Stepping Into My Power with Beautiful Energy Oracle Artwork by Aeriana Blue

Trust is my 2016 word/theme. #Trust2016 Trust in God. Trust in MYSELF. Trust in life and the process of life and trusting others. Last week, I had lunch with a good friend of mine and fellow author and she shared a beautiful picture of a canvas energy oracle painting that an artist painted for her. She also shared the message behind the artwork. I was so profoundly moved by this beautiful artwork and spiritual message that I HAD to have one myself. I trusted that I would receive the exact message I needed to see and hear for my life right now. Boy, spirit really stepped up with this. As soon as I laid my eyes of the beautiful artwork that Aeriana painted for me and read my message, I cried. I know exactly where this canvas is going in my home!

I’m so moved by this, I wanted to share with you. Here’s my message and my custom oracle painting. I highly recommend Aeriana Blue. She is a talented artist and highly connected with spirit. Her work is truly transforming. You can also check her out at:

From Aeriana:

Here is your message …

Wow!   This girl came out QUICKLY!!  After I laid the initial colors down I mentioned out loud that there was a lot of yellow….Solar Plexus … this yellow represents your Power.  As you can see, yellow covers more than half of the canvas.  Spirit wants you to look at the image carefully and note the places where yellow is UNDERNEATH another color, combines with one color to create another.  They express this as a statement that your power is at the very root of all you do, of who you are, of all that you wish to accomplish…all driven by this beautiful golden glowy yellow that is your OWN POWER!!


The face on the image feels ‘Goddess-y’ … the patterns on her forehead almost make her look like royalty.  What she represents is a woman, standing in her power, demanding respect.  Spirit has given you this image as a reminder of who you are.  Notice that the area around her third eye is bejeweled, reminding you that intuition is sacred and should be honored with reverence, never taken for granted yet never doubted either.  The message here is to honor your Gifts.  Honor yourself.  Honor the body your Spirit calls home this time around.   I feel as if you have stepped into your power and these messages do not come as any surprise.  They ask you to consider this image validation.  That in honoring who you are, you are a shining example to others of what Self-Empowerment looks like.  Not all can emit, or handle, the depth of the color on this image.  You ARE this amazing Light being.  Strong, grounded, focused, determined, successful.


What do you think of those wings??!!  I loved them the moment I saw them!!  Do you notice that she is turned in a bit, as if she is preferring you not to look so much at her face, but she wants you to look at her wings.  Because she is proud of those wings.  Those wings represent a long and arduous journey.  They represent your rise to a place where years ago, you would have never EVER imagined!  They are your reward for never giving up.  Please note now that the wings occupy not exactly half of the image, but very close to it.  The wings would not occupy as much space if there was less yellow on the canvas.  Do you understand what they are intimating?  That BECAUSE you have stepped into your Power, because you LIVE your Power every single day, you have grown in ways perhaps even you haven’t discovered yet!!  They had me bling out those wings so they would NOT be missed by passersby and certainly not by people who are interested to know how they got to be so beautiful.


The entire time I was detailing this image, I kept hearing over and over, “Why are you trying to fit in, when you were born to stand out?”  Spirit has me mention this again, as validation for you.  Gone are the days when you try to fit in…because the fit was never comfortable.  You learned, little by little, how to slip out of the ordinary and into something that was more comfortable…your own skin.  At some point, there was no turning back, no amount of jockeying for position would ever be comfortable, so you closed your eyes and gave in to what felt most comfortable in your Heart.  THAT is why this yellow is so deep and those wings are so beautiful!!  Because you let go … and you have let Spirit lift you to a place you thought was unreachable.  This image serves as your ‘Badge of Courage.’  Look at it often for it represents your Life’s work up til now … and how far will those wings take you??  When you follow your Heart … the possibilities are endless.


We are proud of you.  Go now and BE that shining Light for others.  They need to hear your story…they need to see your picture so they can learn to honor themselves.  The end.

(They always say ‘The End’ so I know when they have stopped talking!)

To get your own personalized oracle painting and message for the year, you can email Aeriana directly at: Her current rates are $50 + shipping. However, this is subject to change at anytime and for any reason. I do not work for or represent the company. I am a highly satisfied customer wanting to share in this beauty. Here’s a fuller version of my amazing girl:


So, how are YOU honoring yourself? Do you have a visual reminder or representation of how magnificent you truly are? I’d love to hear about it. Please comment below.


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12 replies
  1. Aeriana
    Aeriana says:

    Thank you so much, Tandy, for sharing your story and my artwork! It was simply Divine timing that you saw the other artwork, asked for your own and now revel in the messages you were given! She so wonderfully represents your word for the year…TRUST. Trust that where you are is where you are meant to be! Trust that the messages will come to you when the timing is right….but most of all , TRUST that living from the center of your Heart will always bring you back to the place where you can connect with your Spirit … and from that place, do your BEST work!!

    I know you Inspire Greatness every day and in many ways! It was wonderful to be able to show you who you are through the eyes of Spirit!

    Blessings to you today and always, Tandy!


  2. Alana
    Alana says:

    I am fascinated by people who can see auras and other manifestations of energy fields around us. My gifts lie elsewhere. After reading your bio above I would say Aeriana Blue nailed it.


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