5 Valuable Tips You Need To Know About Mastering Time

5 Valuable Tips You Need To Know About Mastering Time

5 Valuable Tips You Need To Know About Mastering Time

There are 5 critical aspects to time management. It’s not as easy as how we spend our time. Mastering our time has to do with these 5 things:

  1. Technology
  2. Environment
  3. Mindset
  4. Goals
  5. Planning


Technology is an amazing tool. It has the capacity to skyrocket our results. It also has the ability to derail us…if we allow it. We can use various time management apps to help us stay on track. We can also get distracted. Can we say where did the last two hours go on facebook!?!


Our environment has a lot to do with our success. You’ve probably heard that a cluttered home is a cluttered mind. It’s true. Our space is sacred. It affects the quality of our sleep and how productive we are. Who we spend time with is even more sacred. It’s sacred because who we allow in our space, in part, determines our success. The more organized we are, the more productive we are.


Mindset matters. Mindset is everything. Seriously. Mindset is about connecting our mind, body and spirit. It’s about what we allow between our ears. Mindset is about our thoughts. Thoughts become things. It’s also about what we say and how we say it. A slight shift in what we say can impact our success. For example, if you say, “I don’t have time for exercise.” What you are really saying is that you aren’t making time for exercise. How we spend our time reflects our values. Once something becomes important enough to us, we make the time.


I’m a huge proponent of goals. Specifically, I encourage people to write down their goals. Writing goals in the present tense is even more important. An important component to goals is a personal development plan. In short, this involves creating a list of things you need to learn to achieve your goals. Then, plan out this learning throughout the year and schedule it! Hold yourself accountable. Keep your goals readily available and refer to them often. This will keep you focused.


Planning your day involves more than scheduling time. It’s about arranging your day according to when your mind is the sharpest. Know when you are in your zone of genius and that’s half the battle. I encourage people to arrange like tasks together. When checking email, arrange your inbox by sender name and look for messages from people you are awaiting a response from. Then, send any messages you need to send and then get outta there! I recommend only checking email once or twice a day and set a timer for a period of time so you don’t get caught up in other people’s agenda. After all, that’s what email is…priorities from other people.

Check out this periscope video I did that summarizes these 5 tips along with some specific thoughts about technology.

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