A Good Starting Place


A Good Starting Place

Guest Article by Andrea Lambert


Andrea is one of my speakers for Your Vibrant Life Summit and shared some great information about how to effectively manage your moods while improving your diet. This article is a complement to our interview. You can still grab your seat for our free event HERE.

Many people have wonderful intention to start a new program that sounds like what they “need” to do. Most do not know how to begin and wander around aimlessly trying to make it work. They can end up frustrated and feeling bad about themselves for not being able to stick with it, for “failing”. There really is no such thing as failure. It’s more a lack of education. This is an excellent place to start.

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Education can be the single most important thing for most people. No one person can know everything and no one thing works for everyone. We need to put on the explorers hat and be willing to try. The more no’s we get the closer we are to the yes’s that work for us. We need to be willing to accept the no’s without feeling guilty or like a failure so that we can feel the glory of the yes’s. Another factor is the change can be challenging. Forcing ourselves to conform unnaturally in a swift manner can cause more harm than good. Creating a plan to take step-by-step changes can reduce stress, which is another factor not only in physical ill health but mental ill health as well. By educating ourselves we can reduce the stress of change and give ourselves a clear and simple path to follow.

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There is so much information available to us where do we begin? We can get some help from online communities such as this forum, Your Vibrant Life Summit. We can hire a coach. We can think about exactly what we want to accomplish, such as weight loss, and search for information on the internet or buy a book about it. The main thing to do is to know specifically what you want and take action towards that goal. Be easy on yourself and don’t expect to find the answers right away or have immediate results. This is old paradigm thinking. We have been living in a pill popping immediate results world that has proven to cause more harm than good.

Some basic tips:

1. Be willing to slow down. Being willing is the first part. Next become conscious of your actions. As you become more aware of where you are trying to speed things up you will be able to rethink that action and see that it’s ok to slow down. It actually feels better.

2. Take some time to write down your exact goals. Be very detailed in how you will feel when you reach the goal. How will it look? Does it have a taste, smell, sound, or texture? The more you can immerse yourself in the end result the more clear your path will become.

3. Make a simple plan. When you have clear goals it will become much easier to find the necessary steps to reach the end result. An example might be that you want to switch to an all uncooked plant based diet to prevent cancer. You might start with simply drinking green smoothies in the morning for several weeks but keep all other aspects of your routine the same. Explore plenty of
recipes to find the ones you like the most. Adjust recipes that you don’t like so much to see if you can make them to your taste thus increasing your variety making the change more enjoyable.

4. Learn more. Once you have the basics down you can work on some continuing education to deepen your knowledge about the results you want. This will help instill the changes making them permanent. When we fully understand the damage bad habits can have on immediate and long-term health, such as sugar and cigarettes, we have a stronger motivation to keep the good
habits going for the long run.

5. Find an accountability partner. Having someone to check-in with can be very beneficially to keep you motivated through the change period. You can hire a coach or find a friend to go through the process with. This is a psychological measure that can really help build the motivational energy to reach your goals.

Overall, to set yourself up for success, be easy on yourself. Give yourself the love, respect and patients you would want others to give to you. When we begin to treat ourselves the way we wish others to others will naturally begin to treat us that way.

As Dr. Wayne Dyer says, “When we change the way we look at things the things we look at change.”

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“Whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you are right.” ~Henry Ford


To your health!

Andrea Lambert

It’s YOUR turn: What tips above do you think you would use? Where is a good starting place for you? Please share below!

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