Journey to Myself

My Journey


My spiritual and self-healing journey started in 2000. I was going through a divorce and felt like everything I knew, felt and believed was being challenged. My professional life was in bloom and one of my biggest accomplishments up to that point was earning my BA and MA degrees and having/raising a family while having significant career advancement. I was fully engaged in my career. I believed in our mission, absolutely believed in my staff and colleagues and felt what we did mattered. I was drawn to all things leadership and human resources. Some of the things I am best known for over the course of my corporate America career is strong and effective leadership, talent development, coaching and organizational development. I was going 100 mph, balancing all balls in the air; becoming an adjunct faculty member for almost 10 years, certified Talent Coach and a certified Franklin Covey facilitator in 7 habits, Trust and Leadership curriculum. And, why yes, I did this almost simultaneously. I was superwoman… or so I thought.

Also simultaneously, for over a decade, I was in and out of doctor’s offices, hospitals, surgical centers, being treated with constant doses of oral antibiotics and steroids, receiving extended IV antibiotic treatments for recurring pneumonia and sinus infections, just to name a few. I was finally diagnosed with an Immunoglobulin Deficiency. What this meant was the immune system didn’t have the antibodies needed to fight off infections; in my case, sinus and lung related infections. 

At the lowest point in my life, right after a very difficult divorce, I lost my beloved Grandmother. I was determined to attend her funeral 2,000 miles away and said, “I’m going to her funeral if it kills me.” During this trip, I developed pulmonary embolisms (blood clots) throughout my lungs. I almost died. Little did I know how truthful that statement almost became! It was then I got the memo. My subconscious mind doesn’t know whether what I am saying is real or not, it just knows to go make it happen. I suddenly wondered how I lived up to this point without this profound knowledge.

My Awakening


I suddenly felt a huge shift. I felt like my entire being changed. I was changing. I was becoming a new person with a completely new outlook. I was the student ready for the teacher to arrive! People, places and experiences opened up for me in divine order. I had profound spiritual, emotional and physical life changing experiences.

 I spent countless hours learning anything and everything to facilitate my physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. There were times that books literally fell off of shelves and into my hands. Everything happened easily and effortlessly. I knew when I needed to do what and who I needed to learn from. Sometimes I didn’t always know why I was doing or learning something but I trusted and let go of any specific outcome. In doing so, I opened up to endless possibilities and gained so much more clarity as a result.

Through live, I’ve been through 2 divorces, 10 surgeries, kicked cancer’s ass three times, grieved over the loss of my dear grandparents, felt the tremendous loss of losing my mother and father within months of each other after three years of intense care giving. I’ve experienced loss of health, financial stability, job, relationships, pets and the person my father was before his accident. I know what it’s like to have a close family member with a drug addiction and I know what it’s like to lose dear belongings (or what I now call ‘stuff’ that weighed me down). From the age of 13, I cared for my sister and watched my mother’s mental illness rear its ugly head time and time again. I grew up quickly.

I knew without a shadow of a doubt that ANYTHING I went through in life would only further evolve my purpose and passion and I knew all would  be OK. With everything I’ve been through in life, I’ve never ever doubted for a second that all would work out because I have many gifts to share with you and, well, I just knew:-)



Since 2000, I have created and integrated powerful tools such as prayer, hypnotherapy, thought field therapy, Reiki, affirmations, creative visualizations, sound therapy, life experience and many other tools and techniques to promote peace of mind, body and spirit. My clients have reported many positive results in a wide range of life areas, as have I.  Over time, I healed myself from chronic infections, a hernia, and, along with superb medical treatment, overcame pulmonary embolisms and head and neck (oral) cancer three times. Reflecting back on this time, I think it was a combination of my family and friend support system, faith, serendipity, the grace of God and my extraordinary strength and resolve that got me through.

I believe in the power of the human mind. I know, feel and believe we have the power within to have and be anything we set our intention on, such as restored health, family, career, abundance, relationships, personal and professional development and more.

Unexpected Blessings


Fast-forward through my unexpected care giving journey for both of my parents from 2009 until their deaths in 2012. Through this time, my health would be tested on all levels. Some things I did well while others I could have done differently. I feel everything happens for a reason and, if we pay attention, we eventually get the clarity needed to understand why we go through what we do. I learned more than I ever dreamed I would about the health & medical field. I have first hand experience with lives changing in the blink of an eye.

Through my care giving journey, I was reminded just how precious life is, the critical role compassion, love, humor and gratitude play in life and the incredible healing and peace that comes as a result. Every life experience prepared me (as well as I could be prepared) for this journey. I was inspired to share my experience, lessons learned and a family action guide so others could benefit from my experience…that’s code for learn from my mistakes. Thus, my book, Healing Through the Chaos: Practical Care Giving,  was born. Our already close family became even closer and I am certainly a better person for having walked this path.


 Gratitude is the foundation for developing our greatness and is key to living a life filled with passion, peace and joy. It opens the door to endless abundance in all areas of life; attracting only that which serves our highest good. ~ Tandy Elisala

My next blogs will be dedicated to self-care and some immediately valuable tips to enhance your journey!

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Tandy Elisala

Family Caregiver Coach, Cancer Empowerment Advocate and Chief Inspiration Officer at Center for Inspiring Greatness | Empowered Family Caregiver
Tandy Elisala is passionate about helping family caregivers go from being overwhelmed and stressed to empowered and calm. Tandy went through cancer four times and learned how to heal using conventional, complementary, and alternative therapy. Tandy left her corporate career to take care of both parents simultaneously while raising three kids as a single mom. She took care of both parents for 2 1/2 years until their respective deaths. Tandy now teaches what she learned on her journey. Tandy is a family caregiver coach, a multiple best-selling author, inspirational speaker and mom to three adult kids, one angel dog and one diva cat.

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  1. Debra Westbrook
    Debra Westbrook says:

    Incredible testimony. In reading it, I saw grace, strength, honesty and compassion. You have been through, walked though, and confronted death head on and now you are walking in life, in all its beauty. Thank you for this. I loved it.


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