Ditch the Chemicals

Ditch the Chemicals

I recently saw an article from my friend Carol Rundle about ways to ditch the chemicals in your home. I’m reprinting it with permission here because if we want to live long and healthy lives, toxic chemicals don’t belong in our homes. Read on!

Ditch the Chemicals

It is time, folks. We’ve been playing around way too long with our health. Hanging on to our toxic cleaners and skin care because they feel “safe” and what we know. And what we know or have always used or those pesky TV commercials tell us they are necessary.

Nope. Time to take charge. Don’t follow the crowd that is walking down the path of poor health and ultimate destruction. That is right. Want some facts? Here you go with some statistics about health in America today…

  • Have any of you noticed an increase in healthcare costs over the last several years? Healthcare spending in 2014 totaled $3.8 trillion dollars and accounted for 1 out of every $5 the nation spends!
  • This trend is driven by increasing healthcare costs and a decline in health.
  • Did you know that according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, spending on healthcare in the U.S. is increasing at a rate three times the rate of inflation?
  • According to studies done by Dr. Barbara Starfield of the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, each year 12,000 people die from unnecessary surgeries, 7,000 from medication errors in hospitals, 20,000 other errors in hospitals, 80,000 from infections in hospitals, and another 106,000 people die each year from negative effects of drugs. This constitutes the third leading cause of death in the US, following heart disease and cancer.
  • The wellness industry is projected to double in the next 10 years.
  • With the aging Baby Boomer generation, and the risks associated with modern medicine… Have you heard the side­ effects of many drugs listed on commercials?
  • More and more people than ever before are looking to achieve optimal health the natural way.
  • Last year, Americans spent over 28 million dollars on products to help them prevent illness and to help them live longer, 750 million dollars on products to help with energy, 20 billion dollars on weight loss products, and 55 billion dollars to look younger. How many of you know people who are concerned with these issues?
  • The trend is prevention, and we are on the cutting edge with organic wellness products.

So… who is ready to take charge? I hope you are. There are many of us who are changing. Things [read: toxic chemicals] allowed in our great country in the name of healthcare and food is outlawed in other countries. Print out the sheet below.

Make a change. You deserve better. Your family deserves better. Your body is a temple and when you lose your health, life falls apart. Make the choice. I am here to help you. Shout out if you have made the change or if you are ready!!!

Here’s a checklist to help you change products. I switched out 2 or 3 products every month until my home was toxic-product free!

For more info on toxin-free products, see this.

Are you ready to ditch the chemicals?


Ditch the Chemicals Encouraging Essentials Team


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