The top 11 people to watch in 2018

The Top 11 People to Watch in 2018 (and what they have in common)!

The Top 11 People to Watch in 2018 (and what they have in common)!


As a coach and woman, there are a lot of options in the online world of people to work with in business and for spiritual and personal growth. I’ve invested a lot of money over the years in my personal and professional development. I could list hundreds of people I’ve learned from over the years.

In 2017, THESE are the people I’ve aligned with, bought from, learned from and/or listened to. I have learned SO much from these amazing women (and one smart man). They are already powerhouses in their field and are living their lives in alignment and with passion and purpose in a way that shines a bright light on everyone they influence. If you are looking to expand your personal and professional development, I strongly  recommend starting (or growing) with this list.

The top 11 people to watch in 2018

Here are “The Top 11 People to Watch in 2018!” At the end of this list, I’ll share my perspective on what things they all have in common.


Jenn Scalia – I’ve been a part of Jenn’s world for several years. I’m a part of her free Facebook group, Badass and Brazen Entrepreneurs.I’m also a member of her Little Black Business Book (LB3) membership community. Jenn has over 40 high quality classes inside LB3 designed to help entrepreneurs at all stages of business and with all topics. This is a great example of how she collaborates to add value for her tribe. I’ve had the opportunity to work 1:1 with Jenn and she is spot on with her intuition. She asks questions in a way that really help you get to the heart of the matter. Her guidance is valuable and has helped me shortcut many areas of my business. I’ve bought several courses and programs from Jenn and everything she puts out into the world is GOLD.

Jenn gives from the heart and she really over-delivers. She’s super visible and teaches women to be the confident, courageous, and visible badasses we are. Jenn gives me advice that shortens my learning curve. That is priceless.


Maru Iabichela – Maru is called the “Queen of Expansion.” I’ve been a part of Maru’s Infinite Receiving community for about 15 months. I learned about Maru from Jenn when they ran a free challenge together. I’ve followed Maru ever since. We’ve also collaborated on a few different projects. I’ve been a part of #IR program since round 3 (she’s now on round 5). I’ve had the honor of speaking at her second live event a few months ago, I attended both her live events this year and was a part of her first Iconic Incubator Mastermind this year. Maru keeps things real, raw, authentic, and vulnerable. That’s why people love her. She has traveled all over the world taking the principles of Infinite Receiving to various countries AND different languages. The truths that come out of her mouth are serious truth bombs and she is super intuitive. I love that she blends woo woo with business. Maru’s Infinite Receiving Tribe (the private group for those in #InfiniteReceiving) is one of the most loving, engaging, compassionate, and helpful sisterhoods I have ever been a part of. There’s nothing else like it. I can’t say enough about how Infinite Receiving has helped me in all areas of my life… from health to money, EVERYONE needs Infinite Receiving in their life. Maru has created such a strong tribe, brand and mantras that everyone contributes to this on a daily basis. Maru has such good energy.  She is on a mission to show everyone how to expand energetically, mentally and successfully, so you can make room for everything you desire in life and business. She believes there no limit to how much we can receive… except the limits we place on ourselves. Maru has helped me in SO many ways since the day we met. She really held space for me and helped me address the limiting beliefs I had about switching my niche to being a Cancer Empowerment Coach and CANheal Mentor. I can’t tell you how much her guidance and coaching has meant to me.


Jaime Boots – Jaime has a knack for really asking the deep questions and helping you get your boundaries and calendar in order. She is totally obsessed with healthy boundaries. She is the master at reframing situations and helping you see more clearly and live your everyday life in alignment with your values. I love the way she has helped me organize my day and think about my to-do list differently. She provides a ‘time container’ that is so epic – you have to see her in action. She has been a serious help to me and my life. Jaime is all about creating time, creating space, creating freedom, and creating ease. We all need more of this in our lives and Jaime is a master at it.





Brenda Ster – If you are a part of any network marketing company or direct selling company, you need Brenda in your life. If you are a solopreneur looking to use social media to enhance your online presence, you need Brenda in your life. I am a part of two network marketing companies that compliment my coaching business and I have learned a LOT from her that helps with everything. Brenda helps direct sellers with social marketing. #EmpowerSocial is her “thang” and she is a great example of brand consistency!  Brenda has one of the most highly engaged Facebook groups around. Her free group, The Socialite Suite, has 102,000 highly engaged people. It’s a no spam, no links, no bashing kind of group. Together with her Social Media Manager, Windy Lawson, they post challenges, offer freebies, and share tips and ideas. Plus there’s general awesome brainstorming that happens when you get over 100,000 of your closest friends together for a big dance party. Yes, Brenda actually hosts virtual dance parties that are out of this world! When someone poses a question, it’s the only place I’ve seen thus far where you can get literally 100 responses inside 15 minutes. When Brenda posts something, it’s not unusual to get 500+ responses in less than an hour. It’s FULL of value. I’ve seen Brenda’s free group grow from under 1K – 102K. That’s right, over 102,000 raving fans. She is strategic in her offerings and even helped me map my biz on a napkin one time when we met for lunch! Once you join The Socialite Suite, you have the option to join regional “Suite Retreats” that have over 1K people in each area of the United States. She offers a free Suite Directory with serious SEO juice. Brenda offers a variety of courses, training and coaching and is a powerhouse leader.

Brenda believes in and teaches that everyone should follow the 3 P’s in social media: Be Purposeful, Show Personality, and then be Promotional.

Everyone is intensely protective of the culture in this group. Brenda is strategic, leads from a place of offering value first and I just love watching what she’s going to do next! Oh yeah, Brenda’s got her second live event, SassyCon, scheduled for June 2018.


Glennon Melton Doyle – I don’t even know how I didn’t know about Glennon all my life. I met Glennon at the International Women’s Conference in Phoenix earlier this year. From the moment she took the stage, she had me at hello. Her energy, her vulnerability, her courage, her stories, her humor, her wisdom… everything that came out of her mouth was making me want to take notes fast and furiously yet all I could do was sit and absorb all she was sharing. I bought all her books and I follow her on social media. She is the real deal and I learn something new from her with every video and interview she does. Glennon Doyle is the author of the #1 New York Times bestselling memoir Love Warrior, which was selected as an Oprah’s Book Club pick, as well as the New York Times bestseller Carry On, WarriorGlennon is also the founder of Momastery, an online community reaching millions of people each week. She is the creator and president of Together Rising—a non-profit organization that has raised seven million dollars for families around the world through its Love Flash Mobs, which have revolutionized online giving.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith – Where do I begin with Sean!?! Sean is the founder of Elite Coaching University where he teaches skills to be a better coach and tools to build a bigger business. I met Sean at Maru’s IR Live event in January 2017. I was so impressed with how he showed up to support Maru in her mission. Sean was present the entire conference and his talk really helped me reframe how we see situations and how we make meaning out of things. I ran (not walked) to the back of the room and signed up for his NLP Breakthrough Coaching Certification (BCC) program. I had the honor of sitting with Sean at dinner one night and his mission of helping dads be better fathers to their daughters is admirable. As a single mom, I can completely relate to the incredible need for daughters to have daddy’s that are proud of them.

Sean is an open book. It’s refreshing to see a man be so vulnerable and share from the heart in a way that truly connects with people at the soul level. During his BCC program, I witnessed Sean giving 1000% of himself through the entire program. He gives 100X the value you invest in with him. I’ve been fortunate to have a 1:1 call with Sean and he took extra time with me and helped me through a business block I had and helped open me wide up.

Sean is someone I am looking to hire as a coach 1:1. I absolutely want to be a part of everything this man does. He makes a true difference in the lives of everyone he meets. His coaching methods are top notch. He has coached for more than 30 years and doesn’t hold back in sharing what he’s learned. He really helped reframe my thoughts about coaching and gave me solid, actionable steps to be a better coach for my clients.


Lisseth Wertz – This incredible woman helped me in so many ways this year. She is incredibly intuitive with psychic and healing abilities that leave you going, wow, how did she know that? She gets to the root of blocks and, like an energy scientist, pulls everything up and out! She helps you awaken your greatness.

She always comes from a place of service and giving. She cares deeply about people and is doing amazing work in the world. She has helped me clear things in my life that no longer served me and cleared away some heaviness I didn’t know I had. She is truly talented and gifted. I can’t wait to see where she goes next!





Bushra Azhar – I have literally bought just about everything this woman puts out into the world. When Bushra talks, I listen. Bushra is a MASTER at persuasion. She helps tiny businesses make big bucks using the psychology of persuasion. I’ve been a part of Bushra’s tribe since the beginning of her online debut. She’s a kick ass, generous, kind hearted, smart, funny AF, giving, and (she loves giving to wise woman to learn from. She makes everything look easy yet she provides the resources and step-by-step process to DIY. Her page has tons of free resources. She has a kick ass membership site called PH Lab where she has over 70 trainings, hacks, and scripts that work. Just look at her PH Lab sales page and see exactly how awesome Bushra is. She has a 13K strong tribe that hangs out at the 60 Second Persuasion Facebook group. One of her programs, Sold Out Launch, has built in accountability and more to encourage action and it works. I haven’t completed all of her programs yet but I’m telling you, everyone needs Bushra in their business. She gives so much free content and definitely makes you go – WOW – if she’s giving this away for FREE, imagine what she’s providing with her PAID stuff. Bushra stretches me to be a better writer and think differently about sales.


Shelsey Cayer – Shelsey is an Online Business Mindset Coach. She helps female online entrepreneurs use spirituality in a grounded step-by-step way. Together with her biz bestie, Jessica Rodriguez, they created the “Become and Aligned CEO” podcast. I’ve listened to a LOT of podcasts and this is definitely a keeper! I love the mindset + Business combination these ladies provide. Shelsey is super talented and is really great at re-framing negative patterns and thoughts. I can’t wait to see what she does in 2018!






Samantha ParkerI’ve been a part of Sam’s group, We Are Badassary, for a year or so. Sam is a zero f*cks given kind of woman when it comes to what others think of her. I’ve participated in many of her free challenges, workshops and her paid program, Badassery Academy. Samantha believes in delivering high quality content and one time did a four-hour workshop and the tech gremlins took the recording and she REDID the workshop. Her magazine, Badassery Magazine, co-founded with Kathy Rasmussen, highlights women’s stories and tips for all things life and business. Her Badassery Podcast is also a MUST listen to. It’s quick and full of valuable nuggets. I’ve watched as Samantha expanded her network and has interviewed John Lee Dumas and is interviewing Gary Vee later this year. These are just two of the amazing people she has collaborated with. This woman is all over the place without being intrusive. She is taking the world by storm. I love watching what she is doing and how she is doing it. I’ve learned so much from her and look forward to more in 2018.


Dr. Elena Estanol Elena is on a mission to help entrepreneurs feel the FUN and FLOW in their business. Elena and I have collaborated on many projects in recent years and I love how she is following her calling to teach people how to be more intuitive while having fun in their business and life. She just ended a program called “Intuitive Advantage” with Jean Elizabeth Berry and I look forward to seeing what she does next. Elena is a fabulous person to learn from and network with. She has a great group for leaders called Luminous Conscious Entrepreneurs. She is generous, kind, giving, and believes in connecting people together! I have met SO many people through Elena. Dr. Elena knows how to mastermind and I’ve been honored to participate in several of her mastermind events. These events are magical and I’ve collaborated with several people as a result. I really believe in the work she is doing around intuition and FUN as it flows with her beautiful heart and personality. Elena is passionate about inspiring change-makers around the globe to ignite their passion, unleash their brilliance, and transform the world in a positive way. Dr. Elena is also passionate about helping end sex trafficking.


What do all 11 of these amazing people have in common? Here’s the nuts and bolts:

  1. They are all doing what they love.
  2. They all come from a place of SERVICE first. They deliver MASSIVE value.
  3. They all believe in collaboration.
  4. They share from their heart.
  5. They have solid business sense.
  6. They truly connect with people.
  7. They listen to their intuitive nudges.
  8. They truly care about people.
  9. They are all extremely visible in various ways.
  10. They all give to their tribes, communities, and causes they care about.


My theme/word for 2018 is CONSISTENCY. From my business, to my health, to my mindset, I am creating consistency. I’m pretty good with some of these areas and learning in others. Perhaps this is one of the reasons I connect with all 11 of these people.


All of these fabulous people have helped me become a better coach, leader, and woman. If you want more JOY, INSPIRATION, and EMPOWERMENT in your life, I invite you to get your FREE Daily Dose of Hope HERE:


Daily Dose of Hope

It’s Your Turn: Have you worked with or followed any of these beautiful people? Who is on YOUR top influencer list for 2017? Please comment below.


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