Work It Out Together Virtual Book Tour


Work It Out Together Virtual Book Tour



I am excited to support my good friend, Dr. Jerri Eddington, in the release of her new book: “Work It Out Together! Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change

I had the honor of interviewing Dr. Jerri about “8 Tips to Turn Down Heated Situations.” Before we get to that, here’s more about her book:

Book Overview 

A school’s primary mission is to ensure that students achieve their fullest academic potential in a safe and nurturing environment. We need to create a safe-school climate where students feel connected and protected. Teaching students to get along with their peers is part of creating a safe-school climate. When students learn how to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful manner, the atmosphere at school can be more pleasant for everyone. In a safe-school environment teachers can teach and students can learn. The school is better able to focus on its original mission – Academic Achievement.

The book is divided into three parts:
Part 1: History of Conflict Resolution
Part 2: Steps for Implementing a Peer Mediation Program
Part 3: Ready to Use Templates

When you order the book HERE you will receive a FREE download link to the audio series: Work It Out Together! Resolving Conflict and Creating Positive Change.  (Everyone who purchases the book will be given a direct download link – no opt-in required with proof of purchase.)

In these six-short audio segments you will:
• Achieve a greater sense of overall peace, confidence and integrity.
• Come to a better understanding of the causes of conflict in your life.
• Learn to recognize, prevent and resolve conflict quickly and effectively.
• Deepen your connection with friends, family and even total strangers.
• Improve your relationships with those who are most important in your life.

Listen in here to this powerful interview:

During our interview, Jerri shared her wisdom with 8 Tips to Turn Down Heated Situations. Jerri witnessed hundreds of situations where the children in her schools successfully resolved their conflicts.

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We all encounter difficult moments with others. It’s HOW we handle conflict that makes all the difference. Everyone needs to feel heard, valued, and respected in each moment.

Some key tips include: Remain calm, focus on your emotions, allow others to express their perspective.

Listening without judgment is key to turning down heated situations. To learn more, listen to the entire interview and get all these valuable tips, listen in here:


Related to our discussion about how to turn down heated situations, here are Jerri’s nine tips to manage your anger.


Get your copy of Dr. Jerri’s book today!

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 Listen in to our entire interview here: 

About the Author: 

 Jerri Eddington Headshot

Jerri Eddington, Ed.D. ♥ Conflict Resolution Expert ♥ Educator ♥ Best Selling Author ♥ Soul Coach® ♥ ThetaHealer ♥

Jerri’s passion is helping you CLEAR the CLUTTER out of your Mind, Body, and Soul. She combines her thirty-nine years in education and the integration of energy-healing modalities to create powerful transformational programs designed to help you THRIVE!




She is co-creator of Lighten Up and THRIVE:

T – Transformational Education
H – Harmonizing the Soul
R – Re-pattering Beliefs
I – Inspirational Living
V – Vibrational Healing
E- Evolving Wisdom


Go here now to get a copy of Dr. Jerri’s book:

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