Spotlight on Ultimate Health Secrets: Part 3 of 4

Spotlight on Ultimate Health Secrets: Part 3 of 4

Spotlight on Ultimate Health Secrets_ Part 3(1)

There are four aspects to our health. They include:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional and mental health
  3. Spiritual health
  4. Financial health

If any one of these areas of our life are out of sync, it can wreak havoc on the other aspects. When we are physically tired, for example, this can impact our mood. When we aren’t spiritually connected and grounded, physical illness or disease can manifest; like a 2×4. When our financial health is out of wack, the stress can impact the other three areas of our health and life.

In part three of this series, we’re exploring our spiritual health. Some of the things we’ll discuss may be obvious to you and others not so much. My goal with this series is to get you thinking about your health from a holistic perspective. You can read part one here. You can check out part two here.

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My top ultimate health secrets around our spiritual health include:

  1. Have a gratitude practice.

    Say, write or affirm three things you are thankful for each day.

2.  Enjoy nature.

If you can’t spend time outdoors, open your doors or windows to feel the outside…unless it’s snowing or dreadful weather…then stay inside:-)

3.  Meditate.

Meditation is a powerful tool to help develop your spiritual connection. There are many ways to meditate. Find one that resonates with you and practice even 5 minutes a day. Here’s another article I wrote about meditation.

4. Pray.

You may have heard the saying that if praying is talking TO God then meditation is listening to God’s answer. That’s how I like to think of it. Prayer is powerful and the key with prayer is to pray as if what you want is already yours. It’s often called “Affirmative Prayer” and really helps develop your spiritual connection ‘muscles’.

5. Write, say, or silently affirm affirmations.

Focus on all things positive. You can read more about affirmations here and here. 

6. Have an ‘evidence of success’ jar.

Put something in this jar DAILY that you are thankful for, something that went right that day or something you learned. At the end of each month (or wait until the end of the year), you can read all your notes and really feel blessed!

7.  Attend a church service that speaks to your soul- either in person or virtually.

8. Practice the mirror exercise.

Look at yourself in the mirror and affirm “I love you” or recite affirmations.


Grab your FREE checklist with more ideas to maintain self-care and overall well-being. This checklist has ideas in all 4 areas of our health.




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