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When Goals Don’t Matter

When Goals Don’t Matter

I’m a HUGE goals fan. I like to write down my goals. I like to create affirmations for my goals. I like to measure goals. I realize though that not everyone likes setting goals.


Here’s a list of things to consider about goals. Goals don’t matter when:

  1. You don’t write down your goals; preferably in the present tense or as if the goals have already been achieved.
  2. You don’t tie goals to dates and specific outcomes.
  3. You aren’t going to refer to your goals regularly.
  4. You don’t schedule the actions necessary to achieve your goals in your planner.
  5. You don’t identify what skills you need to learn to achieve your goals.
  6. You don’t schedule new skill building into your monthly planner.
  7. You aren’t absolutely passionate about your goals.
  8. You don’t believe that you can or should achieve your goals.
  9. You don’t acknowledge that things will go wrong or sidetrack you. It’s part of the process. Things rarely go completely as planned.
  10. You aren’t willing to work through the challenges that will happen to achieve your goals…to achieve greatness.

Think about training for a marathon. You know going in that your body is going to hurt. There are going to be days you don’t want to get out of bed. There are days you KNOW are going to be hard or set you back. Yet, you plan for these challenges and work through them. This is what successful people do. They anticipate and know that things will happen on the quest for that huge victory and they figure it out and work through it.

It’s your turn: How do you feel about goal setting? Do you have anything to add to this list? Please comment below.

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  1. tracey
    tracey says:

    Oy, I am so anti-goal that even the post made my squirmy. I know that goal setting is vital, and that I NEED to set goals in order to reach my destination. I just have some mental block about it.

    My goal for this month is to work through my block and set goals for the next month. This will If I can take this baby step, I can further worth through my block and set goals for the year. I might even finish my WIP! (it’s only been 12 years)

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Hi Tracey, thanks for your comments. Baby steps are a good thing! I’m sending you positive energy for solid baby steps towards goals.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Amen sister! This is a HUGE one. When we get out of our own way, that’s when daily miracles start to happen for us!

  2. Beth Kelley
    Beth Kelley says:

    I love goal setting also! I like things with a start and a finish. I will do this thing by this date. It makes me work harder and think more creatively. And I will be running my 4th 1/2 marathon this year. I better get busy!


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