3 Ways Technology Will Make You Less Productive

3 Ways Technology Will Make You Less Productive

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There are lots of technology benefits in life. There have been so many technology advances that have helped us get more done, be more efficient and broaden our reach. Technology can also make us LESS productive. Here are three examples of how technology makes us less productive and what to do instead:

The #1 way you turn over your power over time

You check email first thing in the morning.  Remember that emails is a running list of other people’s agenda!

What to do instead: Keep your phone away from your bed and make the first 1/2 hour – hour of your morning about YOU and setting your day up for success.

The critical mistake you make preventing a good night’s sleep

You use technology until just before bed… or while in bed. Perhaps you use your phone, watch TV…or worse, you watch the news. You need a technology free transition.

What to do instead: Turn down some lights an hour or so before bed. Change into pj’s. Help your body make the transition to bed. STOP watching the news before bed. Just stop it! Keep your phone, ipad, laptop, etc… away from bed. If you have to keep them next to you, turn them over so there is no lighting disturbing you.

The 3 ways technology prevents you from getting the important things done

  1. You react vs. taking inspired action towards your goals.
  2. You check your phone constantly. The average person checks their phone 150 times a day. Stop checking your phone this much. Schedule a few times a day when you’ll check your phone.
  3. You get notifications and react— again, someone else’s agenda. Turn off notifications!

It’s your turn: How has technology prevented you from being as productive as you could be? What examples above have you done (either now or in the past)? What are you going to change to be more productive and ensure you are focused on the right things? Please comment below.


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