Family Caregiver Series Wrap Up Day 30

Family Caregiver Series Wrap Up Day 30

For the care giving is the most gut wrenching-1

Whew!  My goal with this series was to help provide a well-rounded approach to being a family caregiver.We covered advocacy, what it means to be an advocate and how to be an effective advocate for a loved one and why everyone needs an advocate. A big part of this has to do with communication, communication, communication! We discussed the importance of self-care which is wildly important! We talked about frustration, guilt and overwhelm which often accompanies family caregiving. We discussed tips for getting organized. We covered the myths and fears of caregiving. We dug into the meat of how to keep loved ones safe physically, emotionallyfinancially and spiritually. We talked about the importance of balancing independence and safety. Towards the end, we covered transition of care, the who, what, when, and hows of assisted living, nursing home and rehabilitation. This was quite a bit of ground we covered!


Establishing the rules and boundaries of family caregiver

If you are a family caregiver, no doubt you found the information in this series valuable and were able to glean information that would help you right now. If you anticipate you will be a family caregiver, this series provided a foundation from which to work when you do need the information. If you are planning in the event you may need care one day, I hope this information provided valuable feedback for you to help make your loved ones role a bit easier.

Making decisions with a compassionate heart brings peace within

On a personal note, when I started this series, I intended on blogging every day. This ended up being a series lasting monthssssss. It’s okay though. I’m learning and growing through this and realize that (a) a 30 part series is a long one and I should probably cut them down into smaller bits and (b) I need to write more consistently:-) The changing nature of the posts made it fun for me and it was interesting to see how each section came to light. I hope you got something useful out of this series. I always say that if you get one useful tip from my posts, then I’ve done my job. I hope information from this series helps you as you move forward in life and may it give you the tools needed if you find yourself providing care for a loved one.

It’s your turn: I’d love to hear your thoughts on this series. What was the best part  of the series for you? If you didn’t follow the series, what part do you think would be most important to know as a family caregiver? Please comment below.

Do you know how to keep your loved one safeWould someone else benefit from this information? Please share!


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