Expert Interview Roundup: Spiritual Connection

Expert Interview Roundup: Spiritual Connection


Expert Interview Roundup_ Spiritual Connection

I had the honor of interviewing the following experts this month and had great discussions around spiritual connection. Here’s the list of these amazing individuals, information about them and what you’ll discover when listening to our interviews. Get free access and listen to all my expert interviews (I interview between 3-8 people a month on specific topics) HERE.


                          Rev. Dr. Michele Whittington

rev_michele_3Bio: An Emerson Theological Institute graduate, Michele Whittington is the Senior Minister at Creative Living Fellowship, a Religious Science church and teaching center in Phoenix, Arizona. Rev. Michele graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Communication.

Prior to entering the ministry in 1997, Rev. Michele spent 20 years in the business arena, the first 18 in the legal field, serving initially as administrative support and then, after receiving her B.A., in law firm management. In 1995, her heart called for her to be in greater service, and she left the law firm environment for life in a not-for-profit agency. For two years, she worked as the Sponsor Developer for a transitional housing program for homeless, low-income families recruiting and training volunteers as well as raising $250,000 in annual sponsorship’s.

Rev. Michele has served on a variety of Boards, including the Board of Management of the Downtown Phoenix YMCA from 1982-1990 where she was also the First Vice Chair. In 1993, she served as President of the Board of Trustees of First Church of Religious Science. From 2001 – 2003, she served as a member, and then as the Vice President, of the Affiliated New Thought Network.

Having come from a varied business background before entering the ministry, she brings her knowledge and experience of the “real world” to her work. She believes her life’s purpose is to travel an ever-ascending spiritual journey and to serve others with love and compassion as they travel theirs.

Listen to our interview and discover:

  1. How her journey led her to serve as the Senior Minister of CLF.
  2. The meaning of prayer and whether there is a right or wrong way to pray.
  3. What grace really means.
  4. How beauty can transform our lives.
  5. The core ways to live a life of joy and peace.
  6. What Rev. Michele learned about trust and how she handles crappy days.
  7. The role of forgiveness in connecting with ourselves and others and much, much more!

Connect with Rev. Dr. Michele through Creative Living Fellowship in Phoenix, AZ.


IMG_6087    Tonya Spivey 

Bio: As an Intuitive Life Stylist, Tonya Spivey assists people to uncover their own mastery by creatively designing their toolbox of life skills through intuitive coaching, Theta healing, and/or spiritual insight. She teaches clients how to harness their own natural gifts and talents. She connects to their truth and wisdom that lies within through personalized coaching and healing sessions designed for their needs. Her life purpose is to support those walking through their personal growth and expansion. As co-found of Soul Dynamite, she gets to share her multifaceted gifts with everyone.

Listen to our interview and discover:
1. How her journey led her to doing intuitive work.
2. How our intuitive whisper can be amplified.
3. Tonya’s Yes/No technique and how you can use this in your life to develop your intuition.
4. What impacts our inability to truly connect with ourselves and how to turn it around.
5. The importance of trusting your intuition.
6. Who we connect with spiritually and how to tell the difference between everyone/everything.
7. The importance of asking for help the THE most important thing to remember once you’ve asked for help and much more.

Free Gift: Connect with Tonya and get your free gift: “Turn on Your Love and Intuition Video”.

Courtney Long Pic   Courtney Long  

Bio:  Courtney Long, MSW, LC, CHt, ATP®
Courtney is an Angel Communicator, Life Purpose Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Author and Speaker. She inspires you to discover your Divine Life Purpose, gifts, passions and talents, activate your intuition, and confidently connect with the Angels, so you can shine brightly, share your gifts and make the difference you were born to make.  Courtney is a Masters Level Social Worker (MSW), Transformational Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, NLP Practitioner and Angel Therapy Practitioner® trained by Doreen Virtue, PhD.  She is the author of Authentic and Free: A Journey from Shame to Self-Acceptance and contributing author to the best-selling book 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. To learn more about Courtney’s Angel Meditation Club, retreats and classes, visit

Listen to our interview and discover:

• Who the Angels *really* are and why activating their assistance is easier than you might think.
• How the Angels can help make our lives better (ex. helping us fulfill our life purpose, build our confidence, unleash our joy, open our heart to abundance, etc).
• Whether everyone has Guardian Angels and the difference between Guardian Angels and Archangels.
• Who the Archangels are and specific ones to call on for different situations.
• 4 Steps to Activating the Angels’ Assistance.

Free Gift: Get your hands on Courtney’s free gift meditation, the “Angel Energy Elixir.”


Listen to my interview with Courtney, Tonya and ALL my 2016 expert interviews HERE.


Gary_Loper_Pic  Gary Loper   

Bio: Gary Loper has dedicated every day of the past 25 years on personal development. His lifelong enthusiasm and passion is to assist individuals in becoming their best. Gary has studied extensively life coaching; has learned from some of the most exceptional motivational and inspirational speakers as well as having an extensive and diverse reading background from personal development and spiritual leaders of our time. Connect with Gary at

Listen to our interview and discover:

1. What is Intuition?
2. How does faith help develop intuition?
3. What role does feelings play?
4. How can mistakes help develop intuition?

 Jamie_SaloffPic  Jamie Saloff   

Bio:  Jamie Saloff, CM, is a graduate of Fellowships of the Spirit School of Healing and Prophecy. She is certified as a spiritual counselor and meta-physician. She has also trained under Donna Eden, Bill Coller, Lisa Williams, and many more. A long time author advocate and publishing specialist, Jamie has authored seven books. She lives in NW PA and Western NY with her husband and two cats. You can learn more about Jamie, her reading options and more at: I encourage you to also sign up for Jamie’s GEMS list so you will be notified of special    reading events, free gits, and other goodies just for list members.


Welcome to the interview with Jamie where we discuss:
1. How ‘eggs’ changed Jamie’s perspective about intuition.
2. How to identify and develop your spiritual connection/intuition.
3. When to know the difference between just ‘thinking’ and that little ‘voice’.
4. Hear how her ugly duckling story changed everything.
5. The resources Jamie uses to research the meaning of symbols and names.
and much more!


Aurianna_Joy_Pic  Aurianna Joy  

Bio: Aurianna Joy is a holistic explorer who has been on a journey in search of healing from depression and chronic illness, which has brought her back to the heart of it all: self-love.  She now shares her wisdom with the world through group workshops, private coaching, blogging, and on her YouTube channel.  Learn more about Aurianna Joy at: and for all things empowerment, follow her blog, The Holistic Explorer.

Welcome to the interview where we discuss:
1. Aurianna’s journey through health challenges.
2. How to connect with our internal guidance system.
3. How faith plays a role in healing.
4. Her journey to self-love.
and more…


Tandy_Expert_Interview_Series_BannerListen to my interview with Courtney, Tonya, Gary, Jamie, Aurianna and ALL my 2016 expert interviews for FREE HERE.


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