Empowered Family Caregiver Interview Highlights With Virginia Sampson

I had the privilege of interviewing Virginia Hunter Sampson on my Empowered Family Caregiver podcast. We had a great conversation about the importance of exercising radical self-compassion. Virginia offers some serious wisdom with 3 ways family caregivers can embrace self-compassion. She also shares a meltdown tip that is so easy it will blow your mind.


During the “Take 5 With Tandy Round”, hear Virginia’s advice on how to reduce caregiver stress, how she found her best during what seemed like her worst, what she is grateful for and her advice for keeping hope alive. Click the link below to hear our entire chat. See below for interview highlights if there is a particular part you are interested in hearing.

Listen to episode 27 of the Empowered Family Caregiver podcast with guest, Virginia Sampson, right here.


Interview Highlights

Tune in @ 2:45 to her Virginia’s powerful caregiving story.

Virginia helps others discover and harness the power of compassion to heal and thrive in their own lives. Click To Tweet

Tune in @ 4:55 to learn about the science behind compassion in all areas of your life.


Tune in @ 6:30 to uncover what compassion really means and how to integrate this into your caregiver role.

Tune in @ 7:33 when Virginia shares the top THREE ways caregivers can practice self-compassion.

Tune in @11:15 for practical ways to use these tips. One of these things is something I’ve done for YEARS and has helped keep me aligned and heal from various things.

Tune in @ 13:18 for a meltdown tip that is so easy you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of this before now!

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Tune in @ 14:42 for a quick chat about Virginia’s two books: Compassion Magic: Turning Tragedy into Triumph and Superhero Sam Saves His Family (a story about compassion).

Tune in @ 17:10 to get an inspiring breakdown of what inspired her to write Superhero Sam. You’ll definitely want a copy of this gender-neutral book for your family after hearing this.

Tune in @ 19:22 to get one last wisdom nugget from Virginia.

Take 5 With Tandy Round



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Tune in @ 20:35 where Virginia shares her best piece of advice to reduce caregiver stress.

Tune in @ 21:44 to get Virginia’s best advice for new caregivers.

Tune in @ 22:36 for Virginia’s thoughts about how she found her best during what seemed like her worst. This is also the theme for this year’s National Caregiving Conference #NCC18. Learn more about the conference here: www.caregiving.com

Tune in @ 23:55 as Virginia shares what she’s grateful for right now.

Tune in @ 24:18 as Virginia shares what she would tell someone to keep hope alive.

Tune in @ 25:35 where Virginia shares her NCC18 presentation overview of “Preventing Burnout.” Learn more about Virginia and her NCC18 presentation HERE.

“Although you probably cannot see it while you are in the throes of caregiving, you are growing in unimaginable positive ways as a result of this challenge. You are cultivating and developing wonderful qualities which will monumentally enrich every aspect of your life.” ~ Virginia Sampson


Virginia Hunter Sampson’s Bio:


Virginia received her J.D. degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. She has been a practicing litigation attorney for almost 35 years. She started in the legal field when few women were litigators. She was a judge for several years.  She currently practices elder law helping seniors with their legal issues.

She has been a full-time caregiver to her husband, a victim of domestic violence, a single parent to four children, a widow, a divorcee, a step-parent and more.  Her husband was diagnosed with ALS when her youngest child was two weeks old.

Her professional and personal challenges led her to discover the power of compassion to heal and thrive.  That personal discovery led her to study the science of compassion, self-compassion, and happiness.

Virginia wants to help others discover and harness the power of compassion to heal and thrive in their own lives.

She offers information about the latest findings and research on compassion and happiness along with authentic, simple and scientifically proven practices that will lead individuals, families, businesses, communities, and schools to heal and thrive in every area of their lives.

Stop searching and discover the one simple thing to help you thrive in every area of your life – Compassion.

Connect with Virginia on these platforms:


Learn more about her books here: http://virginiahuntersampson.com/books-by-virginia-sampson/

Twitter  at  https://twitter.com/virgini09797220

Facebook at  https://www.facebook.com/virginiahuntersampson

LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/virginia-sampson-130a7210


Head over here: http://www.facebook.com/EmpoweredFamilyCaregiver and share your aha from this episode or your story of self-compassion and you’ll be entered for a chance to WIN one of Virginia Sampson’s books!


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2 replies
  1. Tamuria
    Tamuria says:

    Loved Virginia’s advice about self-compassion. She certainly has been through enough to know what she’s talking about. I also loved what she says about connecting with others and making ourselves vulnerable so we can truly do this. Her words are very inspirational and I’m sure will help so many.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Thanks so much, Tamuria! I agree that Virginia’s words are very inspiring. Self-compassion is critical for our own evolution and healing.


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