How To Get Through Mercury Retrograde Without Going Crazy

How To Get Through Mercury Retrograde Without Going Crazy


Do you ever feel like technology goes awry, contracts fall through or people have more misunderstandings during Mercury retrograde? I’ve experienced this and hear about this from others all.the.time. during these ‘special’ times during the year. In this article, I’m sharing why Mercury Retrograde can cause chaos, share 8 ways to be empowered instead of being frustrated and how to prepare for this time of year.

Mercury is the planet of all forms of communication. On a personal and romantic level, at home and at work, communication is our ability to speak and convey what we mean (sending information out to the world), as much as it is our ability to understand what was said or written by others (receiving information from the world and what you make of it). Mercury is the planet of communication and comprehension. When we have communicated well, the listener has the same understanding as the person who has expressed themselves.

Communications can go astray

Communications and comprehension level can go astray when Mercury retrogrades. You might feel you are being clear but others may miss your point.  So double check what you are saying or writing. Conscious living is about taking responsibility for what we, as an individual do, say and think.

Kathleen M Whalen M.S. Acupuncture and Oriental medicine, CEO, Conscious Calendars LLC, has this to say about how we can be empowered during Mercury Retrogrades:

8 Ways To Be Empowered Instead Of Frustrated During Mercury retrograde:

#1 tip: Confirm or double check all your appointments and meetings; send
reminder emails, texts or voicemails in all areas of your life.

  • If you have a doctor’s appointment, double check the date and time with the office.
  • If you have clients, then send an extra reminder email, text or phone call before the meeting.
  • If you are leading a meeting, give two reminders to those attending.
  • Expect last minute changes to either the time or the location of the meeting or appointment.
  • If you are meeting at a restaurant, make sure you have the correct name and location of the restaurant. (You might be at Thai Kitchen 1 and your friends are at Thai Kitchen 2.)
  • Double check the location of where you are meeting friends before you leave the house or office.
  • Expect clients and friends to reschedule or move the location of an appointment or date.

The Silver Lining – What to Do Before and During

Mercury Retrograde:

  • Back up your pictures from the cloud to your computer or external hard drive
  • Back up your computer and data
  • See where in your life you could communicate better or more clearly
  • Really listen to the words people use, not what you think they are saying
  • If you are traveling, expect delays.
  • Pack carry-on luggage only, or include a few days of clothes or supplies in your carry-on (if you are checking other bags). Basically, plan on having a checked bag be delayed or lost.
  • Look for sales! There can be sales of machines, technology items, plays, entertainment or travel.
  • Get inspiration for a newsletter, website or company redesign or redesign how you communicate with your customers. Implement the new plans after Mercury goes direct.
  • Do not be surprised if friends and clients and co-workers miss meetings or appointments completely.


Here Are the 2018 Mercury Retrograde Dates:

March 22nd – April 15th, 2018

July 25th – August 18th, 2018

November 16th – December 6th, 2018

Here are some resources to learn more about Mercury Retrograde and Astrology in general:

Here’s an amazing resource to learn more about how astrology and planning our days come together through The Conscious Calendars. Learn more about this amazing idea that I’ve used for life planning for several years now. What days are green, yellow and red and what do these days mean? Here’s more information:


Next Steps:

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