Self-love and self-care are my community themes this month. After all, February is all about love, right!?! The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. This month, I’m going to share self-love and self-care tips to help you remember your magnificence!


Self-care is SO wildly important! We are truly unable to take care of others effectively unless we first take care of ourselves. There are so many strategies for self-care and I could give you a list of 100 things you can do to practice effective self-care.

What I’d like to share with you is the idea of a self-care score card.  If you are like me, you like lists. I love to cross things off my to do list! I also track what I measure. When I was in corporate America, we measured just about everything that moved. I am a visual person and focus on what I measure and what’s in front of me.

I’ve had challenges over the years with self-care. I’m sure we all have in some way. This self-care score card has been a fabulous tool for me to stay on track; especially during difficult times. I got this idea from one of my mentors, PJ Van Hulle and adapted it to meet my needs. I hope you find this resource useful and I’d love to see your version of the score card and how this resource is working for you.

The score card below is the one I use in my life. Feel free to create your own score card that meets your needs. If you’d like to take my score card template and customize to make it your own, click HERE and get your free download. It’s a one page Word document you can easily edit, save, print and get your self-care accountability on! Easy, peasy.

Here’s what I included on my 2016 self-care score card:
1. Wake up time < 10am
2. Sleep (8-10 hours of sleep)
3. Mantra/meditate/pray
4. Write/review goals and affirmations
5. Gratitude journal
6. Evidence of success
7. Eat right
8. Hydrate
9. Connect with a friend (x1 time per week)
10. Personal development work x3
11. Homework x2
12. Pay it forward x2
13. Read
14. Tapping
15. Walk Roxy (my dog)
16. Go to bed <11:30pm
I identified which self-care items were important to me…what I wanted to have top of mind and front and center, put them on my list and check them off every day. I add up my ‘score’ daily and weekly and strive to get the full 86 weekly points. You can change all or parts of this score card. Here’s a video I created for you about this awesome tool:
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If you’d like to get a copy of my score card for your own self-care practice, go here and download it now.
It’s your turn: What’s your favorite self-care practice and how do you stay accountable and on track with your self-care goals? Please comment below!