down, leading to disease..and we won’t be functioning at all. Without our ability to truly love and be loved unconditionally, we might turn into lonely, isolated and dysfunctional people. Ahluvya takes on her sister’s needs, wants, and have-to’s, transforming them into the higher needs of becoming spiritually mature Loving Beings.

The upper three chakras vibrate at a much higher frequency. I like the analogy of a propeller or fan, with the blades moving much more slowly when it comes to the denseness of physical matter. When the fan blades rotate more quickly as the upper chakras do, they become harder to see with our physical eyes even though we know the blades are still there. The faster the vibration, the higher our energy and the ‘lighter’ we appear, just like the blades seem to disappear when they are spinning at top speed. I like to say metaphorically, that humans must dissolve before they can evolve.

The chakra sisters at our throat, brow, and crown correspond to our expression, our intuition, and our spiritual consciousness. (Meet Singya, Useeme, and Iamone). Singya speaks our Truth and is the best listener in the family. Useeme sees everything with a new perspective and helps us view life from a higher vantage point. Iamone is the one who is One with Everything.



When we get to know our chakras as these various aspects (as personalities with individual characteristics), we begin to know ourselves.

When we know our true selves from the inside out in all directions, we can begin to know others. Click To Tweet


When we are aligned with all of our chakras and recognize that they work together as one unified team, we begin to know ourselves as ONE Energy Being. When we know ourselves as ONE unit of active flowing energy, then we can know others in the same way. We will see our brothers and sisters as ourselves, in different ‘packaging’. When we see the world this way, we can acknowledge that we are really ONE energy body on the planet called Earth.
When we embody ourselves as the Energy of Creation itself, then we realize there is no separation whatsoever.In that Oneness, we can reach our fullest potential to live every day as spiritually mature, conscious, creative, expressive, loving, motivated, emotionally active, and physically healthy human beings.So start loving yourself completely, ego and all. ….all parts of yourself…all your chakra aspects. Know yourself. Love yourself. BE yourself! When you do, you give others permission to shine as themselves as well, which is really the same as YOU, in its purest Essence.

Dr.-LindaMore about Dr. Linda
Dr. Linda Rosenthal has been writing, teaching, and enjoying a private healing practice for over 20 years. She is the founder of Insight Out Visionary Healing Arts Center in NW Indiana. Linda presents lively life lessons at conferences and global summits, facilitates women’s wisdom circles and retreats, is Founder of The Midwest Reiki Convergence, and a Founding Steward of Conscious Evolutionaries Chicagoland. Always seeking inclusiveness, Linda works as a Co-Creative Content Curator for GOOD of the WHOLE, bringing Spirit and Consciousness to Life.

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It’s your turn: What does living in oneness really mean to you? What part of this article did you like the most? Did you learn something new about our chakras? Please comment below!

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  1. Alana
    Alana says:

    I’ve never been an inward looking person, although, as I age, I become more and more introspective. Of these seven sister, Love is the most important component of my life. I saw that so much when raising my son, too, in the life of a friend who had a difficult home situation. Sadly, although there were those who cared for him, he turned to a lifestyle which has kept him in prison.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Hi Alana, thanks for stopping by and for your comments. Sorry to hear about your son. Ultimately, as you mentioned, no matter how kids are raised, sometimes, they choose lives that we wouldn’t choose for them. Big hugs.


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