Connecting with Your Inner Sensual Goddess: A place for men~ Guest Post


Connecting with Your Inner Sensual Goddess: A Place for Men

Guest Post by Linda Nelson of Linda Nelson Hypnosis

Linda is one of my speakers for Your Vibrant Life Summit: Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise. 

I have to say when I created the presentation “Connecting with Your Inner Sensual Goddess” and the techniques I use to help women get in touch with their sensuality and sexuality, it was to simply help women experience their own sexuality in a powerful way. I wanted women to know that the sensual part of them was just as important as eating, playing, exercise and all of the other things we usually deem important to living a good, healthy and balanced life. And I wanted women to know they already had the capability inside themselves to enjoy that part of their lives.

My eyes were opened as I began to realize that many men want very much to be able to help their partners experience this part of their lives. After all, a woman’s pleasure – especially, in a loving relationship – is important to these men who love and care about their women partners. They want to help. And they want their partners to know that they can be honest. And the truth is that being able to be a pleasing partner to their woman is often a part of their own self esteem.


Learning to provide a safe space for a woman to explore her sensuality without judgment and without having to worry about how he will feel if she is honest is not always easy. But it can be rewarding and contribute to a much healthier relationship between two people. You see, sometimes with that honesty comes vulnerability. If she has been faking things to spare his feelings, how likely is she going to want to come clean? It often depends on their relationship. Safety – feeling safe enough to be honest – isn’t necessarily something couples often think about. Sometimes, both these men and their women partners need to work on their own sexual issues separately, and then come together to work on them as a couple.

While I typically work individually with women, I have had the privilege of also working with couples at times. During those times, I mention that women are often so surprised that they can feel their sensuality in a whole new way and in a whole new level of intensity, and that the support their male partners give to them can be profound in their sexual healing. There have been times when I have sent the couple on their way, and within a day or two, I have received a message from the man that simply said “thank you.” And those moments are what I truly love about this work!
Linda can be reached through her Website:,  at or at 630-441-8952.

It’s your turn: What thoughts do you have about connecting to your inner sensual goddess? Please share below.


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