How to Take Charge of Your Life

How to Take Charge of Your Life

Life is a journey of many parts. Often it feels as if events propel us along like flotsam on the waves, but whilst life does have a habit of throwing unexpected curve balls in our direction, you can – and should – take control of your own destiny.

Women often end up being the passive partner in a relationship. Instead of telling people what we want, we sit back and let things happen. We are great communicators, but less so when we are unhappy. If life is passing you by, or you are deeply unhappy in your primary relationship, it is very important that you take control of the situation. Only you can change things. You might need help along the way, but you are captain of your own ship, so start acting like one.

The Importance of Self Awareness

Self-awareness is critical. Unless you fully understand why you act in certain ways, you can never hope to learn from your mistakes. A lack of self-awareness is common in people who continually stumble through life, making mistake after mistake.

Try keeping a journal and reading it back from time to time. Writing your thoughts down and tracking how you feel is a great way to gain a better sense of self-awareness. It is also useful for clearing your head when the stress of studying for an executive mba degree online is threatening to overwhelm you.


You must take ownership of your mistakes before you can move on. Nobody can claim to be the innocent party in a relationship breakdown or a stalled career. We all have to bear some responsibility, even if we don’t want to admit when we have done things badly.

For example, if your career has hit the skids, look at why this might have happened. Perhaps you are guilty of taking a backseat in work, or you decided not to go to college to study for an online executive masters in business administration degree because you were worried you might fail. Until you own your mistakes, you can’t take control of your life going forward.

Have Goals in Life

Goals propel us forwards in a positive direction. Your goals can be anything from finding a new job to spending more time with your family. Whatever your goals are, write them down and keep them in a prominent place, so you can use your list for motivational purposes when you are having a bad day.

Reach Out to Others

Sometimes, we need extra help to enable us to take charge of a chaotic life. This can be anything from the support of a much-loved friend, to a counselor who helps us make sense of our past mistakes. Never be too proud to ask for help. Expert help is often what is needed to push past the barriers and move on to the next chapter of our life.

Taking charge of your life doesn’t have to be hard.  Hopefully this article has helped explain some areas where you could make a difference.



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  1. Jennifer Quisenberry
    Jennifer Quisenberry says:

    Self awareness really is key. I remember when I was younger and started really digging into who I am, what I want, and how I want to live that the importance of not repeating mistakes really took hold. There’s a lot to learn from the school of experience, and we benefit from that most when we take the time to know ourselves.


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