3 reasons why you aren't living your purpose

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Fully Living Your Purpose

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Fully Living Your Purpose

There are a lot of reasons why you aren’t fully living your purpose. You may not know your purpose…your big WHY. If that’s the case, I recommend reading my article with 5 questions to ask yourself to help harness your purpose.   It could be you don’t know where to begin. If that’s the case, check out this article to help get you in gear! If you know your purpose and simply aren’t living your life completely on purpose, here are 3 reasons why and what do to about it:

3 reasons why you aren't living your purpose

The first reason why you aren’t fully living your purpose is:

FEAR. Fear contracts. Love expands. The more we are able to work through our fears, that leaves us able to truly live our lives with passion and purpose. In this day and age (and particularly with this 2016 presidential race), we are faced with comments that bring our fears to the surface. However, when we make decisions based on fear rather than love, we change the trajectory of our lives, our legacy and our country. We can only feel one thing at a time: Fear or Love. Which do you choose? Click To Tweet

To shift this mindset, I recommend taking action anyway. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Success is one step beyond your comfort zone.

The enemy is fear. We think it is hate, but it is fear.” ~ Gandhi


The second reason why you aren’t fully living your purpose is:

PERFECTIONISM. That’s right. You want everything to be puurrrrfectttt before you create your website, launch your blog, make a career change, update your resume, release those last few pounds, move to a bigger (or smaller) home, get a new this or that, have xxx $$ in savings. The list goes on and on. They are all excuses. That’s right. They are excuses. Be accountable for your thoughts and actions.  Perfectionism is the enemy of progress. Click To Tweet

NOTHING is ever perfect. Nothing. We are constantly changing. As such, we are always wanting to improve. The only way to improve things though is to take action, implement and then you can focus on continuous improvement.  Take imperfect action TODAY.

Take imperfect action TODAY. Click To Tweet


The third reason why you aren’t fully living your purpose is:

COMPARISON.     One of the biggest obstacles to true happiness and joy is our thinking we are less than. I was talking about this with a friend today. We were sharing the different ways comparison shows up. Here are some examples:

1. There are 20 thousand life coaches ‘out there’ and they are already doing the work you want to do. So, instead of taking action and changing lives the only way YOU can, you stay stuck. You rob the thousands or more people that can be impacted by what you do.

2.  All your facebook friends seem to post all their amazing vacation photos, their beautiful homes, boats, relationships, etc… and you think that something isn’t right because YOU aren’t experiencing all the apparent greatness on the internet. Here’s the thing… some people only post the positives but trust me, they have bad days too. They just may not publicize it. Don’t compare your ENTIRE life to someone else’s HIGHLIGHTS. That’s what facebook is anyhow – highlights (or low-lights as the case may be).

3.  You look at someone and decide they are ‘better than you’ because they have the ‘perfect body’, perfect hair, butt, nails, legs, 6 pack abs, arms… whatever. You don’t know what that person has struggled with in life. If 10 of us were in a circle and threw all of our imperfections, scars, stretch marks, nightmares, etc… in the middle of the circle and walked around checking out everyone’s ‘stuff’, I almost guarantee you would take your own stuff back!

IMG_2468My friend, Dr. Elena Estanol, was talking about how she likes to equate comparison to flowers. Flowers don’t care what the flowers next to them look like. They all bloom anyway. They all do their job. Remember, every flower must GROW through dirt before they can bloom.

Our experiences make us who we are and can be powerful indicators of our purpose in the world. You are LOVE. You are a divine blueprint here for a very special reason. Fear, perfectionism and comparison are indicators of limiting beliefs. Overcoming these things and taking imperfection action is a GREAT step in working through these issues and stepping into your greatness. In shining your light, you are able to shine the light on others.


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