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Say YES the Shonda Way: When To Say YES and When To Say NO!


I just finished reading Shonda Rhimes’ book, “The Year of Yes” and I absolutely loved her book. Essentially, Shonda (you know Shonda, right? THE lady known as the owner of Thursday night television. Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, How to Get Away With Murder are all her TV shows.) spent a year saying YES to everything. Her writing style is amazing and the things she learned from saying YES to everything that came her way for one full year ended up being a way of life for her. She grew and stretched so much through this process. I’ve written about saying NO, no is a complete sentence and how saying no is empowering. So, when I read this book, I realized there are times to say yes and times to say no. Here’s how to know the difference:


  1. Something scares you. When you are invited to do something and you know that it will stretch you and be good to help  you overcome your fears, DO IT… even if you want to throw up!
  2. You absolutely know, feel and believe you will be a better person for it.
  3. Said ‘thing’ will help lift you up and be a better person or help someone else be a better person.
  4. It is at the heart of being of service.
  5. Key people around you; your support system, affirms you should say yes.
  6. It could be fun…you know, once you overcome the fears!


  1. It is not in line with your goals or legacy.
  2. The person asking is a continual ‘taker’ of your time and energy.
  3. Said ‘thing’ is an energy drainer and won’t help you grow nor help those you serve.
  4. You know you won’t enjoy it.
  5. You are only considering it because you want the other person to like you.
  6. You simply don’t want to do it.

There is so much out there competing for our time and energy. Life is too short to do things we don't want to do or don't serve our highest good in some way. Click To TweetThe key is recognizing when something IS good for you and scares you yet you should say YES and when something scares you and isn’t good for you.

I am trusting that in 2016 I’m saying YES to the right things and NO to the right things. How do you make decisions about things to say yes to and things to say no to? What’s your favorite way to say ‘no’? Please comment below.

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