Self-Love and Trust Go Hand In Hand

I recently read my friend, Reba Linker’s NEW book, Imagine: Self-Love Journal. I was particularly drawn to it because it’s the kind of book you can go at your own pace, there are prompts for self-love and there was a chapter about TRUST!

ISL Cover 2 for Kindle

Trust is my 2016 word/theme of the year so I am all about that. #Trust2016

“Teaching creates a meeting ground, a bridge to others.” ~ Reba Linker

I love this quote because when we learn something new and teach others, THAT is where the sweet spot is. This is where we truly learn is through teaching or what I call- ‘teach to learn’. Teaching and sharing with others is about sharing of ourselves: our heart, mind and spirit.

The journal prompts Reba leads us in with this section of her book includes:

I open to others when ___________________________________________
I feel my heart open to others when ________________________________
I share who I am with others when _________________________________

Here’s how I answer these questions:

I open to others when I open myself up to the infinite possibilities life has to offer and TRUST in life and the process of life.
I feel my heart open to others when I share of myself…my whole self in vulnerability; TRUSTING that all is as it should be and TRUSTING in myself and my decisions.
I share who I am with others when I TRUST in God and follow my internal guidance system…my gut. When I love myself, I share more of myself! In doing so, I inspire others and empower them to shine their light and follow their passion and purpose with passion, grace and ease.

One thing I often talk about is doing what you LOVE! This is so wildly important. If you aren’t doing what you love, get a piece of paper and a pen and write down 10 things you LOVE doing. Now, look at this list and schedule one thing from you list in your calendar. Do it now. I’ll wait…

Okay, now that this is done, another way we can show ourselves love is to look at what Reba calls, “loose ends”. I call it our ‘tolerance list’. Identify those things that are unfinished, messy, disorganized, etc… Even a bathroom light that’s out. Put that on the list. Now, go through the list and prioritize it and tackle one a day. Beware that this is addicting and you will feel so much better once you start, you may not want to stop:-) You’re welcome. The energy we bring into the world is impacted by our environment and it’s important that our loose ends are tied up! Know that our loose ends isn’t just about our physical environment; it’s about our mind. The clearer our mind is, the clearer we can listen and watch for the signs that lead us towards our highest and best life!

I encourage you to grab Reba’s book here.


Above all, remember that YOU are perfect in all your imperfections and the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have so treat yourself with LOTS OF LOVE and TRUST that you are always where you should be.

With love and gratitude,


Reba Linker’s Imagine Self-Love is available for purchase at

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Reba’s new self-paced ecourse, “9 Self-Love Keys to Change Your Life,” is being offered by the Daily OM on a pay what you wish basis! Learn more here:


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