50 Self-Confidence Affirmations and Three Powerful Ways to Use Them

50 Self-Confidence Affirmations and

Three Powerful Ways to Use Them

I’ve used affirmations in my life for decades. I believe in the power of using affirmations as a tool for healing. The key is we must believe the affirmations. There is a secret to making them work. More on that later.


Perhaps you, loved ones, friends, colleagues or acquaintances have struggled with self-confidence from time to time. Maybe people in grocery lines are going through difficult times and make their misery known to all. Regardless of life’s situations, I’m suggesting that consistent use of positive affirmations can improve your life tenfold. It certainly isn’t the cure-all. Sometimes in conjunction with this, coaching, various therapies or medical intervention is needed. Every situation is different. I have personally found affirmations, visualizations and meditation powerful ways to heal. By changing my thinking, I was able to heal myself from various health conditions that would have otherwise needed surgery or medication. That is the subject of another article! Affirmations played a key role in my healing and personal growth.

3 Powerful Ways to Use Affirmations for Success


I’ve found the following three (3) affirmation strategies most effective:


  1. Similar to the mirror exercise referenced above, find a private place with a mirror large enough to see your entire face. Free yourself from all distractions and say each affirmation out loud while looking into your eyes. Stay with each affirmation until it resonates throughout your body as truth. This could take five minutes or fifty minutes. It could take days or weeks to work on the first one. It’s Okay. Start where you are at.  Know you are exactly where you need to be in each moment. Stick with it until you feel complete. Eventually, you will look in any mirror and silently feel and believe the affirmation(s).  I strongly recommend doing this exercise a minimum of 30 consecutive days. In doing so you will develop habits that train your subconscious mind the way you want it to be. Practice as much as you can and, I promise, your mind will be flooded with positive thoughts each day.


  1. Record these affirmations in your own voice and listen to them in the car, office, or, most importantly, in bed as you fall asleep. Listening to this as you drift off to sleep helps shift your subconscious mind’s thinking more efficiently and effectively.


  1. Put any and all affirmations around the house. That’s right, post pieces of paper around your house where you know you will see them daily. Embarrassed that others will see the papers around? Do it anyway! Demonstrate your self-confidence and ignore any negative thoughts! People that matter should support you. Places I’ve put affirmations include:
  2. My bathroom mirror and bathroom door
    b.   My nightstand
    c.   My bedroom ceiling
    d.   My home office
    e.   My workspace
    f.    Inside my front door, arcadia doors, bedroom and bathroom doors
    g.   Inside and outside the inside door leading to the garage
    h.   My computer and phone as screensavers
    i.    My kitchen cabinets
    j.    Against the wall where my stove top is (you need to ensure the paper is taped well and is far
    enough away from heat)
    k.   My daytimer… Yes, I still use one sometimes
    l.    In my car
    m. On top of my dresser
    n.  In my purse (gives me something to read and say silently to myself while waiting in doctors
    offices, etc…)
    o.  Next to my living room coffee table (always good to get a few in during commercials)
    p.  On the home phone receiver

As you can see, I have experience with affirmation placement! Be creative and feel free to use some or all of these ideas. In locations I didn’t have adequate space for full affirmations, I printed keywords in small font and taped them accordingly. Most times, I say the affirmations silently to myself. I am able to do this after years of practice. Through the years, my kids’ teenage friends would sometimes ask about these pieces of paper and, after getting a mini lesson on the subconscious mind, some decided to implement this in their own lives. Changing lives one person at a time!!

50 Positive Self-Confidence Affirmations



  • I take charge of my life today and every day
  • Everything works together for good for me today


  • I am blessed and supported beyond measure
  • I am valuable just as I am
  • I am beautiful (or handsome) exactly as I am
  • I give my mind and body exactly what it needs
  • I am gentle with myself
  • I make my needs a priority
  • I am confident in my skills and talents
  • I am happy
  • I consistently take care of myself
  • I am a strong person
  • I dissolve all obstacles
  • I am a success in all my undertakings today
  • I choose to live my life from a place of love and light
  • I have the courage to always do the right thing for the right reasons
  • I believe in myself
  • I have the power within to realize my goals and dreams
  • I have a lot to offer the world
  • People appreciate my gifts
  • I live my life with passion and purpose
  • I deserve all the good life brings
  • I am strong and secure
  • I listen to the inner wisdom that always knows what my body needs
  • People like and respect me exactly as I am
  • I have and use my voice. What I say matters
  • People admire me
  • I deserve and I am succeeding now
  • I am calm
  • I maintain my self-confidence in all times and places
  • I lovingly forgive myself
  • I have inner peace
  • I heal all issues affecting my self-confidence
  • All is well in my world
  • I am intelligent
  • I am secure in all ways
  • I am confident in myself and my decisions
  • I discover new aspects of my self-confidence daily
  • I take action
  • I release that which no longer serves me
  • I effectively balance my self-confidence with modesty
  • I recognize and honor my skills, talents, and abilities
  • I see each part of my life as a lesson
  • I feel confident from the inside out
  • I love myself
  • I trust the process of life
  • I exercise personal power
  • I love and approve of myself
  • I deserve and accept all good things in life now
  • Divine love surrounds me, guides me and protects me


Bonus affirmation #51: My needs are just as important as their needs. You can replace the word “their” with a specific name. If you’d like more affirmations, check out my blog post on self love.


Bonus affirmation #52: There is plenty for everyone, including ME.


Bonus affirmation #53: I am sexy!

… and so it is!


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