Creating Goals the Zig Ziglar Way

If you know me,  you know I am a huge believer in setting goals.  I create annual goals and vision boards.  I make lists of goals.  I set deadlines for my goals.  I create affirmations for my goals. I have goals worksheet I use to create goals in every area of life. You can grab a copy here. 2016 goals worksheet_Tandy_Elisala

Here’s a video from Zig Ziglar about creating goals.


“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.” Zig Ziglar Click To Tweet

The Zig Ziglar goal setting formula:

Write down your goals

Set a date to reach the goal

Identify the obstacles that will need to be overcome

Identify the people or groups you will need to work with

Determine what you need to know

Create a plan of action

Determine “What’s in it for me”

 Establish your goals and fly like an Eagle!

A goal properly set is halfway reached.” Zig Ziglar

What you achieve isn’t nearly as important as who you become by achieving your goals.” ~ Zig Ziglar

It’s your turn: Do you write down you goals? Do you write them as if you’ve already achieved them? Do you review your goals periodically? What are you creating in 2016? What aspect of goal setting do you feel is most important? Please comment below!


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