Saying YES to Your Life the Crazy, Sexy, Miracles Way (and how I said YES to mine)

I had the honor of watching Kris Carr, of all things “Crazy, Sexy,” and Gabrielle Bernstein last week as they discussed how they said YES to their life and gave tips to encourage us to do the same. I’ll share what I learned and some insights and huge ah-ha moments that was a beautiful confirmation for me.


Here are the highlights:

  1. Gabrielle encourages us to ask ourselves, what can I do right now to enjoy the present moment? Only when we can be truly present in each moment can we be free of time. Gabrielle shared her story about spending so much time ‘waiting’ to get pregnant, saying no to work engagements because she planned on being pregnant then. Waiting…waiting…waiting… for a baby. It wasn’t until she surrendered fully and celebrated what she DID have that she was able to let go of a specific outcome. I talk about this and share the story of a few clients who were desperate to have a baby and after walking them through the process of surrendering and living in the present moment, guess what? They got pregnant. Live in your light and it will shine bright! Click To Tweet
  2. Gabby and Kris talked about how we should be mindful of the energy we bring into our lives. SO true!
  3. Kris said if you don’t like going to the gym as a form of exercise, QUIT the damn gym. Find a form of exercise you enjoy doing and do that! Love her:-)
  4. They both discussed how chaos, anxiety, stress, fear and overwhelm can eat us alive. The more we can sit by these feelings and watch it flow by… be in silent contemplation, acknowledge it and see it go by, the more we nourish ourselves. I talk about this a lot. It’s important to allow ourselves to feel the feelings we have so they can move on and we can move through the experience. This is such an important lesson to learn and I know it’s easier said than done. Feel your feelings!
  5. Get clear on your WHY. Get clear on your passion. Remember, passion is all about energy.
  6. The right NO makes space for the right YES! I love love love this. I have written many articles about the power of no and the power of yes. My latest article about saying yes the Shonda way is here.

Here are some tips for marinating in your greatness:

  1. Take your hands off the wheel. Gabby asks, in what ways are we controlling the outcome and let it go! Instead ask, how would you use me? How can I be of service?
  2. Let go of time and any sense of time.
  3. Dwell in what we have right now. Love it:-) Being grateful and appreciating everything we have right in this moment is the key to attracting MORE of what we want into our lives. You can join me for my 5-day #gratitudechallenge where we’ll talk a lot more about this starting Monday. It’s FREE to join! Get your spot HERE.

Gabby and Kris remind us that when we think we’ve surrendered, surrender some more… and more…and more. When we can do these things, we are saying YES to our life… our one great, big, amazing life!


Here’s my huge ah-ha and confirmation about this. As some of you know, I went through cancer surgery, radiation and chemotheraphy for much of last year. It I literally couldn’t do much of anything. My life stood still. My business stood still. I allowed my circumstances to dictate my day, week, month and year. I wouldn’t wish what I went through on anyone. Towards the end of 2015, knowing I was facing additional surgery and treatments. I DECIDED enough was enough. I was taking back my life! I was going to kick serious ass in 2016. I decided that I was going to LIVE. Regardless of how long I’m here, I’m going to live my best life with passion and purpose. I had to get back to my center. I had to surrender. I had to TRUST #Trust2016. Since I’ve done this, I feel like I’m on fire. I’m rocking it and I finally feel like things are all coming together for me and my highest good.  I SAID YES TO MY LIFE!

It’s your turn: What you you need to release and let go of to say YES to your life? What tips have you found most valuable? Please comment below. 

P.S. Remember to come on over and join the fun as we get our gratitude on next week:

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  1. Linda Hampton
    Linda Hampton says:

    The quote really says it all. So many times we try to hold on to what was instead of grasping onto what will be. The tip that resonated with me the most is dwell on what we have now


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