How to Breakthrough The Barrier of Thinking Your Work Doesn’t Matter


 How to Breakthrough The Barrier of Thinking Your Work Doesn’t Matter

Guest Article by: Ashley Long

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As a Creative, you have a gift, a way of expressing something that speaks to you.

If this expression is something that fills the majority of your day… and night… and you feel that if you don’t do it you might as well do nothing, then you have a desire.

And if you have a desire, you might be wondering how to make that desire a reality.

That desire can be to work full-time as a Creative, or to make more than you’re currently making, or to be able to get your work more exposure.

Here is where things can get muddy and feel like someone has stabbed you in the gut.

You know how it goes. All the nay-saying lines you’ve heard and the low statistics about how many actually succeed. Bleck.

So, let’s not go there, OK?

Instead, I want to share something that is a powerful step if you’re wanting to go from wishing to having.

First, I want you to say this line out-loud: “My desire, my gift, my purpose for being here in this life, is for the benefit of All-That-Is.


Say it again. OUT LOUD.  “My desire, my gift, my purpose for being here in this life, is for the benefit of All-That-Is.” Click To TweetMy desire, my gift, my purpose for being here in this life, is for the benefit of All-That-Is.


It can be hard to feel that way. We can feel invisible or that our talent and desire is small, but your desire is there because it is meant to be. It is in you, so you can share it with the world.


You recall the line from the movie Jerry McGuire, when Jerry said, “You complete me.”

That line is from the Universe to YOU.

You complete what the Universe is and wants to be. Click To Tweet


As creatives, we operate in the feminine, creative mode. That mode can tend to hold back on big desires because we feel that it is selfish of us to want something so grand. Feminine energy tends to stand in the background and support others. Some of us were taught to do that.


But the thing is, YOUR vision, your creativity, the stuff of your imagination, is what allows life to evolve.

It is that important.

Imagine that you succeed. You’re producing the work you want and people are buying it. You’re doing this full-time and it is allowing you to pay all your bills and more.

How does your life look now?

How has it changed you?

How is your creative expression changing others?

What can you give now that you couldn’t before?

That last question is important.

Let me break it down for you.

If you’re able to live each day doing what you love, how will you feel?

I can tell you that it feels fan-effin-tastic!

I go to bed each night with this little butterfly flutter in my belly. I hug my pillow and let out a little scream. Not because I made a billion dollars, or the day went perfectly, or some rich, hot man asked me on a date, but because everything I did during my day was exactly what I wanted to do and I loved every minute of it!

I’m living my passion. And even when I have tech glitches, or my dog gets sick or I see a new wrinkle in the mirror – the fact remains: I’m happy.


And because I’m happy, my life looks really different.

I’m different.

Guess what that does? It affects everyone around me.

It has also cleared up a whole lotta crap I used to live with. Being happy does that.

If you could achieve your desire, would it make you happy?

If it did make you happy, how would your life change? How would you change? How would that change affect others?

A lot of creatives think that their work doesn’t really have much “effect” on the person who buys it.

I can argue that point, but for the sake of staying on track, I want to point out that the effect of you living with passion, happiness and a sense of fulfillment because you are doing what you love, DOES, and always will, have an effect on others.

A positive effect.

So, beside the fact that you might be able to support your favorite charity or have the time to volunteer more or even lend a helping hand (with your money or expertise) to another because you are succeeding, bottom line is: You being happy helps to complete the Universe.

And when you achieve that desire, a new one comes along. You go for it and all you experience walking towards it has an effect. An effect on you and others. It ripples out and will affect things you might not ever even know about!

That constant forward momentum is what life is all about.

Think of all the amazing things you’ll get to experience, the people you’ll meet and the new things you’ll learn!

Your surroundings will change. You will change.

Think beyond your personal self and personal space/family. How will your “world” look when you have your desire?

What will you be able to “give” to life once you have your desire?

Take Action:

  1. Write this sentence in your journal and finish it: When I go for my desire, others will benefit because…


  1. Now journal this: If I fully claim and HAVE my desire and all that comes with it, how will my life change? How will this affect others?


When you can envision all that you will effect and be because you achieved your desire, it sets in motion some powerful energy that helps you to GET it.

It helps move it forward.

It helps you get excited.

It helps you see past any notion that your work doesn’t matter.

Write this line out and stick it where you’ll see it daily:

My desire, my gift, my purpose for being here in this life is for the benefit of All-That-Is.

Write it out. Doodle all over it. Sing it. Believe it.

And watch the MAGIC happen!


It’s YOUR turn: Share your journaling experience from the exercise above? Share your thoughts about this article. Please comment below!


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Bio: Ashley Long is a very happy creative living in the magical mountains of western North Carolina. She knows one thing for sure: Empowered artists who have a crystal clear vision of what they want to give and what they want to get in return, and who use their unique “magic” to connect emotionally to their audience, can build a fulfilling and profitable platform for their work. She loves showing Creatives how to do this. Are you ready to stop struggling? Please enjoy her free gift to you and get started on creating the Creative Gifts Life you WANT!

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    Laurel Regan says:

    You’ve given me a whole lot to think about – I know I need to work on putting greater value on what it is that I do (and enjoy doing). Thank you very much for this thoughtful post.


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