Self-love and self-care are my community themes this month. After all, February is all about love, right!?! The most important relationship we have is the one with ourselves. This month, I’m going to share self-love and self-care tips to help you remember your magnificence!

Today, we’re talking about music! Music is a universal language. It’s a fabulous way to stress less and love more. Think about it. What has the power to make us laugh, make us cry and make us really feel – in an instant? The answer…music. I posted a really popular post a few years ago about 169 songs to put you in a good mood. You can check out that list here.

If you are feeling bad, sad, angry or any other perceived ‘bad’ feeling, I encourage you to open up YouTube and find an uplifting music video or motivational speech to shift your mindset. In the spirit of loving myself more, I did something I’ve never done before… I recorded a periscope video of me singing my Fight Song!  THEN, I recorded me singing another one of my favorite songs. You can check out my scopes here:

What are YOUR favorite songs? Please comment below!