How to Make Worry Your New Best Friend

“How to Make Worry Your New Best Friend”

Here’s another fabulous article reprinted with permission from Cheryl Richardson. I loved this article as it has the power to transform your life.

This morning I woke up worrying.

It didn’t start out that way.  I opened my eyes to bright sunlight and smiled as I felt the warmth of Michael next to me and the familiar weight of Poupon curled up on top of my feet.

My moment of bliss went to hell in a handbasket though, as soon as my mind joined the party and began to create a racket!

You only have 17 days left to shop for Christmas.
You still haven’t shipped the gifts in the pantry.
It’s too cold out to take them to the post office.
What if Michael freezes at the football game today?
How do those guys play ball in such cold anyway?
Don’t their hands go numb?
Speaking of hands, mine are hurting.
I think my arthritis is getting worse.
It’s probably my diet.
I need to drink more green juice.
And swear off dairy and wheat and everything white. Forever.
Oh, and I have to give up chocolate.
How the hell will I do that?   

Ok, ok, I said to my mind in a firm, parental tone.  Knock it off!

I rolled over, cuddled closer to Michael, and wiggled my toes to include Poupon in the love.

Then I closed my eyes and remembered…

“All worry is an invitation to return to the present moment.”  

It’s a signal.
A request for presence.
A reminder to come home to where sanity lives.  (Most days)

I took a slow, deep breath and repeated my favorite mantra:

My present moment is peaceful.
My present moment is perfect.
My present moment is all there is.

On those rare occasions when using this mantra doesn’t work, I just remind myself that I could die at any moment and none of these thoughts will matter anyway.

Morbid, I know.  But it works.

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Life Makeover for the Year 2015(sm) is written and produced by
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9 replies
  1. Amy Bovaird
    Amy Bovaird says:

    Hi Tandy,
    Yes, I find myself in that same spot as the woman, except my cat is Midnight and she sleeps near my head. But I wake up cheery and I want to jump out of bed and get right to work. I am especially anxious now that I have a book deadline looming and it doesn’t help that I have caught a cold.
    Thanks for the reminder to be happy and positive as I strive to fulfill my goals.

    • Tandy Elisala
      Tandy Elisala says:

      Thanks for your comments, Amy. I’m glad to pass along the reminder about staying happy and positive! Cheers to a fabulous 2016.

  2. ashley
    ashley says:

    Oh, I loved this. I have anxiety and it’s something I’ve learned how to deal with at this point, but worry has been my best friend for years. I literally have to talk myself out of it now… and it’s true, we could die tomorrow and none of those thoughts would matter haha!


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