10 Revealing Ways to Outsmart Cancer

10 Revealing Ways to Outsmart Cancer

From a FOUR Time Cancer Thriver


10_Revealing_Ways_to_Outsmart_Cancer_Tandy_ElisalaWhen I was diagnosed (again) with oral/head and neck cancer, I was perplexed so say the least. Although I’ve never smoked, never chewed tobacco, I very rarely drink alcohol ( and even then, it’s a glass of wine, a daiquiri or another fruity drink), here I was with head and neck cancer…for a FOURTH time. My ‘risk factors’ were extremely small so why again? Why me? Why this? When you are diagnosed with cancer, these “why” questions can arise on an hourly basis. I looked at this from all angles. I beat myself up. The truth is that it doesn’t matter WHY you get cancer.

What matters is the way you approach healing, the lessons learned and how to prevent cancer from coming back once and for all. This last time was different for me. It was stage IV cancer and more widespread than the previous times. It would require surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. I am a huge alternative healing proponent and have several such certifications under my belt. It was time to pull out all the stops. After much prayer and discussion with my kids, we agreed we would throw everything at it.

After surgery, we started daily radiation and weekly chemotherapy. I also invested in lots of books (the names of which I’ll include at the end of this article) and relied on professor Google a lot. I learned a lot more about cancer than I ever had before and I did some very specific things that, I know, feel and believe helped me overcome cancer.

This article spotlights my 10 revealing ways to outsmart cancer. There are literally hundreds of different ideas, studies, and testimonials about x products. I chose the things that resonated with me the most and those things I could afford. If I had unlimited money at the time, I would have definitely included some additional alternative treatments in my recovery. I’ll save that for another post!

As of the date of this writing, the one remaining tumor is 1/6th the original size and continuing to shrink. This…despite my doctor’s recommendation to do another round of chemotherapy and more surgery. More about that later.

Without further adieu, here’s my top 10 list of ways to outsmart cancer:

  1. Eliminated Fluoride.

 I switched to a NON-fluoride based toothpaste. Fluoride is a controversial issue. But it appears to be so only on the political level. To researchers who have studied it, there is no doubt that fluoride is an extremely hazardous substance to everyone’s health in so many ways. Fluoride has now been linked to human cancers of the bone, bladder, liver, mouth, and lung, and it may contribute to other cancers as well. Dean Burk, Ph.D., former chief chemist of the National Cancer Institute, has been quoted as saying, “In point of fact, fluoride causes more human cancer deaths, and causes them faster, than any other chemical.” Even Proctor and Gamble (the makers of Crest toothpaste) presented studies to the U.S. Public Health Service that showed fluoride to be a cancer-causing agent at the lowest concentrations used. Particularly since my cancer involved the mouth, I wanted to be safe and make the switch.

  1. Alkalize the Body. Drink Alkaline Water.

Cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment. I got myself some pH strips to test my pH levels and started drinking alkaline water. There are water machines you can buy and range anywhere from $250 – $10,000. Ensuring alkaline water was the only thing I drank (and put through my feeding tube for hydration) was important in maintaining higher Ph balances. The typical person’s pH is about 5.5. The ideal pH balance is over 6.5.

  1. Stimulate Immune System.

 No cancer either begins or thrives if your immune system is strong. I have been on Immune globulin treatments for an immune system deficiency for 21 years. Strike one against me. After researching a LOT of different products, I started taking a product called Beta-1, 3D Glucan. It’s made by a company in SC called Transfer Point. You can learn more here: www.ancient5.com. I took 1 capsule for each 50 pounds (23 kilos) of body weight in the morning on an empty stomach. Here’s why this product is so good:

  1. Almost all immune booster products are soluble. That means it’s difficult to control where they dissolve in the body. This product is in a capsule that travels where it will do the most good. It passes from the stomach to the small intestine. In the small intestine it dissolves so it can enter the lymphatic system. From there, it’s carried into the bloodstream by a complex process.
  2. Beta-1, 3D Glucan “primes” the neutrophil immune cells to recognize cancer cells and kill them!
  3. By taking the right amount for your body weight, it can double the strength of your immune system. No other products needed.
  1. Oxygenate the Body.

I started the Budwig Protocol; which is known to kills cancer cells by the billions. This was created by a great German scientist, Johanna Budwig, Ph.D. This simple mixture of flax oil and cottage cheese work together to blast the cancer cells with oxygen and brings more oxygen to healthy cells, too. Every cell in your body needs more omega 3, an essential fatty acid. However, the typical American doesn’t’ get enough of this. One of the richest sources of omega 3 is flax oil.

Omega 3 works like a magnet on the cell membrane, attracting oxygen to the cell and also causing the oxygen to enter the cell. You may have plenty of oxygen circulating in your blood, but if your cells don’t have enough omega 3, the oxygen won’t get in your cells. Cells that don’t get enough oxygen can become anaerobic; meaning they find a way to stay alive…through sugar. Cancer cells are anaerobic and not only do they not need oxygen, they hate it with a passion.

The blending of the flax oil and cottage cheese is where the magic is. When blending these two ingredients together, not only does the cottage cheese lose its dairy properties, but the mixture becomes water-soluble. This is why the Budwig Protocol delivers omega 3 to the cells to effectively.

I started treatments using this protocol; however, I quickly became unable to eat anything by mouth and required a feeding tube to get nutrition. As such, I was unable to keep doing this protocol when going through treatments and as I healed.

  1. Add Amino Acids and Vitamin C.

 Dr. Linus Pauling and Dr. Matthias Rath discovered that the combination of vitamin C, 1-Lysine, and 1-Proline inhibits the process of metastasis of cancer cells. In other words, it prevents cancer cells from moving/spreading to other organs. The product is called Heart Plus and you can learn more at www.MakingHealthAffordable.com. I also took Green Tea Extract with this product.

  1. Alkalize the Body More.

 Greens are super important. Barley Power made from Green Supreme, Inc. is a great product to help alkalize your body. You can learn more at www.GreenSupreme.net.

  1. State-of-the-art Vitamin/Mineral Supplement.

 Recognizing I needed something to stay healthy, I opted to take “Daily Advantage,” which Dr. David Williams created. I found this to be of high quality and not the regular supermarket kind of multi-vitamin. You can learn more at www.DrDavidWilliams.com.

  1. Elevate Vitamin D Level.

I learned to heal cancer, it’s important to have enough Vitamin D in your blood. Based on blood work, I already knew I was Vita D deficient. I also learned the appropriate amount of Vitamin D3 to take when diagnosed with cancer is 25,000 I.U. per day in gel cap form. You must have a level of 70 or higher to help eliminate cancer from the body. To raise it to that level usually takes five or six weeks. If you are at 70 or higher, you can back off to a maintenance dose of 10,000 I.U. per day.

There are many online sources of Vitamin D3 and all are pretty inexpensive. I got my Vitamin D3 gel caps from http://PuritansPride.com.

 8. Detox.

There are countless detox packages, kits and ways to accomplish a complete detoxification. I learned that 70% of our immune system is in our gut. Wow! So, I set forth to do the following cleanses in this order:

  1. Colon cleanse
  2. Candida cleanse
  3. Parasite cleanse
  4. Kidney cleanse
  5. Liver cleanse

This really helped my body work for efficiently. I’ll leave it to you to find the right package/kit to do these cleanses.

  1. Lots of Rest.

 I really focused on getting enough rest. Nevermind the fact that I was c.o.n.s.t.a.n.t.l.y nauseated, ill, exhausted and was in pain. Moving hurt. Doing anything hurt. My body had no choice but to rest. I slept between 10-14 hours a day. When I wasn’t in treatments, I was getting nutrition via the feeding tube or I was sleeping. In our sleep deprived society, I think it’s important to stress the huge benefit sleep has on our overall well-being. Everything works better, our systems work together and I was certainly able to better manage my stress with enough rest.

  1. Faith and Trust.

Having a foundation of faith, trust and gratitude supported me through this process. There were hard days. There were days I didn’t want to go on living. Fortunately, my optimism and spiritual beliefs took over and I reached down and dug deep. I had to trust in God that my purpose was bigger than cancer and I would continue on. I trusted life and the process of life. I trusted in others that surrounded me and I trusted myself.

Although it felt differently, I knew and believed that the difficult times would pass. I felt I would get through this. I knew we are all connected and that everything I was feeling was exactly where I needed to be in each moment.

There’s so much more to share about this journey. I am so incredibly thankful for all the resources I had available and all the right people, circumstances and books come to me exactly when I needed them.


Tandy’s Cancer Reading List

 Here’s a list of books I scoured over through my journey:

  1. Cancer- Step Outside the Box by Ty Bollinger
  2. Cancer: 50 Essential Things to Do by Greg Anderson
  3. Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr
  4. Defeat Cancer Now by Tamara St. John
  5. Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce
  6. The 31-Day Home Cancer Cure by Ty Bollinger with Andrew Scholberg
  7. How to Cure Almost Any Cancer at Home for $5.15 a Day by Bill Henderson with Andrew Scholberg
  8. Everyday Grace: Having Hope, Finding Forgiveness and Making Miracles by Marianne Williamson
  9. Love, Medicine and Miracles by Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, MD
  10. The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet: The Five-Step Plan for Vibrant Health and Maximum Weight Loss by Natalia Rose
  11. A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson

It’s wildly important to maintain a self-care practice when enduring a life transition, health crisis, stressful situation and the like. I invite you to go here and get your FREE Self-Care Made Simple Checklist. It’s organized by physical, emotional, spiritual and financial health.




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