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Empowered Family Caregiver Interview with Lynette Whiteman

Empowered Family Caregiver Interview Overview

I had the honor of interviewing Lynette Whiteman on my Empowered Family Caregiver podcast. We had a great conversation about:

  1. The biggest thing that a new caregiver needs to do when first becoming a caregiver. She equates this step to “Columbo.”
  2.  The best way to get the help you need and why it’s critical to start early!
  3. Two biggest things she wants you to remember when those pangs of guilt creep in.

Empowered Family Caregiving Podcast

We also have a little fun talking about dogs (of course) and during the “Take Five With Tandy Round” you’ll hear Lynette’s advice to reduce caregiver stress, how she found her best during what seemed like her worst, what she is grateful for and her advice for keeping hope alive. Click the link below to hear our entire chat. See below for interview highlights.

Listen to the episode 26 of the Empowered Family Caregiver podcast with guest, Lynette Whiteman, right here.

Empowered Family Caregiver Interview Highlights

Tune in @ 2:35 to her Lynette’s caregiving journey.

Tune in @ 6:15 to hear her share her Caregiver Canines© company mission and how 50 dogs help enhance lives of people with dementia and their caregivers.

Tune in @ 9:04 where Lynette talks about how her mission is to make lives easier.

Lynette believes when you lend a helping hand to someone in need, you get back so much more than you give. Click To Tweet

Tune in @ 13:00 to hear the #1 thing new caregivers MUST do as soon as they start their caregiving journey. This ONE thing will make a HUGE difference in your stress levels and ability to get help. However, you must start this EARLY on.

Tune in @16:38 where Lynette shares specific ways to get the help you need as a family caregiver.

Tune in @ 20:00 to hear her wisdom nuggets around how to handle it when guilt creeps in.

“Take Five With Tandy Round”



Listen in for quick wisdom bombs from caregiving experts! Click To Tweet

Tune in @ 23:51 where Lynette shares her best piece of advice to reduce caregiver stress.

Tune in @ 24:53 where Lynette shares and reinforces her best piece of advice for new caregivers.

Tune in @ 25:55 for Lynette’s thoughts about how she found her best during what seemed like her worst. This is also the theme for this year’s National Caregiving Conference #NCC18. Learn more about the conference here: http://www.caregiving.com.

Tune in @ 26:41 to get inspiration as Lynette shares what she’s grateful for right now.

Tune in @ 27:50 where Lynette shares what she would tell someone to keep hope alive.

Tune in @ 30:15 where Lynette shares her NCC18 presentation overview of “Can this marriage be saved?” This presentation is based on her personal experience managing a career, caregiving, and a marriage. This is something people don’t think about when taking on a caregiving role; particular in their own home.  Learn more about Lynette and her NCC18 presentation HERE.



About Lynette Whiteman:


Lynette Whiteman Lynette Whiteman, is a Physician’s Assistant and received her Master’s Degree in Geriatric Medicine. She began her career working in internal medicine and then moved into the world of pharmaceutical research. In addition to working on Phase I – III clinical trials, she worked for Bristol-Myers Squibb in their Pharmaceutical Research Institute. In 2002, she began working at Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey and in 2007, became their Executive Director.

In 2009, she founded Caregiver Canines®, a home visiting therapy dog program for the homebound elderly, those with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers. Lynette is the host of the TV Show “Caregivers First” which is produced by the nonprofit agency SCAN. The show is aired on local TV channels, Ocean County College, Youtube and in several senior communities.

She is also the host of the podcast “On the Frontlines of Caregiving” and is a contributing blogger for Caregiving.com. Her philosophy? “I believe when you lend a helping hand to someone in need, you get back so much more than you give.”


Connect with Lynette on these platforms:

Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/lynettekittner.whiteman

Twitter  at https://twitter.com/LynetteWhiteman

LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/LynetteKittnerWhiteman


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What's your family caregiving personality? Take the quick free quiz and find out your power words, strengths and tips for navigating your caregiver journey without the overwhelm. http://bit.ly/familycaregivingquiz Click To Tweet
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