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What Do You Stand For?

What Do You Stand For?

I recently went through an exercise with a colleague, Annika Frey, to determine what I stand for. It was a great exercise in gaining clarity about what really matters.  Annika has a beautiful way of capturing the essence of what you stand for and creating an inspiring visual representation; a manifesto. She can create one for you, too. Check out her website here. What you stand for has everything to do with your values and beliefs. It’s important to know what you stand for as it guides all your decisions and helps others know where you are coming from.

I wanted to share what Annika created for me. What do you stand for? Here’s what I stand for:


Tandy Manifesto

1. Remember…done is better than perfect.

Progress is the enemy of perfection. Taking imperfect action IS the ONLY way to improve on something. We are evolving creatures. As such, things are rarely perfect. Progress – not perfection.

Done is better than perfect. Click To TweetDone is better than perfect.

2. You are perfect in your imperfection.

Earlier this year, I truly embodied my imperfections. I finally believe, know and feel that I am truly perfect in all my imperfections. No more judgment.

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3. You are inspiring, unlimited and amazing.

YES! You have a story worth telling. You have lessons learned worth teaching. You are a magnificent spirit. You are AH-mazing just the way you are. Remember, someone is watching you and listening to you. You’d be amazed at just how inspiring you are to someone else. You have everything needed already within you.

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4. Self-Love is the best love.

I believe that you must love yourself first before you are able to truly love another in the way they deserve to be loved (and the way you deserve to receive love). When you don’t love yourself, you don’t take care of yourself. Deep down, there is a deserve-ability, worthiness and believe-ability issue. When you love yourself, this is your theme song.

Remember, self-love is the BEST LOVE. Click To Tweet

5. Remove what you don’t love and respect your boundaries.

Remove what you don’t love in your life, let it go and make room for all the things you DO love. Boundaries are critical to having a successful life. Respect yourself and others will respect you. So, if people around you aren’t for your highest good and aren’t lifting you UP, gently remove them off of your train and send them away with love.

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6. Be the butterfly…it’s your time.

We are all changing into beautiful butterflies throughout our lives. Changing and growing… Be the butterfly is about standing up, stepping out and shining your light. It’s truly your time. Right NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next month. Not next year. N.O.W.

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7. Use your voice.

You are powerful beyond measure. You are a shining light (refer to #6!!). You are here for a unique purpose and it’s your responsibility to use your voice when, where, and how it matters. Figure out what things matter to you and use your voice to make the world a better place.

8. You are in charge of your life.

Remember, YOU and you alone are responsible for your life. No excuses, no regrets. No “shoulda” “woulda” “coulda”. The only thing getting in the way of your one, beautiful life is YOU. Get out of your own way and take charge of your one, beautiful life.

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9. Live a life that matters.

At the end of your life, you’ll ask whether you truly lived your life to its fullest potential, whether you truly loved and whether you led a life that matters. You’ll contemplate whether you created a legacy beyond yourself and your life and led a life you were proud of. Living a life that matters; however you define it, is key.

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10. Believe in the power of your mind.

You have the power within to be, do and have anything you want. It’s that simple. I’ve helped heal myself and others from many things and it’s all about the mindset. Believe that you have the power within. You do.

11. Show gratitude…it heals and transforms.

Gratitude is the foundation for developing your greatness. It is key to living your life with passion, peace and joy. Gratitude…. truly FEELING and embodying gratitude heals. Having a daily gratitude practice helps us stay connected to ourselves. Gratitude transforms lives. Gratitude transforms hearts and it helps us live our best lives.
If you’d like your very own manifesto, check out Annika’s website HERE. She is talented, intuitive and spot on with her work.
What do YOU stand for? Which of these 11 things do you resonate with the most and why? Please comment below.
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34 replies
    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Yes! This relates to something else I shared this week. Everything is energy and energy is everything:-) We get to CHOOSE>

  1. Sonya
    Sonya says:

    You hit the nail on the head. These are some fantastic points and have given me something to think about.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Lorii Abela
    Lorii Abela says:

    Your number 1 which says done is better done perfect also ties up hand in hand with integrity. I think that is awesome as it make you feel more fulfilled and less stressed knowing you have accomplished what you have promised. Anyway, the result is always going to be different from what is expected. However, there is always another day to tweak for improvements.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Right on, Lorii. Done is better than perfect. You make great points that when we take action we feel less stressed and more accomplished.

  3. Meghan Monaghan
    Meghan Monaghan says:

    After struggling in my business for the past eight months, I can’t explain how deeply I needed to hear what you wrote in this article. Can we ever have too much motivation or inspiration? Nope! Thanks for this Tandy. Done is much better than perfect, and, as a perfectionist, that can be tough to accept–but I’m getting better at it! Work in progress here. 🙂

  4. Tamuria
    Tamuria says:

    I love these Tandy. The whole idea of working out what matters most to you and then creating a beautiful reminder of that is wonderful. I think they are all great things to stand for but for me right now the top two would be gratitude heals and transforms and done is better than perfect.

  5. Susan Mary Malone
    Susan Mary Malone says:

    I just love all of these, Tandy! When we live this way, we’re oh so inspired.
    I’m working a lot these days on # 5: “Remove what you don’t love and respect your boundaries.” It’s been a challenge, but is so very freeing.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Aahhh, yes. Removing what you don’t love and respecting your boundaries is a biggie and is often one that women struggle with the most. It is extremely freeing when you have ‘arrived’. Thanks for stopping by, Susan.


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