52 Lists of happiness

52 Weeks of Happiness: Week 11 – What Made You Happy as a Child?

52 Weeks of Happiness: Week 11 –

What Made You Happy as a Child?

Today, I am sharing list 11 from Moorea Seal’s 52 lists for positivity and happiness; weekly journaling prompts for positivity and inspiration. This week is to list the things that made you happy as a child.  I’m going to share the things that made me happy as a child and then give you a journaling prompt.

52 Lists of happiness

  1.  I loved singing as a child. Like seriously. I loved it. I used to want to be a famous singer. I would sing all the time. I had fake microphones. I just love love love singing.

2.  Dancing is another one. I am a dancing queen. Love dancing and I’m pretty good at it.

3. I love reading. Always have. Always will. I’m my father’s daughter.

4. The next is badminton. I love playing badminton.

5.  I also liked playing tennis and volleyball but badminton for some reason was my thing.

6. A youth organization that I was in, Job’s Daughters, made me happy. Particularly the ritual work, like memorization work came easy for me. I really loved it and excelled at it.

7. Jump rope.

8. Pick up sticks, like those long little plastic sticks with different colors. You’d just go boing and then you’d take each one out. Loved it.

9. Watching movies.

10. My sister Felicity. Although I will say at first she didn’t make me happy because I was 13 when she was born, and as most 13 year olds were, I was like “Excuse me. I am the queen of the castle, thank you.” She came. Everything changed. She obviously made me very happy. I love her to life!

11. Food makes me happy. Probably shouldn’t but it does. Ice cream.

12. My first cat, pie pie, or pirate. He made me happy. He used to always know what parts of my body were cold and he would come and cover it. So if it was my neck he would come and cover my neck. If it was my feet, my legs. He knew it intuitively. It was crazy. Loved that cat.

13. My grandma and grandpa Dittrich made me happy. Spending time with them made me happy.

14. Road trips. Definitely loved road trips.

15. Playing with Barbies.

16. Ceramics. Ceramics is something I learned about and did with my grandma. There was a period of time where my mom and my sister and I lived with my grandparents for about six months after my dad retired from the Air Force while he was going around the country looking for a job. We were with my grandparents for that six month time period until my dad got a job. My grandma used to do weekly ceramic classes. She would take me and my mom along. The very first thing I ever painted is I believe was a Garfield because I collected them at the time. I remember I was 14, and I was like “Wow, I really want to paint a tiger.” I was really had an affinity with tigers as a kid. Now I know why, they’re my spirit animal, but when I was 14 I didn’t know that. I just knew and I just painted this beautiful tiger. I just love ceramics.

17. Swimming. I enjoyed swimming. Not competitively or anything but just swimming.

18. Roller skating. Loved roller skating.

19. Listening to music. Casey’s America’s top 40 every weekend was something I listened to every.single.week. Anything to do with music I was all about that.

20. Air hockey. Love air hockey. Loved doing that as a kid, and also with my kids.

21. Tic tac toe

Those were the activities, the things that really made me happy as a child. My action item for you today is to identify anything that you used to do as a child that you used to enjoy. Whether it was building a fort or spending time in a tree house or playing soccer or whatever it was. Pick something and do it. Then do it this week. My thing has been reading. I started reading a new book yesterday. So far love it. We’re going to be taking a road trip later this week to go up north and see some beautiful nature that we haven’t seen before in this beautiful state so we’re really excited about that.

Remember that the things that made you happy as a child may be the things that you can share with your own children or grandchild or grand fews and sharing with them a little bit of your history and your growing up. You know, in this day and age of technology and putting our kids in front of TV’s or in front of phones or iPads to have them be quiet or focused while you’re doing something else. I think sometimes we forget the non technological ways that we used to have fun. I encourage you to do that with yourself for yourself this week, and infuse that into the lives of those you care about.

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