Were you affected by the Equifax data breach? Here’s how to protect yourself!

Were you affected by the Equifax data breach? Here’s how to protect yourself!

Think Your Personally Identifiable Information is Safe? Think Again!


Have you heard about the Equifax data breach affecting 143 million people? That’s over 40% of Americans who may experience potentially serious identity and financial theft.

Many years ago, LegalShield and Kroll advisory solutions formed an exclusive partnership to provide the only complete comprehensive identity theft solution (IDShield) available. Kroll is the global leader in risk mitigation and response solutions. IDshield and Kroll offers unlimited number of consultations to members!

Did you know that identity theft is the #1 complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for 15 years straight?

IDShield is the second largest identity theft solution service provider. While most companies (Lifelock specifically) spend most of their budget advertising, LegalShield and Kroll continue spending most of their budget the last 15 years adding more layers of benefit into their services to deter thieves and hackers who continue learning more tricks. One might think that because Lifelock is “everywhere” that their services must be superior. Think again. Here is a quick video giving an overview of IDShield.

Identity Theft is Real and It Poses a Serious Threat

Here’s how Identity Theft Affects You

  • Victims spend an exorbitant amount of time (over 300 hours) and money to deal with recovery on their own.
  • Financial identity theft and fraud make up less than 20% of all cases.
  • 80% of identity theft cases are related to medical, social security number, criminal records, driver’s license, cyber, and social media. When identity theft happens in these areas, it doesn’t affect our credit report (and thieves have that figured out), which means credit monitoring is not enough. There is a HUGE difference between credit monitoring and credit RESTORATION services.

IDShield is the most comprehensive service out there. We monitor MORE, offer more in terms of TRUE RESTORATIVE SERVICES and we do it for LESS money!

  • Victims of medical, social security number, criminal records and driver’s license identity theft typically discover they’ve been victimized once it’s too late. Imagine getting pulled over for something small and being informed by a police officer that you have warrants for crimes committed (even in another state)? Imagine applying for your dream job and the only thing stopping you from it is a background check which comes back with sinister things. (Surprise!) Credit monitoring is not enough. You need a company that offers FULL RESTORATION with monitoring.
  • Your child’s personal information is at risk, too, as identity theft predators are after their clean identities long before your kids even think about having a credit card; unfortunately, children under 5 and college students are the fastest growing group of identity theft victims. Imagine getting letters in the mail with credit offers for your 5-year old child or your soon to be college student checking their credit and finding out they defaulted on a car loan from 3 years ago when they don’t even have a car much less a car loan!

IDShield Is the BEST at What They Do

  • IDShield is the only service with its own network of licensed private investigators who do the majority of restoration on behalf of members whose identity has been compromised; to do this, the member signs a limited power of attorney so their personal investigator can do restoration work on members behalf while member focuses on life, family, and business. When it comes to licensed investigators, think former secret service agents, FBI agents, CIA agents and the best of the best; people who have invested their lives to risk management. When you need it (which is when it truly matters, right?) we offer investigative work as a standard part of our service to you. This is INCLUDED in your monthly membership. Do you have countless hours available to make calls and research how to restore your identity and credit?
  • IDShield is the only plan backed by a $5 million protection guarantee. IDShield representatives work as hard as it takes for as long as it takes to restore your identity.
IDShield is the only plan backed by a $5 million protection guarantee. Click To Tweet
  • IDShield offers complete restoration for all areas of identity theft! Other plans and services don’t have the ability to restore medical, criminal, driver’s license and social security number identity theft.


  • IDShield can monitor your social media accounts to insure nothing inappropriate is ever posted on your sites without your knowledge. An increasing number of employers look at social media before interviewing or extending an offer!


  • IDShield even monitors payday loans (this is huge because criminals will get these loans and default on them long before you even realize there is such a debt out there for you) AND they monitor the sex offender registry.


  • IDShield recently added Vault so members are able to access a separate, secure online dashboard where they can manage their passwords, while also generating new ones. IDShield Vault uses a browser plug-in to auto-fill known passwords while browsing on the web. It syncs across all devices and provides a secure automatic backup feature. Think Last Pass, Dashlane, 1Password and others which charge up to $30/year – you get freeCheck out more details here.


  • IDShield, when bundled with LegalShield, provides and even stronger wall of security and financial protection. LegalShield has provided protection to millions of people for more than 40 years and its Provider Law Firm Network has worked closely with Kroll to help provide identity theft protection and solutions for the last 15 years. LegalShield has disrupted the legal profession by offering affordable legal services for everyday people like you and me. They do this in all 50 states and 4 provinces in Canada without owning law firms. Think about what Netflix, Uber, Lyft, Air BnB have done for their respective fields. That’s what LegalShield is doing for the legal field. I digress… back to IDShield.


  • IDShield has safeguarded over 1 million members, provided more than 200,000 personal identity consultations, and helped restore more than 10,000 individual identities – some cases took several hundreds of hours. Whether you work PT, FT, have your own business, or you are retired, knowing you have a strong team behind you to do the heavy lifting is incredible peace of mind!


  • As mentioned above, Kroll’s Licensed Private Investigators bring valuable insight and experience from a range of backgrounds. The investigators are full-time dedicated employees, coming from backgrounds such as secret service, government, fraud, law enforcement, banking, insurance, debt collection and more.


  • IDShield makes it simple for you to keep track of your alerts, notifications and FICO score, all from a full service mobile app.
IDShield makes it simple for you to keep track of your alerts, notifications and FICO score, all from a full service mobile app. Click To Tweet

So How Much Does IDShield Cost?

  • $9.95 covers a single individual over age 18
  • $19.95 covers member and spouse/domestic partner + up to 8 dependent children to age 18

(The cost for Lifelock is $19.95 per person- based on their website and our family experience)

IDShield is the superior product. Period. Consumers should be able to trust the companies protecting and restoring their identities, and IDShield is the service you can trust. Here’s a recent news clip about the Equifax breach which calls into question their integrity, intentions, credibility of their executive team and their overall trustworthiness. This was a HUGE breach of personally identifiable information with repercussions for years to come. You deserve the best protection available. That’s IDShield.

You deserve the best protection available. That’s IDShield. Click To Tweet

Here are FOUR Things You Can Do To Protect Yourself

  1. Set up a fraud alert.
  2. Change your passwords.
  3. Be extra diligent with your information.
  4. Sign up for comprehensive identity protection with IDShield.

Go to my website here to learn more and get yourself and your family protected today!

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