5 Ways to Prevent Others From Taking Your Energy

Energy is everything and everything is energy. Do you ever feel like someone else is taking your precious energy? Have you ever felt drained after spending time with someone? In this article, I’m sharing 5 ways to prevent people from taking your precious energy. Now, how do you know if someone’s taking your energy?

How to prevent others from taking your energy is an important topic because so often during caregiving (or living!) the following scenarios can happen:


  1. The person you’re caring for might take your energy, your physical life force energy as they are dying or simply to try getting better. This happened to me with my parents and in this article, I’ll share how I stopped it in its tracks.

       2.  The other scenario is just negative people in general or negative situations that you run across whether it could be family or friends. I became a hospice volunteer and often times my hospice patients would try to grab on my life force energy.

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How do you know if someone is taking your energy?

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I’m going to share these 5 ways to prevent people from taking your precious energy. Now, how do you know if someone’s taking your energy?  


  • First,  if you feel exceedingly exhausted or fatigued after being physically next to someone, that’s a clue.


  • Another way you can tell is if you are taking on sadness and depression-like symptoms.  Have you ever gone somewhere, met someone or spent time with someone and you think to yourself, Oh my gosh! I just feel so drained after that experience. I feel like my life energy was just sucked out of my body.  Well, that’s because it likely was.


If you believe we have the ability to manage our energy then this article is definitely for you.

If you prefer to listen to these 5 tips via audio, check out episode 16 of my Empowered Family Caregiver podcast where I share how to protect your energy from negative situations and people.

Sometimes people will take your energy unknowingly and other times it’s intentional. In my case with my parents, I didn’t realize that the extra exhaustion and sadness was about my parents going through a difficult process. There were probably times throughout a good last year of their life where they were literally subconsciously sinking their energy into my life force field to help stay alive. I don’t blame them, they did not do it on purpose.


                    The first way to prevent others from taking your energy:                     Stay centered and grounded.


The first is to be centered and grounded. Here’s a quick exercise that you can do either standing or sitting with your feet on the ground. I’m going to walk you through 3 different scenarios for 3 different types of visualizations:


  1. The first is to imagine a waterfall, imagine a big beautiful strong waterfall going from the top of your head all the way through your body down through your feet down through nature mother earth and grounding you, imagine, visualize, pretend that waterfall, the strike of that waterfall just anchoring you to the ground and to mother earth.

      2. Imagine a strong tree, this is one of my favorite because I love trees and they represent the life to me and they are just so strong. You can imagine a very strong tree with the roots and everything like coming down through the top of your head all the way through your body, all the way through down your legs, down your feet through your feet into the ground anchoring you in the roots, anchoring you, keeping you strong safe and grounded and centered.

      3. Imagine a golden or white light and that this white light is like a rod and it’s like a gold steel rod and it’s from the top of your head all the way down again through your feet and mother earth anchoring you, grounding you keeping you centered and grounded.


So, you can use one or all three of those examples: the waterfall, the tree or the light. I credit the waterfall idea from my friend Candess Campbell. I love imagining that this pure golden light comes back up to mother earth protecting you, surrounding you with this beautiful light and keeping you safe.  


The reason these exercises are powerfully connected to preserving your energy is that when you are grounded, you are better able to manage stress and the energy coming toward you. Using one of the above visualization exercises is one of the most powerful things you can do to protect and preserve your precious energy. 


The second way to prevent others from taking your energy:       Maintain your physical and energetic space.

The second way to prevent others from taking your energy is to keep your both your physical space and energetic space at the arm’s length. You want to imagine that you are putting up a protective shield that nobody can penetrate.

I recommended you keep that shield at an arm’s length to your physical body and imagine wrapping that shield 360 degrees around your body.

Now if you are with people that you know are taking your energy you can keep a physical distance between you. One of the ways I did this with my parents was to put my hand up to my chin and put an imaginary line around my body. Sometimes, I would physically step back so I wasn’t so close.  It’s amazing what a few feet apart will do for your energy and space. 


The third way to prevent others from taking your precious energy:    Do an energetic cleanse.

One of my favorite ways to do an energetic cleanse is while I’m in the shower. Whether you are in the shower or not, here’s a powerful way to cleanse any negative energy. It’s also my go-to exercise to release stress and help heal.


Imagine you are in the shower and pretend the nozzle above your head is a gold nozzle. Imagine that you are scrubbing your body vigorously from all negative energy…all the tension, stress, negativity, overwhelm, worries… all of it with this beautiful gold energy.


As you scrub your entire body you may even find the color brown is coming out of your body as it releases all of the stress and goes down the drain. As you are complete, surround your entire body with this golden light energy and affirm that your energy is protected always and in all ways.

The fourth way to protect your energy: Water. Water. Water.

Water so one of the best ways to stay centered and grounded. The best way to do this is to drink a lot of water. You stay hydrated, you help your skin and it helps center you. If you’re not a big water drinker do your best to drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated. Maybe put a piece of lemon or lime (or a drop of essential oil) in your water to give it some taste.


Another idea around water is to take a warm bath with Epsom salts. This is a great energetic cleanser. Given your situation, I recognize you may not have time for a bath or even have a bathtub. If you do, this is a great option.


The third area around water is to take a cold shower. There’s nothing like a cold shower to wake you up and shift your energy. If you’re feeling particularly drained, a cold shower shocks your body and it almost agitates it; like a spinning washing machine.


The fifth way to prevent others from taking your energy: Affirmations.

I love affirmations and they are a great way to keep centered and conscious about my energy.  I repeat affirmations silently, I say them in the car on the way to hospice patients or to a networking event, I journal them or say them out loud.


A course on miracle says there’s a place in me where there is perfect peace. I love this and affirming this is a good place to start.  Here are some of my favorites:

  1. There is a place in me where there is a perfect peace.
  2. I am safe and protected.
  3. I now release anything that does not serve me
  4. I am loved. I am love.
  5. I am divinely protected.
  6. I am divinely protected and guided always and in all ways.
  7. I am blessed and I am loved.
  8. I deserve to live in a state of joy and peace.


These affirmations helped me to stay in that positive nurturing high vibe energy and these five things together helped prevent others from taking my energy. I certainly hope these tips will help you in protecting and preserving your precious energy.  The big thing about affirmations is they have to feel true for you in head and heart. Here’s a video explaining affirmations in a bit more detail. 


It’s your turn: Which one of these things will you try? How do YOU prevent others from taking your precious energy? Comment below!


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