Never Underestimate Your Power To Make A Difference: The Power of One


“Never underestimate the power of a few committed people to change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  – Margaret Mead

I believe we all make a difference in the lives of others. Whether we realize it or not, things we say and do can have a profound impact for family, friends, colleagues and even strangers. I doubt that the creator of micro-lending through sites like thought there would be such a response. I also doubt that the creator of thought that millions of people would rally around causes for others around the world. Think about it… every single invention, service, company…everything… is because one person took action and made a difference. Sometimes this difference is felt world-wide and sometimes what we say or do impacts one other person. Remember this: Making a difference in the life of one person can be life changing.

Recently, I talked to someone I had attended a Sedona healing retreat with. We didn’t know each other prior to the retreat. The exercises were designed to promote healing and there were several exercises particularly difficult for her. She lost her daughter a year prior to suicide. During a particularly emotional exercise, she left the room. She was gone for several hours. I was concerned for her and found myself preoccupied wondering where she was and felt she needed support.

Despite me being told to leave her alone and let her work through things, I had this immense pull towards her. As I turned around in a hallway, I saw her coming towards me. She looked different; as if she was detached, resigned and cold. She looked like life was sucked out of her. As we met each other in the hallway, I embraced her and said nothing. As we stood there embracing, she immediately began crying. A flood of tears came from both of us and I found myself saying things to her I felt compelled to say and just listened to her yell, cry, question and cry some more. In this moment, she needed someone to be of support for her in this space. I was at the right place at the right time to serve a purpose. No coincidences:-)

The next day this woman who a day prior appeared lifeless had color back in her face. She seemed hopeful! She bee-lined it straight to me, embraced me with the same vigor we had the day before, and thanked me. She admitted to me that during her workshop absence she had planned on committing suicide that night. She had everything planned and ready. She weeped when telling me I saved her life. Had I not been there for her, she may very well not be here right now.

Just a few days ago, I received a call from another woman, someone I previously worked with. She told me about all the exciting things going on in her life and what a difference a year makes. She thanked me for being there for her when she needed someone the most. You see, in her greatest time of need, she reached out to me; leaving several frantic voice messages. They were thank you and good-bye messages. When I couldn’t reach her personally, I left her messages I had hoped she would resonate with. When we talked the other day, she told me it was my message that made a difference. She said she listened to my voice over 60 times and it was this that helped her through her darkest hour.

Being guided to say or do something for someone else doesn’t have to be this dramatic. It can be a stranger behind you in a store listening and being inspired about how you said or did something. It could be someone inspired by you picking up trash in a public place and disposing of it properly. It could be the smile you gave someone or the way you took time to acknowledge them. We all have people that have influenced us. My bet is some of the people who helped you become who you are today came in the form of subtle, quiet whispers of influence.

If you EVER feel that you don’t make a difference, think again. The power of ONE – this is all it takes to make all the difference in the world!

Call to action: Think about someone in your life that has made a difference for you. Call them today and let them know how much you appreciate them and how they have impacted your life. It doesn’t have to be a long conversation. Doing this today will help you see how others have impacted you and perhaps how you impact others.

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Tandy Elisala

Family Caregiver Coach, Cancer Empowerment Advocate and Chief Inspiration Officer at Center for Inspiring Greatness | Empowered Family Caregiver
Tandy Elisala is passionate about helping family caregivers go from being overwhelmed and stressed to empowered and calm. Tandy went through cancer four times and learned how to heal using conventional, complementary, and alternative therapy. Tandy left her corporate career to take care of both parents simultaneously while raising three kids as a single mom. She took care of both parents for 2 1/2 years until their respective deaths. Tandy now teaches what she learned on her journey. Tandy is a family caregiver coach, a multiple best-selling author, inspirational speaker and mom to three adult kids, one angel dog and one diva cat.

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