Coaching Testimonials


“I highly recommend Success Coach Tandy Elisala. She displays incredible care, compassion and unconditional love and support for her clients, combined with valuable knowledge, insights, experience and guidance. Her natural ability to motivate and empower others perpetuates goodness and instills confidence and growth. When you connect with Tandy, you’ll connect with your own full potential in spirit, grace and prosperity!”

Jodi Nicholson, MCSC
Director & CEO
The Success Coach Institute


“There are are so few people who really “get” how to offer constructive feedback. There are those who want you to erase what you’ve done and fix it “their way.” There are those who don’t hear what you’re asking or what you need, and they offer advise based on their clouded perception of you. (Oh, how many times I’ve endured this!) But Tandy is one of most focused, gifted, compassionate guides I’ve ever worked with. She first listens to what is needed and being requested, then offers insights that speak to that need. But moreover, she is intuitive in understanding what you don’t know to ask and “sees” beyond the initial questions to offer insights that go deeper and wider. She sees the big pictures and guides you gracefully, expertly, and professionally to your envisioned success. I’m forever grateful for Tandy’s comfortable, easy-to-speak to manner and guidance and look forward to more opportunities to working with her in the future.”
Jamie Saloff, author, medium, speaker, www.MarvelousMessages.com


“Dr. Tandy’s guidance will make a positive impact on your life! She is an extremely skilled and compassionate life coach. I have attended several of Tandy’s inspiring events. Whether attending her events or coaching with her one on one, I have more self-confidence and motivation as a result. She has helped me focus on the core issues I am dealing with and gain a better perspective of my life, where I am and where I want to be. Tandy has given me several different and effective tools to implement the changes I seek. I benefited immediately from the valuable tools Tandy has shared. Being in Tandy’s presence is very healing and nurturing itself. She shares her wisdom and knowledge in a way that gives me the encouragement and hope I need to evolve to my next level of greatness. I recommend Tandy with wholehearted enthusiasm. Whether hiring Tandy as a Coach or attending her workshops, classes or motivational speaking events, her guidance will definitely make a very positive impact on your life!”

Mark Elliott
Mark Elliott Consulting; Phoenix, AZ


“Tandy has a wealth of knowledge and constantly pushes herself forward to learn new things and implement those concepts into business. Tandy’s principles and integrity are amazing and she has helped me with my professional growth in many ways. Tandy has a positive attitude and is an amazing speaker and motivator. I remember the first time that I saw her speak and was mesmerized by her contagious enthusiasm.”

Michelle Peairs, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Experis – A Manpower Company

“Tandy is truly gifted in helping and guiding one through life’s difficulties and challenges. Her caring and teaching ability is unmatched. She is absolutely amazing.”

Longtime coaching client; Mesa, AZ


“I have known Tandy for over 4 years. In that time I experienced life altering events that had a negative impact on my faith, health and character. I turned to Tandy during a very tumultuous custody battle regarding my son. The process was draining, and as most know, feelings of anger towards my ex and the fear of possibly losing my son were overwhelming. It seemed as though the constant strain on my soul was unbearable. I knew of her healing ability with others and I finally sought her help and she was able to coach me through the feelings of anger and hurt, then coaching me on how to release it. She continued to guide me through this process again and again. At the end of the session, I felt free. In situations following this experience, I have been able to apply her guidance.

I would highly recommend Tandy for her coaching talents. She is truly gifted in helping and guiding one through life’s difficulties and challenges. Her caring and teaching ability is unmatched. She is absolutely amazing.”

B. A. Thomas

“I strongly recommend Tandy as a highly effective coach. When I was at one of the saddest points in my life, I reached out to Tandy for guidance and support. I wanted a relationship… no, a HUSBAND, and wasn’t getting anywhere. Tandy helped me identify barriers preventing me from attracting the right relationship. She shared techniques to break down my barriers, know what I wanted in a relationship and become the kind of person I wanted to attract. Within six (6) months after coaching with Tandy, I met my future husband. I couldn’t be happier.”

OK, Casa Grande, AZ

“After years and years… decades really, of trying to quit smoking, I hired Tandy to help me stop smoking. After our initial consultation, Tandy guided me through hypnosis and within 30 minutes of my first and only session, I became a non-smoker. I tried everything in the past to help me to stop smoking. As a wife and mom, I needed and wanted to become healthy. In one session, Tandy helped me do what nobody else was able to do. I am so grateful for Tandy as she helped me understand my negative patterns and I am a stronger and healthier person for it.”

Client, Chandler, AZ


“Tandy has been making a difference in my life since the day we met. Her infectious energy and attitude exudes light and love through constant teaching, coaching and mentoring in a way that brings peace, understanding, and enlightenment.

Her passion for personal development is fueled by a strong desire to help others which is evident in her generous giving of tools and strategies that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Tandy’s integration of gratitude practices, laws of attraction, and self healing in her life helped her overcome countless life challenges. The knowledge and compassion acquired through her own life experiences is something she strives to share with others.

Tandy has provided me profound insights both personally and professionally. She’s seen me blossom and grow because she’s played an integral role in my growth, increased confidence and overall success. Her guidance and coaching have helped me through many challenging situations and I’m so thankful I’ve had her to call when I’ve needed her most.”

T. Johnson, Mesa, AZ


“Tandy is a born leader. She has motivated many people, myself included, to grow personally and professionally. She is a well-educated and highly approachable powerhouse. Her commitment to investing in others through self-improvement and personal growth are trademarks of Tandy’s selfless ability to help others identify and achieve their goals.”

DC, Scottsdale, AZ


“You truly are an inspiration, Tandy. You would probably be surprised to know how many ways and how often you say or do something, even just on facebook, that saves somebody’s day or provides an insight into “self” and life that really touches a life. Thank you for being so amazing!”

Cami Nuttall, Phoenix, AZ


“I would consider myself a great leader, and I have to admit that I owe this to Tandy. When I met Tandy, I was a low level subordinate in a massive corporation. I didn’t know who to talk to, and I had an issue that needed to be resolved. I remember waiting with a co-worker under a false guise to take a picture with Tandy, the then vice president. When Tandy sat down, my co-worker and I sat down and expressed our grievances with her. I will never forget Tandy’s demeanor. She took time for me and my issues, and at the end of our blubbering, she had a resolution.

I benefited from Tandy that day because she taught me what a good leader was. Compassionate, driven, and understanding was a welcomed difference between the traditional management that I had to been exposed to. Tandy showed me the person that I wanted to become, and because of her, I have gone farther than I ever thought possible. Since our conversation, I have completed my bachelor’s degree, and even decided to make my career in education and leadership- all due to her poise and example.

When I came to Tandy for help, I hated managers. I hated how subordinates seemed to always get the short end of the stick, and how managers never really cared about their employees. As a direct result from Tandy, I now am determined to be a great leader like she so clearly is, with dedication and empathy for employees to create a great working environment. Moving forward this will be my career, and because of Tandy I am able to live a dream that all started with a photo and a trip to her office.”
Aspen Liu

Coaching Testimonials from January 2016 Gratitude Challenge Participants

I have also been doing the 366 gratefulness challenge, adding this one into the mix has added another layer of guidance on how to continue practicing gratefulness. Listening to your story, following the links, having an online conversation with everyone here, it has really opened up new perspectives. It has been a fantastic eye opening week of ideas and the feeling of a more serene and happy inner me. Thank you! – Viviana P


A dream to work with is Tandy. She takes the time to get to know you. An upbeat, happy person ready to help you take down your giants. Bonnie B.


This 5 day gratitude challenge has opened my eyes to realize that I have the potential to make wonderful things happen and to be 100% grateful for the things I have, the people in my life, and the tools for a better future. ~ Sue Colerick


First of all I want to tell you how much that I am enjoying the gratitude challenge. It is making me remember all the good things in life and also all the people that I am grateful for in my life. The FB forum to share experiences, thoughts, fears, etc. really has brought out a sense of community. I realized that right now I am spending 8+ hours of my day with individuals that are unsatisfied with their jobs and taking the joy out of me. The challenge has me looking at things in a different way and is making me find ways to change for the better. They can continue to be Debbie downers, but I for one am going to look at the good or at least try to find the good in every situation. ~ Sue Colerick


This whole week has been very eye-opening for me. I always thought of myself as a person who was grateful for my life, but I found this week that I can do better. The call today talked about the power of the mind and that really hit home for me. It’s not what I say, but what I think that really makes a difference. My anxiety tends to poison my thoughts and I now realize that I ALLOW that to happen. I can stop the poison if I want to. My anxiety won’t control my thoughts anymore. I hereby take control of my life, including my thoughts! If I am scared, I will immediately give my fear to God and stop letting my fear control my thoughts. I am eternally grateful for meeting you at UOP because if it wasn’t for meeting you, I wouldn’t have had this experience with your gratitude seminar. Life has a funny way of bringing people into your life without clarity, only to reveal their purpose further down the line. God Bless you and thank you… ~Melisa Defrees


This group has been simply amazing!! The support and encouragement from you and others have done wonders for reshaping my perspective! ~ Melissa Drefrees


Thanks again for your kind words and inspiration. I truly feel more optimistic now than I have in years. God Bless you…!! ~ Melissa


Thanks again for the wonderful week. I learned so much about myself by listening to your calls and reading the materials. I also discovered that I am not alone in my struggles by reading everything that the others posted. It was very moving… ~ Melisa Defrees


The reason I want to thank you is that “this body” has been suffering with a headache for 3 days now and your message about parterning with my pain and allowing myself to move past it…well it hit home. I am tired of feeling like a victim to these headaches. They debilitate me and take away my power as a mom, a wife, a friend, a sister, a daughter, and an employee. I am tired of defining myself by these stupid things. My whole life is focused around them because they are my focus. Your video gave me hope that I can have my life back and I don’t have to be defined by my illness. God bless you, my friend….I can’t tell you how much I pray for you and your healing because you have so much left to do on this earth. You have so many people left to inspire….people like me. ~ Melissa Defrees


I greatly appreciate this opportunity you provided this week, Tandy, to purposefully immerse myself in gratitude, as it has certainly reaffirmed my belief in the power of Gratitude, in all of its frequencies and energies. It changes everything and, once again reminds me of my most important life lesson. Which I have to re-learn and practice all of the time. That is this: I must put my put myself – my health and state of being – FIRST. Because if I don’t have that, I’m no good to anyone. When I live in Gratitude l live in Love. And to live in Love is to live in constant awareness to make good choices that lead to a rich, dis-ease-free life, filled with joy, passion, peace and love. Thank you so much, Tandy, for this life-altering experience! ~ Destrie Larrabee


I would like to thank you, Tandy, for providing me the opportunity to participate in the 5-Day Gratitude Challenge! It absolutely changed my life! I know how powerful it is to live a life of gratitude, but this was the first time I consciously focused on doing so every day. What I found was that in so doing I had so much more energy, I was more focused, and life was , well, brighter! And it was because I started and ended each day in gratitude! And whenever I noticed something, I gave gratitude at that moment as well! And to this day I continue to live in a state of perpetual gratitude, and it is beautiful! It is just how I LIVE! And it started here!
So, I send Infinite Love and Gratitude to you, Tandy, for providing this safe, nourishing space for learning, loving, and living. ~ Destrie Larrabee



The Gratitude Challenge was truly a great experience, I know that I can stay in a Gratitude mind set. And that I do have choices. My choices for me are to stay away from that crazy negative energy, Thank you Tandy. ~ BJ Beach


Speaking Testimonials

Feedback from Tandy’s “Stress Management” Keynote:

“Tandy’s motivational and powerful presentation changed my life and the way I look at things.”

“Tandy has a powerful way of connecting with people.”

“This presentation was the most professional one I’ve attended. I feel like I can apply all these tips in my life.”

“I didn’t realize the impact stress had on my life until Tandy’s presentation. Very eye-opening. Thank you, Tandy, for an amazing presentation.”

Feedback from Tandy’s “Living Your Life Powerfully and Living A Life You Love”:

“Tandy’s presentation was uplifting and inspirational. She inspires me to be a better person.”

“I see Tandy’s name as the speaker and attended just to hear her speak. She’s that good.”

“I appreciate Tandy’s positive and energetic talk. I learned a lot that I will incorporate into my life starting today.”

” I am fired up from Tandy’s presentation. She is so energizing and used examples I could relate to.”

Feedback from Tandy’s “Goal Setting Tips” presentation:

“Clear, concise and relevant.”

“Tandy’s selfless presentation really helped me realize what it takes to achieve my goals.”

“Tandy’s sunny demeanor is refreshing.”

“I really resonated with Tandy’s speech.”

“I learned so much from Tandy’s presentation and will put this to use today.”

Feedback from Tandy’s Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals presentation:

“I love listening to Tandy speak. She is very inspiring!”

“The topic was motivational and beneficial to both career and personal life.”

“Guest speaker, Tandy, was the best part of our meeting. I enjoyed the motivational tone that Tandy brought to the meeting.”

“The best part of the day was Tandy’s workshop!”

“I especially enjoyed the speech and exercise we did with Tandy about our goals. It truly helped put a lot of my resolutions and goals in realistic perspective!”

“I think that Tandy is truly an inspiration. She is so motivational.”


“Tandy has a wealth of knowledge and constantly pushes herself forward to learn new things and implement those concepts into business. Tandy’s principles and integrity are amazing and she has helped me with my professional growth in many ways. Tandy has a positive attitude and is an amazing speaker and motivator. I remember the first time that I saw her speak and was mesmerized by her contagious enthusiasm.”

Michelle Peairs, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Experis- A Manpower Company


“Tandy is a great person to work with and learn from, if you want to develop mastery at engaging staff and producing world-class results.”

Michael Manrod – Director, Apollo Excellence


‘Tandy is an extremely talented public speaker! ”

Trisha Lowry – IT Manager, Safeway


“Tandy’s presence on and off stage is both comforting and stimulating. Her ability to motivate is impressive and proves consistently to guide in the direction of accomplishment. I would recommend Tandy unconditionally.”

Wendy Stanley – VP Human Resources

Praise For Tandy’s Care Giving Book - Healing Through the Chaos

“Tandy Elisala demonstrated tremendous strength, courage and compassion as the primary caregiver for both of her parents. As the family’s primary care physician, I witnessed Tandy’s unconditional love for her parents time and time again. Providing 24/7 care for both parents simultaneously requires strength, advocacy, organization and a support system. With all of Tandy’s life responsibilities and stress during this time, she chose to focus on the blessings this experience had for her family. I have no doubt that the quality family care Tandy’s parents received extended their lives by several years.”

Dr. Edwardo Mouaikels, MD Internal Medicine ~ Associated Internists of Ahwatukee


“Tandy Elisala is an inspiration and a shining example of how the power of the mind affects healing. As one of Tandy’s treating physicians through her last cancer diagnosis, I witnessed her incredible strength and positive attitude. With all of Tandy’s life responsibilities during this time, her positive attitude never wavered. I never want to go through what Tandy went through, but if I did, I would look to her as a model for getting through life’s challenges.”

Dr. Todd C. Hobgood, MD



“Healing Through the Chaos takes a heartfelt and much needed look at what family care giving can be like. Anyone who needs self-help advice regarding care giving should read this book. Whether you like a good memoir or need practical care giving tips, Tandy’s story is compelling; particularly relating to all the care she and her family provided for her parents and the lessons learned along the way. As a care giver myself, I will use Tandy’s suggestions and lists with my own family.” ~ Beverly Stevens



“This book is a must read for all healthcare providers. Tandy’s personal story along with the key lessons learned and family action guide can provide valuable information and guidance to your patient and patient’s family. Reading this book gives you insight on the struggles of being a caregiver, and will help you provide answers to questions they might not even be in a place to ask. It enables you with tools to be able to provide care, not only to the body but to the heart.” ~~ Mihrage Willhauck



” I LOVED Tandy’s book.  She wrote it from the heart and uses her business sense to put the instructions together for everyone. I have found that taken care of an elder or overseeing their care is a big undertaking and you need guidance because there isn’t anyone to tell you how to do things. Tandy’s  book uses humor to help people cope with the overwhelming details involved in caregiving. Her book also demonstrates the courage she had to cope with so many different issues that all came up at once.” ~~ Michelle Peairs

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