Day 978 of captivity: Why Cats Do The Things They Do

I’m sure most of us have heard about the funny numbered reasons why cats feel they are in captivity or why other animals aren’t in captivity. The other night, I was reflecting back on many days when two of my cats, Carmine (pictured here) and Emma strategically move about the house to either avoid each other, agitate each other or chase each other.

The other night, Carmine was in the living room where it was ‘safe’ for the moment and laid down on Colonel’s bed (our dog). See the bone behind him that is bigger than he is. No matter. The bed was Carmine’s and Colonel was okay with that. That’s anothe story entirely!  It appears that Carmine is just laying down enjoying life. No… he’s not. He’s lurking about for Emma. He is positioned in a way that makes him blend in and wait for Emma to attempt to enter the living room.

I don’t think cats want to go outside at all (at least mine don’t). They have too much fun terrorizing each other and the dogs to want to leave! Do you have animals like this? Is there anything you have done to help cats get along?



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