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Moments of Grace



I am feeling beyond blessed and grateful to be part of a book collaboration called, “365 Moments of Grace.”  This amazing collaboration was released June 21st, 2016, and immediately became a #1 international bestselling book and was #1 in seven different categories.

Grace has different meanings to different people. To me, grace is synonymous to blessings, miracles. It’s about our connection with our higher self…that internal guidance system that always has our best interest at heart.

Here are just a few examples of how grace can show up in our lives:

  • surrendering fully to God/the Universe and immediately feeling light and free
  • receiving signs from loved ones on the other side
  • listening to your intuition and later seeing how well it guided you
  • having a near-death experience
  • being in nature and feeling a sense of awe and wonder
  • having a powerful dream that gave you clarity about your life
  • experiencing an “a-ha moment” that helped you see the world in a different way
  • having your prayer answered
  • looking into a loved one’s eyes and feeling completely seen
  • I feel it every moment… the more I think about it. The more I feel it…

This book “365 Moments of Grace” is another way I feel grace.

Why I decided to join as a contributing author in this book

I’ve been touched by so many beautiful moments of grace throughout my life, and when this book opportunity arose, I immediately felt and knew I needed to be part of it. I was also part of the first 365 books series, 365 Ways to Connect With Your Soul. There have been so many miracles in my life which I am thankful for and feel blessed to experience. I feel truly blessed to be part of this magical world and loved sharing my experience with every day miracles, grace, spiritual connection and beyond.

More about this book

This is the second book in the 365 Book Series – the follow-up to the Amazon #1 bestseller, 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. This second book is called 365 Moments of Grace, and that’s exactly what it contains: one true-life, grace-filled story for each day of the year, describing the authors’ first hand experiences with grace.

The pieces are contributed by over 250 authors from all around the world, sharing moments from their lives in which they encountered grace – miracles, epiphanies, and glimpses of the Divine.

These experiences cover a wide range of topics – including divine intervention, near-death experiences, messages from beyond, and everyday moments that were infused with extraordinary soulfulness. All of the stories are intended to uplift, inspire, and remind you of just how magical our world is and how connected we truly are.

Here are the book’s chapters:

1. Messages from Our Soul & Beyond
2. Physical Shake-Ups & Near-Death Experiences
3. Everyday Grace
4. Signs of Grace
5. Animals & Nature
6. Loving Grace
7. Earth Angels
8. Divine Interventions & Timing
9. Grace-Filled Transitions
10. Graceful Epiphanies
In my piece, I share how a painful moment helped me heal through the grief of losing my father.  If you want to read this piece – and 364 others – I hope you’ll check out this wonderful book. It makes a great gift for friends, family, and anyone else who loves to be inspired and amazed…including yourself!


Looking for a book that will inspire, uplift, and amaze you? Check out 365 Moments
of Grace – just released! #365grace

Looking for a book that will inspire, uplift, and amaze you? Check out 365 Moments of Grace – just released! #365grace Click To Tweet

Please click on this link to buy the book 365 Moments Of Grace <— Click here

This fabulous book collaboration was inspired and led by Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck. They are absolutely amazing to work with and I can’t imagine being part of any other book collaboration without them at the helm.

More About Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck

Jodi Chapman and Dan Teck are a husband-and-wife team who loves living soulfully and joyfully. Since 2005, they’ve been living their dream of writing books and creating products that inspire others to connect with their soul and live fully and passionately.

Jodi has a BA in English/Technical Editing and Sociology, and Dan has a BA in Religious Studies and an MFA in Creative Writing. Together, they have over 30 years of experience with editing and publishing and have sold over 35,000 books.

They have written 20 books, 10 ecourses, and over 1,000 blog posts/articles. Jodi is an award-winning blogger at and the creator of Soul Clarity Cards. Dan is the author of the personal-growth blog, They are the co-creators of the Soulful Journals Series (, the 365 Book Series (, and a number of soulful online communities.

I am grateful to them for giving me the opportunity to contribute to their book.

To buy the book, click here -> 365 Moments Of Grace

It’s our hope that in reading this book, you’ll feel a re-awakened sense of reverence and awe for this magical world we live in. We hope you are moved by these miraculous experiences and also open your own heart to miracles as well. We hope you see how the entire universe can open up in a single moment – an epiphany, a peak experience, a spiritual revelation, a miracle, or an everyday encounter that touches your heart. We hope that you are delighted by the incredible diversity of grace-filled experiences while also sensing the universal essence of grace at the core of each one. We hope you see that we can actively invite moments of grace into our own lives, be open to receiving them, and give thanks when they come (whether or not we were inviting or expecting them)! And we hope that you simply enjoy reading these amazing, awe-inspiring stories! We certainly enjoyed putting this collection together!

For a limited time, everyone who orders the book will receive our bonus gift package, which includes almost 100 soulful gifts (meditations, ebooks, ecourses, and more) – all contributed by the authors!

Please click here to learn more about it and order it today! 

My fellow author, Pamela Woodruff, posted an article today about our book here –








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6 replies
  1. Pooja Shende
    Pooja Shende says:

    Hi Tandy,

    It is Grace that has shown up in the lives of so many authors like us who automatically got connected for a common cause… 365 Moments Of Grace… 🙂 I liked the way you described Grace… “It’s about our connection with our higher self…that internal guidance system that always has our best interest at heart.”

    Wishing you abundance now and always… 🙂

      • Tandy Elisala
        Tandy Elisala says:

        Hi Pooja, I’d love to know your thoughts about my story in our book. I really loved your story about your knee and the amazing instant healing that you experienced. THAT is GRACE in action!

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Hi Pooja! I appreciate having a fellow co-author here and love your comments:-) I really loved your story about your knee/leg and the incredible healing that took place for you. WOW!


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