3 Hidden Limiting Beliefs about Money and How to Destroy Them with Pamela Brown

3 Hidden Limiting Beliefs about Money and How to Destroy Them

Guest Post by Pamela Brown

When it comes to manifesting more money or more success, I’ve discovered what stops us from living our own highest vision is our limiting beliefs. Sometimes unknowingly we allow our fears, doubts, and other dis-empowering stories to sabotage our success. What I know for sure is that we create realities that make our beliefs true to us.

The money we experience in our lives has a direct relationship to the level of impact and influence we have in the world. And the level of impact we create is dependent upon our connection to our inner value, worth, and personal power. This means having a deep respect for our value and the value that we have to offer the world and humanity. The more we create value and share it with the world, the more money we will get back.

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If you don’t know your worth, own your brilliance, and realize your powers in manifesting money and success, then money will seem elusive, as if it is a struggle to create.


My work is for the woman who knows there is something more, but doesn’t know what it is. She is being called to live a life of purpose and ready to forge a new path and create something that the world has never experienced AND allows her to fully express who she is. She has a deep inner knowing that she is here to make a difference, embolden others, and change the world. She wants to leave a legacy that allows future generations to thrive.


However, somewhere along the way, there has been a wound- divorce, illness, racial injustice, discrimination, abuse- and as a result she lost her sense of value, personal power, and worthiness as a woman. When this happens, she blocks her own blessings because she don’t feel good enough. She receives in life what she BELIEVES she’s worth, and not what she is INHERENTLY worth. She may even question her right to experience money and prosperity in her life because, although sometimes hidden, she holds a belief that she isn’t good enough to live a victorious, wealthy life.

Can you relate?

How you think and feel about yourself and money is creating your financial reality. This is the very reason why you must become mindful of your mindset around your value and money. When you uncover your money beliefs that are stopping you from getting what you want, then you can dismantle old beliefs and replace them with ones that serve you well.

So, are you ready to stop blocking your money and prosperity, create the life you desire, and stop doing the same things that are keeping you stuck?

Excellent, so let me share with you 3 dis-empowering beliefs that show up for most women. I’m giving you an empowering truth to counteract the limiting belief and strengthen your worthiness around money and your right to experience prosperity in your life.

  1. My income doesn’t support me.

    Our money is a reflection of our relationship with ourselves; in other words, our connection to our value, worth, and personal power. If you feel as if your income isn’t fully supporting you, then ask yourself, “How am I not supporting myself?” Supporting yourself may mean exercising regularly and eating healthy foods; learning how to create additional income streams; loving and acknowledging your gifts, significance, and magnificence; or honoring your desires of living the kind of life you want to live. When you make it a habit to support yourself first, the money will follow.

Tandy’s note:  Self-Love is critical to manifesting that you want. In fact, it’s required. If you don’t feel worthy or deserving of all the goodness life has to offer, you won’t be able to create a life you truly love.

  1. Money comes from hard work.

    Holding this belief implies that you must overcome some type of difficulty before you can prosper and succeed. If you believe that money is hard, then it will be. In this mindset, you believe that money exists outside of you. You may believe that life is meant to be hard, because it has been hard, especially if you’ve experienced a significant amount of trauma and pain in your life.

The truth is, however, that the more you heal, the closer your connection is to God (or your Higher Power).   As you build a closer connection to your Higher Power, as well as your worth and value, money becomes easier to experience. Money is definitely an inside job because it is a reward for giving value to others for their success.

Tandy’s note: Money loves respect and money loves speed. Once you develop a positive money mindset, money will come to you in expected AND unexpected ways and it will happen quickly!

  1. God wants me to be perfect/good enough before He blesses me.

    This belief is related to the deserving and perfectionism mindsets. When you have an issue around deserving, you question your own worthiness or right to receiving money, joy, and love. Deservingness is tied to perfection because perfectionism insures that you are worthy of receiving. The problem is, however, no one can be perfect. So, if you can’t be perfect, you look to punishing yourself as the way to deserve. This happens because we’ve been taught that punishment and being punished atones for our wrongs or lack of perfection.

Tandy’s note: It’s all about progress…not perfection. Taking action is the key to continuous improvement. God isn’t looking at your bank account. He’s looking at how big your FAITH is and working on a plan to help your money goal meet or exceed your faith and trust. You are made in the image and likeness of God. Remember that. Know that. Feel that. Believe that. Trust in that.

When you have experienced trauma in your life, feelings of unworthiness, self-rejection, and self-condemnation may develop. Many women feel wrong on the inside, and may feel they deserve the struggle and unhappiness they’re experiencing.

The truth is that God is looking on the inside. He is looking for someone that has a passion for service to humanity. When we are in the realm of love, we open ourselves to an overflow of abundant money, health, joy, and peace. God accepts you where you are, and despite the mistakes you have made in the past or the trauma situations you have faced, you are still approved and God wants to bless you for being the woman He created you to be. There is nothing you can do to change God’s mind about you; He loves you unconditionally now and forever more. He delights in your prosperity.

Do you hold any of these beliefs, or ones that are similar to these? If so, then I stand for your liberation because until you release these beliefs, money will remain a mystery. As a result, life remains a struggle and hard to enjoy. Moreover, you won’t be able to get from where you are to where you want to be in your life and work.

You remain stuck in a job you hate, in a relationship that doesn’t serve you well, and/or in a living situation that isn’t a true expression of who you are. I know that this is a painful place to be in life.

This is why I’d like to invite you to a complimentary Cross Over Your Money Moat Breakthrough Session, where you will identify the thing that is separating you from the money, prosperity, and wealth that you are wanting.

If you want to stand in your power, own your value, and achieve a new level of prosperity in your life, then I invite you to apply.

Here’s to your joy, happiness, and prosperity!

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