Time Management Interview Roundup

I’m excited to share my expert interviews from this month’s theme on time management. There is SO much more to time management than simply how we spend our time. It’s about our mindset, our environment, technology (for better or worse), goals and planning processes. We had a great time this month sharing best practices around time management. I’m certain you’ll get at least one useful tip from these interviews. Enjoy!

Time Management Interview Roundup

1. Check out my latest interview with the amazing Dr. Elena Estanol:-)

You may remember her from last month as we had a delightful conversation about self-love. This month, she shares some profound ah-ha’s about time management in her life. She shares 5 tips for effective time management and so much more. We also talked about how keys and mail can disrupt our time and some tips for overcoming this. We both shared how we are ADHD and there are certainly some unique aspects to time when you’ve got this added ‘issue’. Listen to our interview HERE.

DrElenaMore about Dr Elena Estanol:  Dr. Estanol is a peak performance psychologist and intuitive business mentor with over 15 years of experience working with hundreds of individuals and groups on how to become fearless, achieve authentic confidence, increase focus, productivity and re-wire your mind to enhance performance and overall results!

Her clients are usually speakers, writers, healers, coaches, therapists, creatives and spiritual entrepreneurs, who hire her to help them grow purpose driven businesses that transform lives, make a profit & provide the freedom and life they desire!

She has a unique combination of skills that integrate spiritual and intuitive alignment, winning mindsets and grounded business strategy that provides with clients all the tools they need to align to their soul’s purpose, attract their most ideal clients, craft irresistible programs, evolve and elevate their spirits, and triple their impact and their income. Get Dr. Elena’s FREE time management tips and worksheets herehttp://tinyurl.com/quantum-leap-results

2. I had the pleasure of interviewing Shannon Townsend, the Get Sh*T Done Coach.

Shannon shares her favorite tool for getting more done and she also shares one key tip you can take away and implement in your life today. Listen to our interview HERE. 

More about Shannon:

ShannonTownsendPicShannon Townsend is the Get Sh!t Done Coach.  She works with the chronically overbooked and scrambling world changers who are desperately trying to manage their personal life (if they have one), their business (which could change the world if given half the chance), and all the other odds and ends together without losing the little bit of sanity they’ve managed to hold onto – getting shit done is all about integration, systems, and breaks! Learn more about Shannon and get her FREE gift for you here: http://www.shannontownsendcoaching.com/greatness/

We had so much fun with this interview, we did a fun quick second ‘fishbowl’ type interview. It was Brain Mining where we find where your passion, priorities, and procrastination collide.  For when everything on your plate is screaming for attention, everything is your #1 priority, and you’re finding more things to do faster than you can put away your favorite beverage on a hot summer day! We’ll brain dump using a pound of sticky notes and from that chaos we’ll unearth what you can do RIGHT now to find your momentum, refuel your tank, and add some pleasure back into your mix. Listen to Shannon coaching me on my priorities HERE. Pretty cool stuff and probably not what you expect to hear!

3. I had the pleasure of interviewing Haley Gray, founder of Leadership Girl

Haley and I got together and had a great conversation about time management. Haley has several, very diverse, businesses,  a busy household with four kids and she is immersed in Girl Scout life. She often refers to time management as balancing chainsaws. How to manage and balance all of this was part of our interview. Listen to this interview HERE.

More about Haley:

Haley Lynn Gray is founder and owner of Leadership Girl, a graduate of Duke’s Fuqua School of Business, and a serial entrepreneur. In addition to her many business ventures, she is also a wife, mom of four and Girl Scout Leader.

Haley is passionate about helping women achieve their potential and empowers them to overcome obstacles in leadership positions and entrepreneurial ventures.  After starting and growing several businesses of her own to success, Haley wanted to provide the benefit of her experiences and expertise to others. She began coaching small business owners so they could achieve their own success.  Whether you want to get a new business off the ground or expand an existing business, Haley is here to help you.

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