My Year of Trust Series

My Year of Trust Series: Part 4 of 4


My Journey Through TRUST Series: Part 4 of 4

Trusting life and the process of life

My Year of Trust Series

In part one of this series, we looked at trusting ourselves. In part two, we looked at trusting God. In part three, we looked at trusting others. In this last part of this series, we are exploring trusting in life and the process of life.


The Chicken and the Egg

Trusting life and the process of life. I once heard Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith talk about something that created a shift in how I viewed life challenges. He used the example of a chicken and an egg to make the point about the process of moving from one experience to anther. He explained that for as long as it was useful, the egg with its hard shell was a safe place for the chick. However, as the chick grew, the egg no longer provide its chick with the space that needed to continue to develop properly. Over time, what had once been a safe haven had become cramped quarters where the chick was forced to wallow in its own filth while navigating its continued growth and development. Eventually, the chick came to know that it had to leave the cramped poop filled space of its once safe haven and venture out into the unknown. How is the chick to escape its discomfort? Instinctively, it started pecking and breaking the shell of its protective covering. The process takes 12 to 18 hours, but I’m sure for the chick it feels like forever.

As Reverend Michael explained it, the process is the same for humans. We can live in a particular situation under certain circumstances for long period of time and then we have to get out. Unfortunately, human beings are not always as courageous as the chicks. We fear the unknown. We learn how to accommodate all manner of discomfort. We become so deaf, mute and blind to the poop or mess in our lives that will stay where we are and suffer rather than risk venturing into the unknown. Can you imagine that a chicken has more courage than a human being or is it that the chick intuitively trust the process while humans want to control it?

The Process of Life


Life is a process. It involves beginnings and endings. It ebbs and flows with highs and lows and peaks and valleys. The process of life includes thinking and feeling and giving and receiving, winning and losing, living and dying and so much more. As a process, life requires us to live in a perpetual state, a preparation for the unknown, the known. There are no guarantees about anything in life. You can’t assume that what’s good in your life will last or that what’s bad will ever go away. There’s no guarantee that what you put out you will get back or that those you give to will reciprocate in kind.

Life is a process that requires living moment by moment, doing all that you can, the best you can while trusting that the rewards you get will be enough. The only thing you can know for sure is that if you don’t fully participate in as much as life as you can and trust in the process, life will not be easy for you to manage. Learning to trust in life is also a process. This process involves knowing you being okay with not knowing, in exercising awareness and listening, understanding and remembering what you learn, trusting your intuition and behaving logically in response to where your intuition leads you.

The most important aspect of learning to trust yourself and the process of life is honoring what you feel and aligning your behavior to match what you know. To trust the process means you learned how to be still. Click To Tweet In stillness, you don’t need to know or do anything other than trust. When you are trusting, you are actually thinking on the unknown which feels absolutely terrifying. Yet, by its very definition, trust means knowing that no matter what’s going on or what happens, everything is working towards something beneficial and is in your best interest. It’s always working for you.

At some time or another in the process of life, we are all like the little chick pecking out of the egg. We simply must grow and change and leave what is familiar. For humans, the eggshell represents the heart. As difficult and painful as it maybe to bear or accept, it’s not until our hearts are broken open that we become aware of the wonder and expansiveness of life. Even when our breaking open includes loss, pain or betrayal or abandonment, there is something wonderful happening because the broken heart will take you beyond the limits of who you imagined yourself to be. Death or loss can transform how you value life and those who share it with you. When we learn through difficulty, we come to the realization that living in poop is only one choice among the many choices we can make if we trust the process of life and ourselves.

Life and the process of living creates echoes. What you put out will come back to you. Moment by moment, you are living the echoes of what you believe. You are living the consequences of what you think, what you expect and what you do. Some consequences are immediate and others are long-term and take time for them to come around. Beneath every experience of mistrust, there is an unresolved pain and the belief that it is not safe to trust. Though you are aware of some of life’s processes, most of you are not aware of. There are series of processes going on in your brain and body right now.

As you read this and listen to this, you are not thinking about that process. You simply trust that as your eyes can scan the words, your brain will do what’s required for the words to take on meaning. Every time you eat, there is a process that goes on which supports you in utilizing whatever you take in for the purpose of healing your body. Most of you don’t know how the process is working and even if you did, you wouldn’t spend your time thinking about them. You simply trust that if you take a bite of food, it will end up going where it needs to go and doing what it needs to do. The same thing about drinking liquids. We trust that whatever we take in will do the appropriate job of creating energy so that our body will continue to function. Life works in much the same way. Everything you take in is processed so that they can be used to support us in continuing to function in all areas of our life.

Everything happens in divine order

My Journey Through Trusst

It’s true that we are in charge of the process of life. We make our participation more enjoyable and the process easier by maintaining our bodies well. One of the more difficult challenges we face in learning to trust the process of life and living is to think that we don’t know what we are supposed to do or be and more often and not we rely on information we receive from somebody else. It might be misinformation, et cetera. It’s hard to trust the process you are in if your mind is fixated on how to get out of it. The truth is that who you are and what you have come to do is etched into the fibers of your being. You can choose consciously or unconsciously to postpone, delay, deny, avoid or attempt to avoid the situation, but it is unfolding and it is taking hold. Our job is to trust that the chef knows what he is doing and that everything will happen as designed.

I love the concept of leaning into trust. Leaning into trust means knowing that what you are placing your way on is dirty enough to hold you up. Trusting yourself, trusting God, trusting others at your best interest at heart are the pillars of what you must lean on if you are going to learn to trust life and the process of life. It begins with being clear about what you are doing and why without any concern for how anyone is going to respond. Never judge your clarity or how you think others will respond. Leaning into trust means knowing that trust has good solid friends that you can rely on.

Leaning into trust means knowing that what you are placing your way on is dirty enough to hold you up. Click To Tweet

Leaning into trust means learning how not to take things personally. It requires us to grow and mature in ways that support us in recognizing that we are all a part of the process of life. Leaning into trust and learning to trust in life requires that we become willing to slay the demons, to get rid of the inner judgment, inner critic, the inner warrior, the fear monger. The voices that belong to this negative ego don’t serve us. We have got to turn this around. It’s all about our thinking. It’s all about what’s between our ears.

How do you trust the process of life?

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  1. rachel lavern
    rachel lavern says:

    I did not read the other posts in the series; however, I did enjoy this one. I am learning how to really trust the Lord. Last year I realized that my actions proved that I did not really trust Him. My intention is learning to trust and rest in what He has already spoken. Not easy (but it should be).


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