7 part series~ Drop the Rules: 5 ways to connect with nature 5/7

Dropping the rules:

 5 ways to connect with nature


Part 5/7



Part 1, we addressed forgiveness. Part 2, we addressed blessings. Part 3 we addressed support. Part 4 we talked about recharging your batteries.  Today, I want to discuss a topic near and dear to my heart: The power of being connected with nature.




How many of you just feel more at peace when you are with nature? Okay, I’m not talking about the nature outdoors reality shows; although for some, I’m sure that is peaceful.  Whether it’s the sound of birds, the sight of birds flying together in the sky, watching tree leaves wave around as if they are working in concert with the environment around them.




Let’s not forget water, mountains or simply being outside in the fresh air. I love hiking. It’s a win-win for me. I’m in nature and I exercise. Who can argue with that!?! I’ve always loved nature. florida-beach-vacation_TandyElisalaLet me be more specific. I’ve always loved being around water, the sound of birds, watching the sky, stars and trees. I am not a camping kind of gal. My idea of camping is checking into the nearest hotel🙂 




When I was diagnosed with cancer for the first time, I intuitively felt guided to go in my back yard and do two things:




·     Lay down on the ground and imagine all illness, dis-ease, stress, and worry being removed from the body and absorbed in the Earth. I imagined myself feeling grounded Harness your power within-3dcover_tandyelisalaCand healthy. For a free complete list of visualization exercises and affirmations for success and healing various areas of life, you can get my consolidated eBook called, ‘Harness the Power Within’  for FREE. This 87-page book is full of immediately valuable exercises for all areas of life. You can get this via the free gift link below.




·     Stand up with my back against one of my big shade trees Tree_TandyElisalaand do the same exercise. Feeling the energy from and with nature is very healing.




Here are 5 ways you can connect with nature today:




1.    Go outside, sit somewhere and just watch some trees. Notice how the branches and leaves sway. Even taking 5 minutes out of your day for this exercise is beneficial.



2.    Take a walk and truly enjoy each breath you take; feeling all things positive on the in breath and all things negative on the out breath. Or, you can simply enjoy walking. If you aren’t an exerciser, start with just 5 minutes.


3.    While outside, notice the clouds. Notice how they change form and color, how they move, how the sun beams through. Beyond the clouds, notice how beautiful the sky looks. At night, watch the stars.


4.    If you aren’t near a large body of water, go to youtube  and find a video of water and just relax into the images and sounds. Feel the waves and sounds and splashes against the rocks.


5.    Again, if you aren’t near mountains or sounds coming from mountainous areas, here is a neat youtube video to just be with the sights and sounds.




IT’S YOUR TURN: Have you ever connected with nature in one of the above ways? If so, what was your experience? If not, what is your favorite nature related activity?  Please comment below!



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Tandy Elisala, MA, CPSC, ACT, CHt, TFT-fAlg, is founder and CEO of Center for Inspiring Greatness.™  Tandy is a Care Giving

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Expert, Certified Professional Success Coach, Author and Consultant. She is certified in various alternative-healing modalities. Tandy has 25 years’ proven experience as a corporate executive, speaker and coach.  Tandy was a full-time caregiver for both parents simultaneously while kicking cancer’s butt a third time and raising three children as a single parent. Tandy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her three kids, two dogs, and three cats. Tandy’s book, Healing Through the Chaos: Practical Care-Giving is available for pre-order at http://www.tandyelisala.com

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  1. David Hunte
    David Hunte says:

    Thanks for sharing this. It seems like I could use some more fresh air despite the fact that the days are much colder than they’ve been in years past. Stopping by from the #UBC

  2. David Hunte
    David Hunte says:

    Thanks for sharing this. I have to say that I need more fresh air in my life. Although it is cold up here in New England, with some sub zero temps, it is important to get that fresh air. Have a great day


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