Today’s Animal Medicine: The TIGER!


Today’s Animal Medicine: The TIGER!

Guest article by: Charlene Slimp


Charlene was a speaker on my recent Your Vibrant Life Summit: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. We had a great discussion about animal medicine. The Tiger is my spirit animal and this article is a great complement to our discussion.

Photo by: Kaz @ Pixabay


Today I want to talk about a specific totem that has been visiting other people lately, and that is TIGER. Tiger is a ferocious animal spirit guide with really important lessons to teach. Now, every animal spirit guide has several different lessons that it teaches, but the one that Tiger has been teaching lately is about using your energy.

Theoretically (there are exceptions), you only get a certain amount of energy per day when you wake up and throughout the day when you eat. Let’s say that you receive 10 energy units.

Well, going to work takes 4 energy units, studying with the kids takes 3, and taking care of the house takes 3 more. That’s all of your energy units! And that’s okay, because now it’s bedtime.

But what happens more often is that you spend 5 energy units at work, 4 with the kids, then you only have 1 for taking care of the house, and then you pass out from exhaustion.

Tiger teaches us how to use our energy more efficiently and how to use it in the ways that you want. So instead of work taking 5 energy units like it normally does or 4 energy units like it should, now you’re only spending 3 energy units and you’re getting more done with them. When you leave work, you feel MORE energetic because you have more energy! That’s what Tiger teaches us to do.

To get Tiger to teach you, you need only go into a meditative state and invite Tiger to “walk” with you. That’s a metaphor for energetically joining you on your life journey for awhile. Whenever you REALLY need Tiger medicine, you would envision your energy body taking on the characteristics of a Tiger – triangle ears, long tail, and black and orange stripes. This will rev up your engines for Tiger energy.

Working with Animal Spirit Guides is like riding a bicycle with training wheels – they hold you upright and keep you going until you learn how to balance the bicycle all on your own.

And there you have it! Your lesson for today! Say ‘hi’ to Tiger for me!








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It’s your turn: What are your thoughts about spirit animals? Do you believe in this? Who is your spirit animal? Please share below!


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