We can only have one thought at a time. Do you choose love or fear? Do you choose worry or gratitude? When we spend time feeling worried or fearful, we are stopping all the positive in its tracks. Here are a few tips to end worry and choose joy, love, happiness and gratitude!

  1. Imagine your life one, five, ten, twenty years from now. Look into the future and realize that many of the things you’re worrying about don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.
  2. Ask yourself if you died today, would whatever you are fearful of or worried about would matter. The likelihood is the answer is NO, it wouldn’t matter.
  3. As you journal, write down what you are worried about or afraid of. As you write this down, say to yourself… what I’m turning over to God/Spirit/Universe (whatever you want to call it) is xxxxx. Then, let it GO!

Remember to turn your worry over to God – he’s up 24/7 anyway!

Here’s a video I did about ending worry.

It’s YOUR turn: What are YOU worried about? What keeps you up at night? Which of these tips do you think you will use to overcome these worries? Please comment below!