7 part series: Drop the Rules 3/7



7 part series: Drop the rules


Reach out to others 3/7




In this 7 part series, we are learning:


        The best gift you can give yourself – part 1

          How to turn silver into gold – part 2

        Just how important your voice is – part 3

        How you car is your lifeline

        Why hugging a tree is important

        The six letter word that changes everything

        What cooking teaches us about healing




Here’s to dropping the rules!





Today, it’s all about support. It’s about knowing you have support. It’s about the importance of being supported and heard. Lastly, it’s about understanding how unresolved grief can manifest.



There is nothing like a strong support system. When you are going through difficult times, it can be easy to retreat and think you need to figure it out on your own. Perhaps you feel there isn’t anyone who understands how you feel. Maybe you think that you’ll stuff your feelings and your pain will eventually go away or maybe that bucket of ice cream is looking pretty good right about now! Perhaps you believe you’ll get through it okay alone.  



I am here to tell you that there are others who understand what you are going through. I wrote an article about 5 key lessons learned about the power of a support system. I encourage you to refer to it as a supplement to this article.We all yearn to be heard. We all want to have a voice and need to feel we are understood. 



Here’s something else to think about. There are consequences of avoiding your pain. Here are some examples of how holding onto pain can manifest:



1.     A client of mine was unhappy in his life. He wasn’t where he thought he would be and felt stuck. He was borderline suicidal. His legs became very inflamed, infected and extremely irritated.  This was a metaphor for his inability to move forward in life. He felt stifled and it manifested outwardly. Once we worked through things and he felt he was able to move forward in life, the symptoms magically disappeared.


2.     Another client of mine had multiple ankle breaks in a short period of time. She had numerous health conditions and wavered whether she wanted to live or die. She ultimately worked through this and decided she wanted to stay… stay grounded with her feet firmly planted on the floor. Guess what? No more ankle accidents.


3.     I  (this body) was diagnosed with oral cancer. I’ve never smoked, never chewed tobacco, I’m not a drinker, outside of the occasional glass of wine, and here this body was with oral cancer. What!?! I was in a relationship where I didn’t feel my voice mattered. I could talk until I was blue in the face and nada. Here I was a coach; guiding others to live their highest and best life, and I was dealing with my own crisis and my emotions manifested through the physical body.


4.     I know quite a few people who get pneumonia after experiencing a loss. I learned that pneumonia can be common for people grieving. After witnessing so many people with pneumonia in these circumstances, (myself included) I understand the correlation.



If this describes you or someone you know, I encourage you to reach out to online and/or in person support/recovery groups available. Health Finder has a national list of various support groups available. Alternatively you can use professor Google to find the right group for you. 



If you prefer 1 on 1 support, I offer grief coaching and success coaching. I know, these are two interesting combinations, aren’t they?  I’ve been a coach and mentor for 25 years and I have integrated grief coaching to blend my experience and complement my family care giving experience.  If you’d like a free strategy session to see if this may be right for you, contact me here.




IT’S YOUR TURN: Have you or someone you know sought out support groups? Do you need support working through a particular issue in life? Please comment below with feedback on a particular group that helped you or someone you know! Your comment may help someone else.



If you missed any part of this series, click the above links to catch the rest.





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Tandy Elisala Bio Pic


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