52 weeks of happiness

52 Weeks of Happiness: Week 12 – Who makes you feel happy?

52 Weeks of Happiness: Week 12 –

Who makes you feel happy?

I am back today with list number 12 of the 52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling for Inspiration and Positivity by Moorea Seal. This week is to identify the people who make me feel happy. I’m gonna share about each person and then why they make me happy. I encourage you to think about your own life and who makes you happy. Here’s a video describing who makes me happy:-)

52 weeks of happiness

  1. How to begin sharing the people who make me the happiest. I’m going to start with most important, which is my kids. My oldest daughter Amanda makes me happy because she is such a generous, kind, caring, compassionate soul. She’s super intelligent, and she’s got a strong ethic, and I love her.

2.  My daughter Sarah is another person that really makes me happy. Sarah has always been a social butterfly. She’s always been this kind of diva. She lights up any room she’s in. Her laughter is so contagious, and she is just such a bright light, bright light.

3. Next is my son Steven. Now, he makes me happy, because he’s funny, he’s intelligent, he’s compassionate. He has learned a lot in his young 21 years on this planet about women, because he’s lived with women his whole life, and he … super ambitious, super smart, and mark my words, he’ll be president some day, boom.

 4. The next is my friend Linda.  Linda has always been there for me through thick and thin. During my darkest hour, when I was truly depressed, I was in the process of you know, losing my home,  I was selling everything that wasn’t nailed to the walls. She saw the desperation in my eyes about the incredible, massive overwhelm at the thought of organizing my house, and packing it, and just everything about that experience. She took me by the hand, and held me every step of the way, and helped me. If it wasn’t for her, my house would not have been cleaned out, organized, and streamlined. The countless hours that she spent doing research for me on various things too, like everything is just … And her husband John of course too. He came and helped pack and stuff too. Just very special people.

 5. The next is Tarra,  my friend and spiritual mentor. She has helped me in so many ways. I’ve known her 15 years now. She is a very special, and dear friend of mine. She’s always there for us, always. My next is my friend Mark. He’s amazing. He’s funny, he’s so insightful and intuitive. He always makes me feel better. He has such a great perspective, and he’s cultured, and he’s just such a fabulous friend.

6. Next, is my friend Jerri. Jerri is amazing, and she’s giving, and smart, and she is very thoughtful. I love spending time with her, and brainstorming with her, both personal and business. She’s very special and she’s there for me.

7. The next is Maru Iabichela, she is the queen of Infinite Receiving. It has really transformed my life, and I’m a part of her Mastermind. I was part of her live event in January in Texas, and it was a magical event. Loved every second of it. This woman is rockin’ and rollin’, let me tell you. If you’re not following Maru, you need to be.

8. Jenn Scalia’s the next one. I really look up to Jen. I’ve been in a couple of her programs. I’m a part of her monthly membership group. She’s just an amazing, amazing business coach, and visibility coach, kick ass coach. I just love everything she does, and everything she puts out there.

9. The next is Amethyst Mahoney, one of my coaches. I really love her kick assness.. She is no holds barred, zero fucks given kinda gal, and I love that.

10. Rose Hawley-Perry, my accountability partner, in Amethyst’s group.  Love Rose- we’ve known each other for three years now. She’s so positive, and nurturing, and she’s got great ideas.

 11. Jamie is another great friend that I met through Amethyst, and she was my accountability partner for a long while, and we still stay in touch. Right now, she’s going through cancer and beating it. I am always sending her lots and lots of love. She always makes me feel happy too.

12. Rev. Michelle from my church at Creative Living Fellowship. I love Reverend Michelle. She’s loving, spiritual, practical, sweet, funny, everything wrapped into one. I just love everything about her.

 13. I love connector Karen. She encourages people to live stream. She’s the creator of an in person networking organization called Seven Networking. I love the people that I connected with because of Karen, and Karen just has such a bright light, and great positive energy, and you know, is looking to change the world, one person at a time.

14. Another person who really makes me feel happy is Brenda Ster. She works specifically with direct sellers network marketing folks to ramp up their social media, and their visibility, and their leadership. I always watch to see what Brenda has to say ’cause she’ like always telling it real, and giving it like it is.  She’s funny, and she’s relatable, and I love learning bunko from her. Like, hello, bunko nights, yes.

 15. The next is my sister Felicity. She makes me feel happy, because she’s in this world. Since both of our parents have died, the two of us are it for each other, you know, I mean in that way. I’m really glad that I’m not alone, and I’m glad that you know, when she’s happy, I’m happy.

16.  My clients. My clients definitely make me feel happy. Makes me feel appreciated and whenever I see breakthroughs there, I just feel so fortunate to be doing what I’m doing, and helping people in the world. That means a lot.

17. My hair dresser Betilu, she makes me happy, because she makes my hair done look good. Seriously. What a hair cut does for a person, right?

18. My uncle Riley made me happy. From the time I was a little girl, and he used to visit, until his death just last week, he always made me happy. He always made me smile. His laughter was contagious. His smile was contagious. His heart was huge. I really, really loved him.

Uncle Riley

19. Then, the last person that makes me happy isn’t a person, it’s my dog. I have to include her, because Roxy is my beautiful, beautiful angel. She has saved my life. She has saved my parents lives, literally and figuratively multiple times with no special training over the years. She is a very, very special dog.


Your action prompt is to contemplate what it is about the people who make you the happiest in life. What is it about them that make you feel happy? How long has it been since you’ve reached out to one of them? I encourage you to do so. I mentioned that my uncle Riley was someone that made me feel really happy. My son and I were talking about this, the day he died that we had both been thinking about him for like a week or two he had been on our minds, and in our hearts, and did we pick up the phone and talk with him? No. Did I even bother to email him? No.

Life is so short. I know he knew we loved him, I know that. I know he loved us. When you have people in your life that are alive, and they are making a difference in your life, and they’re making you happy, express it, show it, demonstrate it, tell it. People don’t have ESP. Whenever you get the prompt, or you get the thought of you’re thinking of somebody, like, “Ooh, I’m thinking about this person, or that person.” Or whatever, like take action, call them. Pick up the phone. It’s such a small thing, and it can make a huge difference for them, and for you, because you never what tomorrow brings. I hope that this has been helpful, and I hope that you look at your list, your happy list of people who make you happy, and you take ’em one by one, and you let them now. When was the last time you talked to them or shared time with them? Pick somebody on your list, and pick up the phone, or take a drive, and spend some time with them this week.


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