Balancing Spiritual Needs: Day 18 of 30 Day Family Caregiving Series

Our last post discussed balancing emotional needs of family caregiving. Dignity and compassion are at the heart of person/patient centered care. This goes hand in hand with our topic today of balancing spiritual needs. There are three aspects of balancing spiritual needs I’ll address in this post. I could cover religious theory or the definitions of spiritual except to say spirituality means something different to everyone. For some, it’s about participating in organized religion such as going to church, etc… For others, it’s more personal such as through private prayer, yoga, pilates, meditation, guided affirmations, quiet reflection, or simply walking or sitting with nature.

Balancing Spiritual Needs: Day 18 of 30 Day Family Caregiving Series

Peace is its own reward-2

These three things are:

1. Get to know them and treat them as individuals. Understand and validate what they need. These needs could include:

  • Need for support in dealing with loss; either their losses of health, home, independence for example, or the loss of another.
  • Need to transcend circumstances
  • Need to be forgiven and to forgive and prepare for death and dying.
  • Need to find meaning, purpose and hope. They may need to feel that they are being of service.
  • Need for unconditional love.
  • Need to feel that God is on their side.
  • Need to be thankful and grateful! This is huge.
  • Need to engage in religious behaviors.
  • Need for personal dignity and sense of worthiness.
  • Need to express anger and doubt.

2. Offer religious and/or spiritual practices. For some, these are intertwined and for others, they are separate. Find out what they believe and what their needs are and work to meet them.

Their needs could include:

  • 1. The need for music or song. After all, music is a universal language.
  • 2. Worship or prayer
  • 3. Listening ear


3. Respect their decisions to decline treatment.

Next up, we get into part 7 of our series which includes debunking the myths of caregiving, staying safe at home, transition of care, in home health care, assisted living due diligence, rehabilitation, nursing home and hospice care.

Your Turn: What aspects of balancing spiritual care are important to you? What else would you add to this list? Please comment below!



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      Thanks for your kind words Dani. I’m sorry for your loss. You will get THROUGH it. Some days are better than others.

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      Thanks for your comments Vinodini. Gratitude is indeed the foundation for developing our greatness and is key to living a life full of passion, peace and joy.


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