Your Dose of POSITIVITY: Good News For a Change!

So often we hear about bad things going on and we don’t take time to recognize all the amazing things going on in the world. Part of this is because our mainstream media likes to promote negative events going on so we have to seek out the good news! Here’s your roundup of positive news going on:

  1. The sister of a hearing-impaired young man in Turkey teamed up with an ad agency in a grand scheme to let her brother feel what it would be like to have no barriers to communication. It took a month of planning and sign language trainings to prepare for the big day, December 28, 2014. The ad agency set out to make a commercial for Samsung’s new video call center in Turkey that helps hearing impaired people with customer service. Every person, from the bagel shop clerk, to people on the street and the taxi driver, spoke to Muaharrem in sign language. In the end, the scheme was revealed to him in a town square in Istanbul, where he breaks down in tears of joy. The touching video, produced by the Leo Burnett ad firm, has been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube.
  2. Principal rewards students’ good grades with cash and letterman jackets.  Watch the video here.
  3. Widower creates museum of love for late wife.Louise had talent, she had grace, and she was Charles Evans’s whole life – until she passed away in 2011. Once the grief subsided, this devoted husband decided that a headstone over a grave wasn’t a good enough memorial for his wife of 60 years, so he created a museum dedicated to their love.Complete with walls papered in photographs, the shoe shine stand where they first met, and all the music they used to dance to, the monument is a breathtaking homage to Louise Evans tucked away in a cozy little cottage in Starkville, Mississippi. Check out the beautiful video HERE.
  4. Read this beautiful story of a 90 year old woman who was told she had cancer and hit the road instead of going through treatments.
  5. Kendrick Lamar brings six teens to the Grammy’s. In addition to the Five-time Grammy award winning rap visionary Kendrick Lamar blowing everyone’s minds with his groundbreaking performance of “Alright,” he took the time to deliver a proper message to kids. 6 kids, in fact, from his old Compton school Centennial High.

    A Reebok-sponsored video released on Tuesday, shows the youth being escorted to the Grammys via limo ride destined for some one-on-one time with their hometown hero and a view of the stage.

    Throughout his music career, Kendrick has been very outspoken about his roots in Compton: from writing songs about being pressured into a life of crime for his major-label debut album good kid, m.A.A.d city, to the effects of police brutality on black youth in his most recent work, To Pimp A Butterfly

    Giving the six teens quality time with their role model reinforced the hope that it doesn’t matter where they grow up; anyone can beat the odds and follow their dreams.

    “It reminds me of where I came from,” Kendrick remarked in the video. ”I can see they’re full of energy just like how I used to be. Full of motivation to do something with themselves. So hopefully ten years from now, they’ll be even further than where I’m at.’ “It’s a beautiful thing.” Check out the video HERE.

  6. Court rules that women can become heads of households in India.  Indian women have won the right to be considered the head of a household. Previously, the role of “Karta” in any family residing in one home was only available to men. The Delhi High Court changed that, announcing on Monday that they have overturned the long standing law in favor of equality for women.
  7.  Students design refugee coat that is also a sleeping bag and stores important documents.  A group of interior design students have created the ultimate outerwear for refugees — a poncho that converts into a tent/sleeping bag, while safely storing important documents. The wearable shelter features large, waterproof pockets for carrying vital papers and supplies, and it offers the convenience of an easy folding method to create a warm sleeping bag or, by adding a few kite rods, a personal tent. Students at London’s Royal College of Art took part in an intense “hackathon,” working with guidance from Doctors Without Borders to create what they’re calling “wearable habitations.” Check out their video HERE.
  8. Watch as a prisoner takes care of an abused dog.A Prison inmate can connect with an abused dog probably better than anyone. A new documentary shows firsthand how this connection can change two lives at the same time, and proves “nothing is impossible” when it comes to redemption. “Dogs on the Inside” explores a Massachusetts program in which stray or wild dogs are given a second chance at life behind barbed wire as minimum security prison inmates foster them–and in the process, improve their own situations.

    The prisoners bathe, feed, and train the dogs, preparing them for adoption. Over the course of the program, many of the men learn to build, for the first time, bonds of trust in their lives.

    Its producers say their film “reconfirms the timeless connection between man and dog.” That link lets inmates see the gradual improvements in their dog’s nature and learn that they, too, can change. The documentary’s bonus feature clips follow one dog and one inmate months after they leave prison, showing how both came out better equipped for a new life. “Dogs on the Inside” is available online on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon–in DVD or Instant Video, VUDU, or at

  9. The most worldly awareness comes out of this 11 year old boy’s illness. Read more HERE.
  10. How used pill bottles from the United States is saving lives in Africa. Read more HERE


It’s YOUR turn: What good news have you heard about lately? Please share below!

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