Expert Interview Roundup: Health and Wealth

Expert Interview Roundup: Health and Wealth


Expert Interview Roundup_ Health and Wealth


Dr. Elena Estanol


Dr. Estanol is a peak performance psychologist and intuitive business mentor with over 15 years of experience working with hundreds of individuals and groups on how to become fearless, achieve authentic confidence, increase focus, productivity and re-wire your mind to enhance performance and overall results!

Her clients are usually speakers, writers, healers, coaches, therapists, creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs, who hire her to help them grow purpose driven businesses that transform lives, make a profit & provide the freedom and life they desire!

She has a unique combination of skills that integrate spiritual and intuitive alignment, winning mindsets and grounded business strategy that provides with clients all the tools they need to align to their soul’s purpose, attract their most ideal clients, craft irresistible programs, evolve and elevate their spirits, and triple their impact and their income.

Welcome to my interview with Dr. Elena Estanol where we discuss:
1. What got Dr. Elena interested in the connection between Health & Wealth.
2. Her greatest struggles in these areas and what you can learn from her.
3. Her biggest AHA moments; which will reveal some tremendous insights.
4. Dr. Elena’s 10 steps to “Magical Manifestation.”
5. Her biggest tips to greater health and wealth.
As usual, we have related side conversations which add value to this rich discussion. Enjoy!

Connect with Dr. Elena Estanol at and receive a free copy of the chapter from her International bestselling book. Her title is: “Alchemy of Love: How to get your Bank Account Flowing, your Body Glowing and Your Business Growing.” What a perfect title for our health and wealth discussion this month. To learn more about her collaborative book, go here: Interested in receiving Elena’s Latest Guide: “Quantum Leap Your Results”? Go here:


Kristen Iuppenlatz Grech

Bio: I’m a Mom and a wife and prior to becoming a Pilates teacher I was an actor in musical theatre and Kristen_photovoice-over. My mission is to help us experience as much joy in our daily lives as possible, and feeling great in my body helps me achieve that! I’d like to show you how, too. Kristen studied with four of the five first-generation Pilates teachers who were taught directly by Joseph and Clara Pilates, only two of whom are still living. With her education in classical and contemporary Pilates as well as related movement modalities, Kristen creates an individualized program to address the specific needs of each of her students. She is especially excited about integrating the Pilates work into everyday movements such as walking and daily tasks like driving, housecleaning and gardening.

Kristen is the co-founder and owner of Pilates Collective on the plaza in the idyllic town of Sebastopol, California and Pilates Home Practice online.

Welcome to our interview about Pilates and health where you’ll learn:
1. What Pilates is and why it’s important for our health.
2. Simple ways to integrate Pilates into your daily life such as walking, driving, gardening and even folding laundry!
3. How Kristen discovered Pilates and how it’s helped relieve her chronic pain.
4. Quick exercises you can do right now in virtually any position to strengthen your core.
5. Why Pilates is important to practice before starting other forms of exercise such as yoga.
6. How laughing can create six pack abs…and more.
Learn more about Kristen and get her Pilates at home videos free at:


Parul headshot  Parul Agrawal

Bio: Parul Agrawal is an International Bestselling Author, Huffington Post Blogger, Bestselling Book Publisher & Coach, the host of a soon-to-be launched Mama Podcast and Publishing Director of Transformational CEO LLC. She is one of India’s leading online female entrepreneur with a mission to educate families and professionals alike about simple but extremely effective ways to live healthier, happier and successful lives.

Her friends say that she has the technical brain of an engineer, the (w)holistic mindset of a naturopathic/fitness health coach and the infinite patience of a mom. It is her pleasure to use these varied and diverse skills to help individuals achieve optimal physical, spiritual, emotional and financial well-being. You can find more about her at and she is available on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter by Author Parul.
Welcome to our interview about health and juicing where you’ll learn:
  1. Why Parul is so passionate about green juicing.
  2.  How busy people can incorporate juicing in their lives.
  3. How you can get kids to love greens.
  4. How juicing differs from dieting.
  5. What one thing we can do to take care of our health today.

Listen to my interview with Dr. Elena, Kristen, Parul and ALL my 2016 expert interviews HERE.



Pamela (2)  Pamela Brown

Bio: Pamela Brown is the queen of empowerment.  She has a mission: To embolden entrepreneurial women who have experienced adversity and transform their pain and challenges into the fuel that ignites their passion. Pamela helps aspiring change-makers, leaders, coaches and mentors reclaim their crown of personal power, so they can confidently take a stand for what they believe in, empower others and build the successful business and prosperity they desire.

Welcome to our interview about wealth and mindset where you’ll learn:
1. What inspired Pamela to be an entrepreneur.
2. What Pamela learned about adversity and specifically how adversity affects your money and goals.
3. The best advice she can give listeners today who want to make amazing money doing what they love.
and more…

Pamela is offering a complimentary audio course titled, “Stand in your Power: Maximize your Net Worth through Self-Worth” where you will be able to opt-in at She also wants to offer a complimentary breakthrough session, where you can apply at

smallheasdhot Mandy Lo Dickson

Bio: Mandy Lo Dickson is a transformational confidence and charisma Coach for successful entrepreneurs and busy professionals that crave soul igniting transformational adventure. (Travel and Romantic tryst optional). Her spiritual street cred reads like a list of Who’s Who: Authorized Tapping into Wealth Coach, Creator and Pioneer of the Archetypal Meditappings technique, EFT Level 1 & 2 Certified, Graduate of Awakening Institute and Accomplished Professional Speaker. She is the Vice President of Awesome Women in Business and a Member of the Women’s Speaking Association and National Association of Women Business Owner’s. Mandy’s articles have been featured at The Huffington Post, Madamesque, & Virtual Plus Magazine, and hundreds of other “jelly belly” inducing platforms.

Welcome to our interview with Mandy Lo Dickson where we discuss:
1. The 5 different personality archetypes.
2. How to identify limiting beliefs.
3. What happens when we suppress our personal power.
4. Tandy’s 2 personality types and how these were affected by cancer…we dug a little deep:-)
5. The questions to ask yourself when you are experiencing emotions.
6. How Tapping/EFT can help process your emotions and give it a voice and much more…

To connect with Mandy, go to You can also text Trueworth to 33444 for your free powerful True Worth audio series.

Aurianna Joy

Aurianna_Joy_PicBio: Aurianna Joy is a holistic explorer who has been on a journey in search of healing from depression and chronic illness, which has brought her back to the heart of it all: self-love.  She now shares her wisdom with the world through group workshops, private coaching, blogging, and on her YouTube channel.  Learn more about Aurianna Joy at: and for all things empowerment, follow her blog, The Holistic Explorer.

Welcome to our interview where we discuss:
1. Aurianna’s journey through health challenges.
2. How to connect with our internal guidance system.
3. How faith plays a role in healing.
4. Her journey to self-love.
and more…

AnnaLaura Brown

Bio: AnnaLaura Brown is a holistic health coach who specializes in helping people with allergies, (including annalaurawebsize(1)food allergies and food sensitivities and intolerances with a focus on gluten and dairy) asthma, and digestion issues.  An essential oil enthusiast, she has also used essential oils to help improve her health and the health of many others around the world.  A former librarian, she launched herself into the health and wellness world after struggling for years with unresolved health issues that Western and traditional medicine was not solving.


Welcome to the Allergies, Sensitivities & Health Interview with AnnaLaura Brown where you’ll learn:
1. How and why corn may be the next ‘gluten and dairy’ allergy.
2. That 1 in 5 are allergic to at least one thing.
3. What symptoms may indicate an allergy or sensitivity.
4. What an elimination diet is and why it’s important.
5. 3 Top health tips.
6. Top 2 essential oils to have on hand.

Connect with AnnaLaura and grab your free gift of her simple healthy gluten free eating guide at:

Clarissa Wilson

Clarissa 140Bio: Clarissa is a money relationship coach who helps women build their relationship with their money so that they never have to rely on anyone else for money in their life. Money is a very powerful tool that we have available, but unfortunately most women give away their power with their money. Clarissa used to do this too. But not anymore and you can learn how to take back your power too, once and for all. Once you have your power and a money relationship, you are setting yourself up to take over the world financially!

When Clarissa isn’t talking about and counting money, she is either spending time in nature or with her two furbabies, who act more like toddlers than cats, but she wouldn’t trade them for the world.  Grab Clarissa’s free gift


Welcome to our interview about wealth where you’ll discover:
1. Clarissa’s top 3 tips to develop your money relationship.
2. The one money book Clarissa recommends.
3. Myths about money.
4. The difference between changing your relationship vs. developing your relationship.

Listen to my interview with Clarissa, AnnaLaura, Aurianna, Mandy, Pamela and ALL my 2016 expert interviews HERE.







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